Richard Land is the kind of leader Southern Baptists need. Land calls out Democrats dangerous foreign policy statements.

Richard Land offered a strong rebuke of Joe Biden in response to a Brit Hume tweet of this quote, “For a former [VP] to tell a murderous regime that the current president is recklessly starting a major conflict is only to encourage that regime to react violently. Biden’s words themselves are dynamite in a tinderbox and are..inexcusable.”

Land called the comments of former Vice President Joe Biden both sad and “disgusting.” He tweeted, “Sadly, so very true—and disgusting behavior!”

Land is the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary. He is the former head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). How he is missed at the ERLC—which is now run by a former Democratic congressional staffer who promotes George Soros funded opn borders immigration groups. He’s also a member of the august Council on Foreign Relations.

So, he’s a wise counselor on foreign affairs. His rebuke of Joe Biden is important. It calls out Democrats playing partisan games with foreign relations.

Such games will destroy the cohesion necessary for national action. Or, at the very least, it renders foreign policy ineffective.

As Henry Kissinger wrote in Diplomacy, “A democracy cannot conduct a serious foreign policy if the contending factions within it do not exercise a minimum of restraint toward each other. Once victory over domestic opponents becomes the sole objective of a policy, cohesion evaporates.”

Thus, the myopic factionalism of Democrats prevented rapprochement with Russia. Democrats used the allegation of collusion to harm President Trump and the GOP; however, what they’ve really done is harm US geopolitical interests.

And lest you think there is no reason to consider overtures to Vladimir Putin and Russia, even the French president Emmanuel Macron believes warmer relations between Moscow and the West would be good for all our peoples. Foreign Affairs explored Macron’s gambit in a recent essay.

But Democrats don’t care about America.

They only care about themselves. Their aggrandizement. Their craven desire for power.

They routinely espouse Anti-American rhetoric. The Squad being a prime example.

They showcase their anti-Christian bigotry.

Yet, too many Elite Evangelicals refuse to tell the truth about the godlessness and Anti-Americanism of today’s Democratic Party.

We need more leaders like Richard Land who bravely call disgusting what Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are doing.

2 thoughts on “Southern Baptist leader calls Joe Biden comments on Iran sad and ‘disgusting’”

  1. I wonder if the psychopaths who call the shots for U.S. foreign policy are about to send off thousands more Americans—a plurality of which will be Christian—to fight yet another stupid non-declared war for Israel, a nation which emphatically and hostilely rejects the light of Gospel of Christ. It is long past due for Christian Zionists to repent of their heresy and insist that the U.S. extricate itself from all foreign entanglements—especially those in the Middle East. Stop sacrificing American life, limb, and treasure (trillions of taxpayer dollars) for a bunch of foreign God haters.

  2. Richard Land was shamed out of his post at the ERLC because he told the truth. Thank you Richard Land and none of us can expect such honesty from Mohler, Russ Moore or any other notable Gospel Coalition associated SBC personality.

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