A church that is part of the Southern Baptist Convention’s NAMB Send Network and J.D. Greear’s Summit Network of church plants hosted an Obama political operative. The & Campaign supports Fairness for All Act that would ‘legitimize discrimination’ against Christians and represents ‘near-total surrender to the aggressive LGBT agenda.’ Is this a bid to suppress conservative evangelical voters in 2020?

A church plant supported by your North American Mission Board hosted an Obama Campaign political operative at an event promoting Social Justice. During Image Church of Atlanta’s Pursuit of Unity event in September, Michael Wear participated in a panel discussion covering the issue of politics and the Christian. Specifically, they addressed issues of How do I vote as a Christian? Wear is described in his bio, “As one of President Obama’s ‘ambassadors to America’s believers’ (Buzzfeed), Michael directed faith outreach for President Obama’s historic 2012 re-election campaign.” Wear is a leader in the & Campaign.

The Pursuit of Unity event at Image Church was first reported by Tom Littleton.

We’ve warned that the & Campaign is an attempt to hijack evangelical votes by attacking President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. The & Campaign writes of the Trump Administration in its 2020 Manifesto,

“By disregarding standards of decency and good faith, the current administration has significantly lowered our nation’s discourse and endangered the political process. This president’s callousness—especially toward non-white Americans and vulnerable citizens—his fomenting of chaos as Commander-in-Chief, and his cavalier attitude toward rule of law and basic norms of civility all undermine social cohesion, civic trust, and our very democracy.”

And the & Campaign has a unique and dangerous view of LGBTQ issues. Its 2020 Manifesto declares it support of the Fairness for All Act:

“All attempts to remove more traditional religious beliefs from the public square should be opposed. We, like many other Americans, affirm the historic Christian sexual ethic, and we also believe that religious freedom and LGBTQ civil rights are not necessarily in irreconcilable conflict. Faith-based charities, hospitals and colleges should not have to choose between surrendering their convictions and closing their doors. At the same time, LGBTQ people should not lose jobs and housing because of how they identify. We must pursue ways to disagree and live together without bullying or compromising our conscience. Towards that end, we encourage all 2020 candidates to support the Fairness for All Act, which will grant basic civil rights for LGBTQ people while also protecting religious freedom for all faiths.”

In other words, the & Campaign is yet another Democratic organization attempting to prevent the election of the only Pro-Life, Pro-Family and Pro-Religious Liberty Party. Platforming these speakers means suppressing Pro-Life votes. Suppress pro-life votes for the Trump Administration and what do you get?

The Pro-Infanticide Party elected.

And the Fairness for All Act is a farce. As the Family Research Council warns in a statement by Tony Perkins:

“By sacrificing the conscience rights of all Americans to secure a few minor carveouts, ’Fairness for All’ represents a near-total surrender to the aggressive LGBT agenda. It would legitimize discrimination against people of faith like floral artist Barronelle Stutzman, who was targeted by the government because she operated her business according to her Christian beliefs. Religious liberty includes the freedom to practice one’s faith in every area of life, not just within a religious institution or the four walls of one’s church.”

So, if you are Southern Baptist, are you happy that your church planting dollars are supporting this type of partisan effort that clearly works to suppress pro-life evangelical votes?

If you are Southern Baptist are you happy with J.D. Greear’s leadership? Some churches are leaving the SBC over Greear’s progressive stance on pronoun hospitality and other issues. What about you? Are you going to leave or stay and fight in Orlando?