A prominent Southern Baptist Pastor tweeted his desire that foreign governments meddle in the 2020 US Presidential election. The goal? Defeat Donald Trump.

“If I were the head of state for an American ally, I would be working to convince other American allies to work together to hack the next election to choose for the US a normal president so we could return things to normal. The world can’t afford more of this,” SBC pastor Thabiti Anyabwile tweeted.

Thabiti Anyabwile is the pastor of a Southern Baptist Church, Anacostia River Church of Washington, DC. He is the author of Exalting Jesus in Luke (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary) and many other books. The commentary on Luke was published by the Southern Baptist Convention’s Holman Reference. Holman is an imprint of the SBC’s Lifeway.

Anyabwile is a regular conference speaker at Big Eva conferences including T4G and The Gospel Coalition events. Anyabwile is highly connected to Southern Baptist leadership. He promoted prison reform during the ERLC 2019 Evangelicals for Life Event. He’s regularly featured by seminaries and entities. He spoke at chapel last year at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Anyabwile campaigned against Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign cycle. He promoted the candidacies of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on his Gospel Coalition blog.

On Twitter, he declared his aversion to Trump and willingness to vote for Hillary Clinton. He tweeted, “Let the hate begin. But if choice is between Clinton and Trump, I’m voting Clinton. I’ll go back to not voting when this man is defeated!” 0

Anyabwile previously accused all white Americans alive at the time of being guilty of the political assassination of Martin Luther King.

He wrote following the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King, “My white neighbors and Christian brethren can start by at least saying their parents and grandparents and this country are complicit in murdering a man who only preached love and justice.”

Anyabwile wrote in the Washington Post in June 2018, “And how do we calculate the moral damage and accountability of the harm done to the legitimacy of the presidency itself nearly every day on Twitter and as a Russian collusion investigation continues?”

How do we calculate the damage done to the church and the nation when pastors are calling for foreign governments to hack elections?

Anyabwile penned an article this morning (September 3, 2019), denying the existence of a Social Justice Movement in evangelical Christianity. In it, he denied any concerted efforts to promote Social Justice. However, many on Twitter, including Josh Buice pointed out that The Gospel Coalition’s own website is a nest of Social Justice Gospel promotion. Specifically, this image on Twitter shows over 40,000 instances of Social Justice on the TGC website.



14 thoughts on “Southern Baptist Pastor wants foreign governments to hack 2020 election to defeat Donald Trump”

  1. This guy is a sicko and should be reprimanded by the SBC. He’s no Baptist preacher, he sounds like the fake ones Sharpton and Jackson. I’m astonished he’s allowed to get away with false claims and encouraging sedition and breaking the laws of this country.

      1. I read the article you linked to. The preacher is like a terrorist who a
        apologizes after tossing a bomb into a bar, killing dozens.

  2. This man is a fraud. He is being used by Satan as a cover to promote Socialism. SBC needs to censor this imposter who is using SBC credentials for illicit political purposes. I am a deacon in a Southern Baptist church but if this man is representative of all Southern Baptists I would be gone in a heart beat. This man would have to publicly repent before we would let such as him darken the doors of our church. Admittedly Jesus came to save sinners but the key to the salvation which he offers is repentance. We have no responsibility to accept false prophets into our congregations.

  3. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Your support for liberal fools makes one question your shallow doctrine and loyalty to the SBC.

  4. All we need is more black leaders like this fool, who makes it difficult to unite we Americans to make life better for all of us. It’s time to clean the swamp. Do we really need it ?

  5. I have read all the comments and they are all correct. Maybe you should be rereading the evil things that supposed Baptist said. He apparently wants everyone to stay on the slave plantation of the Demon-cratic party.

  6. We have a deceived pastor, when he wants people that kill babies and is for no law and order to be in office. He is the pastor that will cry when these criminals come in his church and steal offerings.

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