Ed Stetzer of Wheaton College and Christianity Today promoted the George Soros backed Evangelical Immigration Table’s newest Immigration Reform Package. This Immigration Reform plan is based on “restitution,” where illegal aliens are allowed to make payment for their violation of immigration law instead of facing deportation. We reported last week that Southern Baptist theologians and leaders were promoting the new immigration reform package just in time to influence the 2020 Presidential Election.


On November 8 he tweeted, “The just-released Evangelical Call for Restitution-Based Immigration Reform points to a way forward on immigration that’s guided by biblical principles. It’s neither an amnesty nor mass deportation. You can learn more & join me in adding your name…”

Stetzer promoted the reform package at least eight times on Twitter the last two days and published a call for Immigration Reform on The Exchange, a blog hosted at Christianity Today.

Stetzer and Christianity Today are known for conflict of interest problems caused by what they publish on The Exchange. Stetzer published an article by the disgraced megachurch pastor James MacDonald, but thanks to reporting from Julie Roys we now know that Stetzer was good friends with MacDonald and was even given a car by MacDonald. Julie Roys reported on that issue in the last few months. The details are disturbing. It is an example of how Big Evangelicalism operates. Special treatment for special people.

Contributing Editor for Christianity Today Faces Conflict of Interest Questions After Accepting Car From James MacDonald

On November 9, Stetzer and Christianity Today published Matthew Soerens of World Relief promoting the reform plan. Soerens is the US director of church mobilization for World Relief.

World Relief is heavily involved in earning revenue from its involvement in working with refugees. According to research published in Michelle Malkin’s new book, Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction? from Regnery Publishing, World Relief received at least $215.3 million (65 percent of its total funding) from government funding for refugee resettlement.

As we’ve reported many times, the Evangelical Immigration Table led by Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention was founded by the National Immigration Forum, a group funded by George Soros to promote the free movement of peoples, another way of saying open borders. Russell Moore appeared at the National Immigration Forum meeting with former president Barack Obama’s Faith Advisor last week.

Why are so many in Big Evangelicalism promoting Soros backed Immigration plans?

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