Randy Adams, executive director and treasurer of the Northwest Baptist Convention, will be nominated for Southern Baptist Convention president at the SBC’s Annual Meeting in Orlando this summer. The nomination was announced on Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter, Blake Gideon made the announcement. On Facebook, Deris Coto made the announcement.

Gideon tweeted, “I know I have been ‘retired’ from twitter for the past couple of years, but I am returning to announce something that I believe is important. I, along with others, are announcing our intention to nominate @ERandyAdams1 for President of the SBC in Orlando at #SBC20.”

Adams responded on Twitter. He tweeted, “I’m thankful for the people who intend to nominate me as SBC President in Orlando 2020.  With gratitude I accept their intent to nominate me.  I understand the challenges ahead, and I’ve written a document describing my commitment to the SBC.”

Adams’ website provides his biography and a list of priorities for the Southern Baptist Convention. You should read all seven priorities, but this one seems important:

“Operate in the Light – The SBC should be the toughest place to hide corruption, abuse, and poor stewardship, operating at the highest level of integrity and accountability. We must eliminate organizational tools, structures and processes that help hide wrongdoing and abuse. The SBC and its entities should end the use of, and recall, all remaining Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). We must not hide corruption and we will not protect predators at the cost of harming victims. There must be transparency in how we make decisions and how we spend money. Records should be open. Property purchases and ownership should be disclosed and records made available. Annual audits of entities should be open and accessible to Southern Baptist constituents. If we choose to operate in the light, we will maximize the trust and goodwill that are essential to maximizing the Great Commission cooperation of Southern Baptists. Transparency and frank communication regarding challenges and opportunities will build trust and unity in the SBC.”

The nomination announcement was signed by Dale Jenkins, pastor Airway Heights Baptist Church, Airway Heights, Washington; Blake Gideon, pastor First Baptist Church Edmond, Oklahoma; Bill Agee, executive director-treasurer California State Baptist Convention; Mary Habila, WMU President from NWBC; Tom Beddow, deacon First Baptist Church Ada, Oklahoma; Mike Scifres, layman Deacon at North Fork Baptist Church of Eufala, Oklahoma; Deris Coto, pastor Hispanic Ministries of First Baptist Church Fairburn, Georgia; Denise Hayden, of Hawesville, Kentucky, associational office manager; Nick Phoenix, bi-vocational pastor from Jacksonville, Florida; Ronny Cooksey, pastor Sandia Baptist Church of Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Troy Smith, Director of Missions Interstate Baptist Association of Portland, Oregon.

Here is an image of the announcement letter:

6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Randy Adams nominated for Southern Baptist Convention President”

  1. Of the names supporting his nomination, I don’t recognize any from the ERLC or its greek chorus of SBC Voices (which is encouraging in and of itself), but the prevailing questions for me are:

    1) What will he do about the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing now occupying the positions of influence—both official (i.e., Russel Moore) and unofficial (Dwight McKissic)—in the SBC? Will he confront the Pharisee class of SBC overlords and cast them out, or go along to get along, because we wouldn’t want to be “uncharitable” towards our “brothers”?

    2) Where does he stand on the satanic rot of SJW-ism, Cultural Marxism, Black Liberation “Theology,” Critical Race Theory, and “Racial Reconciliation” (i.e., blame whitey), etc., and what’s he going to do about it, if anything?

    3) Where does he stand on whether the SBC should make friends with the world, thus being an enemy of God, or be faithful to God and disregard the world’s worthless approval?

    4) Where does he stand on the SBC sin of advocating for a mosque(!) to be built in New Jersey a few years ago, which was made worse by it being forced down the throat of the local community? (It’d serve Russell Moore and Bart Barber right to go outside their bedroom window and loudly broadcast the muslim call to “prayer” at 5:00 every morning.)

    5) Where does he stand on whether the SBC should serve as yet another anti-Christ tentacle of “Christian” Zionism—and on a related note, whether to condemn the satanically-inspired Scofield “Bible”?

    6) Where does he stand on allowing millions of illegal, anti-Christ invaders (catholic, muslim, etc.) being allowed to invade and destroy the sovereignty, prosperity, safety, security, and cultural heritage, language, identity, cohesion, and unity of the U.S.A., all in the name of “welcoming the stranger”? In other words, is he a milquetoast bleeding heart globalist, or is he a Christian man in the truest sense? Does he understand that the American taxpayer is not obliged to fund Russell Moore’s definition of Christian charity, and that true Christian charity does not incur a burden on other people who may, heaven forbid, wish to dispense their Christian charity in a way that does not destroy their once Christian homeland?

  2. What is his opinion of President Trump? I would love to know that for I am deeply concerned about the anti-Trump movement in the SBC. President Trump has done for religious liberty and the right to life and Israel than any president that I remember. Thank you !

  3. You can find his Commitment to Southern Baptists on his website (randyadams.org). While I think the whole document would interest you, two of his commitments (1 and 6) speak quite directly to some of your questions.

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