Southern Baptist Mike Huckabee wants Never Trump Evangelical Elites to explain which Democrat would be superior to Donald Trump.

Mike Huckabee challenged Never Trump Evangelical Elites to explain which Democrat presidential candidate in 2016 or 2020 would be superior to Donald Trump. He appeared on the Todd Starnes Radio Show and answered a question about Never Trumpers Beth Moore and Mark Galli of Christianity Today. Huckabee replied in strong terms.

“I want him to name which of the Democrat candidates he would’ve preferred to be in the White House and to tell me how moral Hillary Clinton is….be sure to explain to me the morality of some of the other Democrats. Why they are somehow morally superior because I must’ve missed that.”

To make the point clearly: “They are not choir boys and choir girls,” Huckabee said of the Democratic field of presidential candidates.

Huckabee knows that is a powerful critique of the triteness of the Never Trump position. Embracing Never Trumpism would result in even more abortions and reduced religious liberty. So, why are these so-called evangelicals working against good policies and furthering evil?

Also, Huckabee explained why average evangelical Christians support Donald Trump and refuse to follow Never Trump Elite Evangelicals.

“I think for most of us as evangelicals, we don’t follow Donald Trump—we follow Jesus,” Huckabee said. “We elect a President. And we kind of like one who respects religious liberty and certainly that honors the sanctity of every human life…and supports Israel.”

Huckabee defended President Trump’s decisive action to protect American lives

Huckabee praised the decisive action of Donald Trump and the Trump Administration for eliminating a dangerous terrorist. Huckabee praised Trump’s strong move to stop aggressive action against the US and its embassies.

Huckabee addressed the anti-American sentiment coming out of the Democratic Party following Trump’s move against terrorists.

Of the Democratic Squad, Huckabee said their attacks on the president aren’t surprising since, “They pretty much hate America as we love it and they hate Israel,” Huckabee said. “They are antisemitic. They don’t want anything happening to the people of Iran.”

3 thoughts on “MIke Huckabee talks Beth Moore, Christianity Today & Elite Evangelicals”

  1. Having been outright lied to so often about affairs in The Middle East, and their causes, I do not know what opinion to have on the affairs of the last week, other than to say I voted for President Trump, in part, because he had the courage to say that having troops in these countries was absolutely not in our interest and that he would withdraw them.

    3 years into his presidency and, just as with Bush and Obama before him, there has been no change.

    That, and his new proposal for immigration being the importation of 1,000,000 foreign nationals into this country a year, and the fact that the economy in smalltown & rural Dixie remains as dead as it was under Bush and Obama and I get the sneaky feeling President Trump is daring me to either stay home, or vote for Sanders this coming November.

    An old Tarheel, who has been anguished by what has gone on over the last 5 decades, President Trump will lose his bet on me, if he is not very careful, for this Southern Boy will not be suckered by pennies on the dollar and Madison Avenue hype.

    Mr. Sheldon Adelson may want a war with Iran, but, I do not.

    The Middle East holds zero national interest for Dixie, and we have already spent trillions there – not to mention the huge casualites for our boys and for those civilians who live there….

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