A Southern Baptist blog run by a member of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s Leadership Council posted a hate-filled rant against President Donald Trump. The post was written by a former employee of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board. The blog post called the president racist for pointing out the truth—that Baltimore is a rat-infested city.

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, another SBC entity, led by noted anti-Trump Russell Moore previously published an essay on its website by the writer on an unrelated topic. However, the link between Southern Baptist employees and Never Trump feelings is a growing problem for the denomination. Our employees and leaders do not think like pew-sitting Southern Baptists.

According to the Never Trump, independent SBC Voices blog, “You need to decide whether you will continue to support a president who, apart from his other failings, is clearly racist. His latest tweetstorm about a ‘rat-infested’ Baltimore-area congressional district, which just happens to be majority African-American and served by an African-American congressman, is only his latest code-word attack. Expect at least one a week between now and the presidential election next year.”

Code word? Dog whistle?

What idiocy. The district is rat infested. Thankfully, there is evidence. Lots of evidence. Todd Starnes posted this helpful story illustrating it: Watch as a rat runs through a Baltimore reporter’s live shot.

Also, see: more evidence that Baltimore is a rat-infested city.

The truth is not racist.

So, what is motivating these attacks from ERLC-related Never Trumpers?

“I’m also pro-life and socially conservative. I used to be a Republican — until Trump hijacked the party with his hatred and fearmongering,” wrote the former Republican.


They are angry that Donald Trump took over the Republican Party and sent away the darlings of Russell Moore—anyone remember JEB? The blog makes it clear this is about politics. 

“Evangelicals, what you say or don’t say now, in 2019, with blatant racism coming out of the president’s mouth, is something you will live with for the rest of your life,” the Never Trump blogger declares.

Once again, it isn’t racist to point out Baltimore is a rat-infested dump.

These Progressives want to control you. They want you to think false things—like Baltimore is not a rat-infested dump. They don’t want you knowing the truth. This is a dangerous time to be a Christian—when other Christians claim the truth is somehow racist.

This is what happens when you welcome in the Trojan Horse of Racial Identity Politics. Stand firm Christians. Don’t let the thought police of the Southern Baptist elites get to you.

If you are interested in learning more about the link from the Never Trump blog and the ERLC, check out this resource.

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