ERLC defense of rule of law: …

Dr. Robert Jeffress defense of the rule of law: “There is nothing immoral or un-Christian about President Trump enforcing the laws. That is his constitutional as well as his God given responsibility.”

Jeffress: Democrats determined to overturn the 2016 elections.

Southern Baptists pay Russell Moore and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission to stand up for Southern Baptists when important government policies are debated. Unfortunately, the ERLC was silent Friday after liberal Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked Evangelicals to undermine the rule of law. With the ERLC abandoning the field, it fell to other Southern Baptists like Pastor of Dallas First Baptist Church Dr. Robert Jeffress to stand for the rule of law.

Jeffress appeared on Fox Business Lou Dobbs show Friday evening to respond to Pelosi’s attack on the President’s policy of enforcing deportations ordered by courts. According to mainstream media reports, “ICE agents were targeting at least 2,000 immigrants who have been ordered deported — some as a result of their failure to appear in court — but who remain in the country illegally.”

However, this angers Democrats, and Pelosi was begging evangelicals who support President Donald Trump to pressure the President. In other words, Pelosi wanted Christians to urge the magistrate to not enforce the law.

That’s lawlessness.

That’s not what God intended for government, and the ERLC should make it clear that Southern Baptists stand for the rule of law.

Thankfully, Dr. Robert Jeffress offered a Southern Baptist response on Fox Business.

“There is nothing immoral or un-Christian about President Trump enforcing the laws,” Dr. Robert Jeffress said. “That is his constitutional as well as his God given responsibility. This humanitarian crisis is 100% the fault of the Democrats.”

Dr. Jeffress is correct. There is nothing immoral or un-Christian about enforcing the law. In fact, this is the primary function of government. God ordained government, as the Apostles tell us, to create an ordered society, where lawbreakers are punished. The purpose of government creating order is an important part of God’s plan of salvation. As the New Testament scholar C.E.B Cranfield wrote,

“It is implied that God wills the state as a means to promoting peace and quiet among human beings, and that God desires such peace and quiet because they are in some way conducive to human beings’ salvation. It is God’s purpose that the state should, by restraining chaotic tendencies of human beings’ self-assertion, maintain those outward conditions under which the gospel may be preached to all and sundry without hindrance.

So, to borrow a phrase from our liberal ERLC, enforcement of immigration law is a Gospel issue.

Jeffress blamed the current humanitarian crisis on Democrats refusal to work with President Donald Trump to close asylum loopholes in current immigration law.

“The reason they won’t work with this President on this or anything else, is that they have one goal: They are hell bent on driving this President out of office and overturning the 2016 elections,” Jeffress said.

Jeffress was strong in his condemnation of Democrats. He said their placing Party interest above the national interest was “dereliction of duty at best and treason at worst.”

Watch Jeffress interview with Fox Business:

4 thoughts on “Dr. Robert Jeffress defends Trump, rule of law; Southern Baptist ERLC silent”

  1. Enforcing laws is one thing. Breaking up families and holding children in cages while they sleep on concrete is quite another even if it is the “Law.” Just because it’s the law doesn’t always make it right. Remember Jim Crow? While Russell Moore may be accused of silence about the former he has, at least, spoken up about the latter. You don’t have to favor wide open borders to be troubled at the way our government treats some human beings.

    1. I’m not one who typically loves the way our govt handles things, but I’ll ask you this. Where would the people sleep and how would they eat and what would their conditions be if 1000 people showed up at your house uninvited, unannounced, and unwelcome? What country should maintain the facilities for thousands upon thousands of illegal entries along their borders in the way liberals expect the US to? Troubled about their conditions? Sure. But please stop putting all the blame on the US. I think the illegal border crossers have a wee bit of the blame to shoulder.

  2. Every news story has someone to dispute it. The problem is that people on both the right and left want to live in their ideological boxes that abruptly dismiss anything contradicting their narrative. Even if the allegations were proven false, which I don’t think will happen, it still would be better to have spoken out against something bad that later turned out not to be true than to be silent when you had the chance to speak out. Russell Moore should be commended for being a voice of Christian conscience.

    Your attempt to link him to the guy shot for throwing a fire bomb is only a cheap guilt by association argument. I seriously doubt if that guy has even heard of Russell Moore. It’s no different than liberals who associate pro-life Christians with the people who shoot doctors. There isn’t a political cause that doesn’t attract extremists and crazies.

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