Southern Baptist documentary By What Standard exposes Leftist infiltration of church

Southern Baptist Seminary President defends Founders and film fighting Neo-Marxist attack on the church.

A social justice Twitter mob attacked conservative Southern Baptists fighting the infiltration of the church by the dangerous worldly ideologies of Identity Politics. Founders Ministries announced a documentary fighting Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, and the result was outrage among Social Justice Warriors. According to a report in the Federalist, a mob of outraged progressives attacked the conservatives and resulted in three board members resigning.

According to the Federalist, “Charges of racism and misogyny were leveled, along with claims that the trailer portrayed fellow Southern Baptists dishonestly. As a result of what could only be described as a ‘Twitter mob,’ three prominent SBC leaders—Mark Dever, Danny Aiken, and Jonathan Leeman—demanded that their interviews be removed from the final production. On August 1, Founders announced three members of their board had resigned over the incident.”

However, some Southern Baptists defended Founders and its president Dr. Tom Ascol. The most powerful man in the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Al Mohler rejected the lies and innuendo coming from the Social Justice Warriors. Dr. Mohler issued a clear defense of Dr. Ascol and his film.

According to The Federalist, “Mohler also unequivocally denied as a possibility that Ascol deceived his interviewees for the documentary or that intentionally meant to harm fellow Southern Baptists.”

Also, “Mohler expressed the same sentiment: “I have known Tom for years and he has always been a man of respect and character.”

Read the entire piece by The Federalist. It is an excellent survey of many important issues in the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Mohler even addresses another serious problem—the fact that his Provost at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary appears to have embraced Identity Politics.

Southern Baptist Seminary president calls article by his provost ‘unhelpful’ on issue of Critical Race Theory. Orders removal of article.

President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Dr. Al Mohler ordered removal of article written by university provost.

According to the report, “When asked why one of Hall’s articles on the Southern Seminary website affirming critical race theory was scrubbed, Mohler replied forthrightly, ‘Because I asked for it to be scrubbed. It was because I did not think it was helpful…If I thought Matt Hall was a danger to the church of Jesus Christ, he would not be the provost of Southern Baptist Seminary.’”

This is a good statement. I praise Dr. Mohler for addressing this serious issue.

However, this raises many serious further questions for Dr. Mohler. Was it only unhelpful? The quotes in the article appear to be a total embrace of Critical Race Theory. You’ve repudiated it as a danger to the church. Shouldn’t error be called more than simply unhelpful and scrubbed? Shouldn’t there be public clarity about the error?

It appears in the article you removed and a video your seminary removed and a podcast video circulating, that the Provost has embraced in its entirety the rhetoric and worldview of Identity Politics.  Is it safe to have someone still working at a Southern Baptist institution who has fallen into the trap of Woke Theology?

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