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Scholar compares Southern Baptist Convention’s acceptance of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality to a Trojan Horse. Claims Woke Identity Politics destroyed New Atheism and will do the same for America’s churches.

James Lindsay, a scholar with degrees in physics and mathematics and an author, warned conservative evangelical Christians about the coming collapse if it continues to accept the toxic environment produced by Identity Politics. He compared the collapse of New Atheism with what is happening to our churches.

Linday’s Twitter thread is illuminating on the dangers of Wokeness infiltrating Christianity through Identity Politics. He said, “The woke takeover of Christianity marches on. I heard exactly the same thing in the atheism movement, mainly from Atheism+, right before the whole thing collapsed from the toxic environment it produced. I can’t imagine churches faring any better. RIP SBC.”

More: “The funny thing is that as an old-school atheist, I’d watch this and laugh at the death of the largest conservative Christian bloc in the country. I’d say that there’s a point about Jesus being a bit into something like social justice. But Jesus was no critical race Theorist.

“I can happily affirm that issues of social justice matter and need addressing, but capital-SJ Social Justice isn’t the way to do it. In fact, as an expert in Social Justice now, I can confidently say it gets the whole thing backwards. And I’ll help anyone fight it.

Read the entire thread.

There were also many interesting comments and interactions. Worth nothing in particular was his warning against the infamous Southern Baptist Resolution 9—the resolution that the promotes the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as analytical tools.

He tweeted, “I don’t know much or care much about your theological details, but I can tell you that Resolution 9’s invitation of CRT and intersectionality as analytical tools (whether subordinate to Scripture or not) is a huge wooden horse outside your door.”

Previously, we noted the Trojan Horse nature of these new secular philosophies now promoted to the Southern Baptist Convention.