President Donald Trump and impeachment

Franklin Graham, son of the great evangelist Billy Graham, delivered an important message to Christian Americans on the Todd Starnes radio show. Graham warned that judgment looms for the wickedness practiced in America. Graham also attributed the attacks on Donald Trump to demonic forces at work. You really need to listen to the entire interview. You can do that on Starnes’ site and read more about this important interview.

“I believe God’s judgment will come one day against the United States. I believe that will happen,” Graham said.

Graham likened the modern sexual sins and gender confusion to the sins that God always punishes.

“God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for these sins,” he said.

As for what Graham said about Trump, you need to visit Starnes’ site to for the details and to listen to the interview.

Graham is right that Trump has faced an unprecedented level of attacks on a newly elected president. Since 2016, a set of elites determined to never accept the election results.

So, resistance was born.

And it festers today as impeachment.

It is the petulant tantrum of an aggrieved class of elites.

And this has serious consequences for the nation and for Christians. We’ve outlined what you should know about impeachment and most importantly, how a Christian should respond to impeachment.

These are dangerous times. President Trump needs prayers.

And Christians must prepare to stand up in the 2020 Election.

The Trump Administration is trying to register more evangelicals to vote. Did you know that the Trump team believes as many as 25 million conservative evangelicals are not registered to vote? Will you do your part to help the president and stand against the evil?

Did you know that many elite Evangelicals are now promoting Democratic Party talking points?

It is time to pray and stand firm for what’s right.

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  1. President Trump is his own worst enemy. If he would just be quiet, get off Twitter, stop the name calling and school-yard bullying, he would not have nearly the problems that he has. I am a Republican but it is difficult to support Trump when he demonstrates such immature behavior.

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