Despite attacks on Border Agents and U.S. border policy from Southern Baptist elites, one congregation is serving the Patriotic men and women protecting America.

Border Patrol agents and their families are under assault from Leftists and open border fanatics. But, they are getting support from one Southern Baptist congregation—Jack Graham’s Prestonwood Baptist Church. Dr. Graham rebuked Russell Moore and other Southern Baptist elites a few weeks ago for spreading a false narrative about border agents. Now the church is doing even more.

The church  mission team spent a week in El Paso working with Border Patrol agents and their families.

As reported by P&P, “@Prestonwood mission team has been at the border this week ministering to border agents and serving the Border Patrol families. We supplied backpacks, inflatables, giveaways.”

Also, Mike Buster of Prestonwood said the mission trip made a difference to the border agents. He tweeted, “They were so grateful n some in tears, telling us that nobody appreciates what they do. #prestonwoodcares.”


Jack Graham tweeted  about the church’s care and compassion for illegal immigrants and Border Patrol agents. Graham said, “Many churches are engaged in ministry at the border. We are grateful to be a part of the effort to express hope and healing.”

Prestonwood is a megachurch of over 48,000 based in Plano, Texas, a suburb north of Dallas. Dr. Graham is a past president of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is a member of President Donald Trump’s Evangelical advisory group. He was a vocal critic of the conduct of Russell Moore during the 2016 presidential campaign.

And earlier this month, Dr. Graham rebuked Russell Moore and Daniel Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, for spreading falsehoods about border agents. Graham tweeted, “This is a very inaccurate report! I’ve been to the border and seen the great work our Border Agents are doing along with churches like ours which are ministering in Jesus Name. Extremely disappointing @dmoore.”

It is good that Dr. Graham and his church are working to support the patriotic men and women engaged in the public service of defending America’s borders.