Democrats ‘swerved so far to the Left’ and are ‘antagonistic to biblical Christianity’

2020 is not 2016, Mohler said in explaining his move to support the GOP candidate

In 2016, Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS), refused to support Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. 2020 is different. Mohler said President Trump has governed like a conservative and endorsed the President’s reelection. Reformation Charlotte provided video of the huge announcement.

“I did not vote for Donald Trump,” Mohler said of the 2016 election. “I certainly did not vote for Hillary Clinton…I could not possibly have voted for Hillary Clinton nor encouraged anyone to vote for Hillary Clinton nor for anyone running on the Democratic Platform.”

But 2020 is different.

He cited the trajectories of the two parties and the increased partisan divide on almost all issues. “Unless the moral situation changes…I’m just going to end up voting for the Republican presidential candidate and campaigning in every way I can against the Democratic candidate.”

The comments came during an Ask Anything segment, Dr. Mohler was asked how to reconcile character concerns with advancing the pro-life cause. Mohler’s response detailed how Hillary Clinton was a typical Democratic candidate with “predictable” Democratic positions.

“The Democratic platform in 2016 was tragically predictable, especially on the issue of abortion,” Mohler said.

What was different in 2016 was Trump.

“He came with more baggage than any presidential candidate in American history,” Mohler said. “He wrote books where he bragged about his promiscuity, bragged about how he cut deals. His personal character was such that Americans knew what they were getting…In the final weeks of the election you had the bombshell of the video in which he made comments to a television personality that were beyond even the moral vocabulary of most evangelical Christians.”

Mohler conceded there were serious moral issues with Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton too.

But 2020 has clarified political issues—showing the Democratic Party is a danger to everything from life to religious liberty.

“That Party swerved so far to the Left and is now, even on religious liberty issues, antagonistic to biblical Christianity,” Mohler said. “But, (Trump) has been more consistent in Pro-Life decisions, executive orders…he has been more consistent than any President of the United States of any Party and any Republican, in the quality of appointments he has made to the federal judiciary, which will far outlive any presidency.”

“I don’t have a different moral estimation of Donald Trump,” Mohler said. “He continually leaves me very frustrated in how he presents himself and how he speaks.

Mohler was clear that 2020 is not 2016. The situation is different. Democrats are even further Left and are showing their dislike for Biblical Christianity.

Democrats showed who they are during the Great Pandemic of 2020.

As Democrats persecuted Christians throughout American during the 2020 Pandemic, the reason most conservative Evangelical Christians supported Trump was clear—Democrats hate Christians and will use the power of the state to destroy churches.

Check out RC’s video of Mohler’s 11 minute answer:

4 thoughts on “Never Trumper Albert Mohler endorses Donald Trump in 2020”

  1. Mohler didn’t endorse Trump – he endorsed the Republican platform. While that may be a distinction without a difference in practice, your headline isn’t exactly accurate. This is why people get mad about “discernment bloggers.” I come to your website regularly and am not saying this to be a jerk or troll, etc. I frequently agree with your positions but I don’t agree with this headline. I listened to the entire broadcast and he never once said he endorsed Trump. When you do this you feed your critics.

  2. The idea that “Democrats hate Christianity” and use the power of government to “destroy churches” is absurd and utterly unsupported by reality. Every Democratic presidential nominee of my lifetime has been a church going, practicing Christian. They have lived the faith far more fully than the selfish, money obsessed Republicans presidents we have had.

  3. “I don’t have a different moral estimation of Donald Trump,” Mohler said. “He continually leaves me very frustrated in how he presents himself and how he speaks.”

    Yep, having a backbone is a sin in Cuckianity which expects every man to be a castrated limpwristed mealy mouthed hen-pecked husband of a feminist whore and take orders from her boyfriend.

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