An important film detailing the theological errors running amok in the Southern Baptist Convention drew condemnation from enablers of error including one member of the ERLC’s Leadership Council. The By What Standard film is a film that SBC Insiders don’t want you to see. And since Identity Politics is now a problem in the SBC, some have played the race card against the film. But, one ERLC insider complains about the use of new technology to get out a conservative message.

Ashley Unziker was named by Russell Moore to the ERLC Leadership Council in 2019. She tweeted, “Does anyone know the Bible reference for how to handle problems with other believers by making a documentary about them? You know the one instructing how to use people’s names & faces, sinister music, & hijacked video clips with the purpose of public shaming? I can’t find it.”

When you can’t win an argument, then you cry about the other guy’s use of technology.

Luther didn’t fight fair. He used the vernacular instead of gentlemanly Latin. He used the printing press. Horrible!

Oh, and he was kind of harsh.

But, come Reformation Day, all that’s forgotten, and Luther and Calvin are respected if not revered.

Public disagreements by public figures over public issues is perfectly biblical.

And these are public issues.

How the Southern Baptist Convention deals with the threat of Identity Politics and the rise women preachers will play critical roles in the future of the Convention.

Will the SBC honor God’s Word or ignore it?

In fact, playing video of people’s own words shouldn’t be controversial.

But why is this even an issue?

Oh, yeah, Big Evangelicalism doesn’t want you to know the truth.

The truth is, there is an infiltration of our churches by dangerous theology spreading division.

Big Eva doesn’t want you to know how the ERLC platforms progressive voices into Southern Baptist Convention.

And I guess we can’t be shocked that someone who attends J.D. Greear’s church and supports the former Democratic congressional aide Russell Moore’s ERLC would be outraged when conservatives do a good job highlighting the problems in the SBC.

But this tweet raises an even more important question, why couldn’t this attack on the Founders’ documentary be delivered in rap fashion?