Repairing Evangelical Political Theology and Defending Dr. Robert Jeffress on Immigration

Russell Moore is smug and insulting, but now we know he is vindictive too. He has marginalized and ostracized evangelical scholars who don’t agree with his leftist policies. He uses his links to evangelical mega-groups like The Gospel Coalition (slouching leftward) and even Catholic groups to punish conservatives. Even more troubling is that he abandons Southern Baptist brothers to attack from secularists. If not to defend Southern Baptists rights, then what is the purpose of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention?

While Russell Moore was breaking bread with the Human Rights Campaign in 2014, the organization was trying to destroy Southern Baptist Robert Oscar Lopez, a professor at Cal State-Northridge. You can read his story at The Federalist with all the sad details of a life of scholarship smeared, while Russell Moore treated with the very organization destroying a Southern Baptist brother.

On Twitter, Lopez said this week regarding revelations that Dr. Moore was meeting with HRC during this time, “This history is crucial. I want 2b a good brother in Christ but I am a SB & my ERLC met w/ my persecutors in 10/14.That hurts.”

The collusion between Dr. Moore and leftists is also detailed by a Southern Baptist evangelist who worked in New York City.

According to an open letter, Rev. Thomas Littleton was asked by Southern Baptist leaders to sit down with the Human Rights Campaign. According to Rev. Littleton, “I was asked, by a Christian brother in convention leadership, to meet with the activist who came to our city and state to organize communities and jump start the Human Rights Campaign’s state offices. It was an unofficial sit down so as not to validate the activist while trying to understand better their intentions and methods, for which they had $8.5 million in new funding to engage churches in three Southern states.”

You can read more about Rev. Littleton’s interaction with the group and the fundamental changes the HRC wanted to bring about in Southern Baptist church doctrine. You’ll also see Dr. Moore’s handprints on the entire process of changing how Southern Baptists engage with liberal, secular groups.

Dr. Moore’s Thought Police: Silencing Evangelical Scholarship

Silencing opposition is how Dr. Moore operates. He’ll use any means to do such. He has used his reach to bully evangelical scholars, according to one professor with direct knowledge of these encounters.

According to Professor Robert A. J. Gagnon, “Dr. Moore has thoroughly mischaracterized sexual orientation change therapy as anti-Christian, thereby playing into the hands and game plan of homosexualist zealots to outlaw such therapy for consenting youth. He has done his best to exclude from speaking at ELCA events any Christians who see some limited good coming from such therapy. But he did meet in secret for a couple of hours with some homosexual activists at the 2015 ELCA Conference on homosexuality. Moreover, he has personally vilified those who call into question his critique of such therapy (and this statement is not based on hearsay).”

What Will You Do About Russell Moore?

On Facebook I saw this excellent quote shared: “Being a Christian is less about cautiously avoiding sin than about courageously doing God’s will.” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer

It raises a key question for us evangelicals and particularly for our evangelical scholars at seminaries and think tanks, pastors and other leaders: Will you do the right thing and stand up to Dr. Moore’s betrayal of our Christian and our American values? Could it be God’s will that sin triumph and evil reign when it remains in our power to courageously resist it?

Also, it raises a key question for the rest of us—the average Southern Baptist and evangelical sitting in the pews. Will we take up the banner? Will we become foot soldiers in this righteous cause? It is a battle for the Bible. It is a battle for the soul of the Southern Baptist Convention. Will we allow coastal elites and leftists to dictate to us what we believe, even when those dictates are contrary to the Word of God?

Will we cautiously withdraw from the culture war in the way new books urge and that Russell Moore desires? Will we retreat to monasteries of our imagination while the idolatry of secularism prepares for our persecution?

This old hymn asks the same question to us:
Must I be carried to the skies
On flowery beds of ease,
While others fought to win the prize
And sailed through bloody seas?

Are there no foes for me to face?
Must I not stem the flood?
Is this vile world a friend to grace,
To help me on to God?

God forbid. While others are fighting in bloody seas and work to stem the rising flood that we do nothing. Sign the Petition calling on Dr. Russell Moore to resign or be fired. Share the petition with your friends. Share the news. Don’t let Dr. Moore and his leftist friends like George Soros win.

30 thoughts on “Russell Moore colluded with liberal group, while group destroyed Southern Baptist’s academic career”

  1. There have been a few things Russell Moore has said (and apologized for), that may have been harmful. But Moore has been huge for southern Baptist in racial reconciliation, reminding Christians that Republicans are not always right, and in the fight against abortion. As a young Christian, it breaks my heart to see my peers try to attack a man like this, and cause division in the church. We need to remember that none of us are perfect, and we should promote unity among the church. Even if you don’t agree with Moore there are still things you can learn from him.

    1. You are 100% correct in that we Southern Baptists need to advance racial reconciliation. Dr. Moore has said some good things on that issue.

      1. I’m glad we can agree on that then. I just don’t think we can discredit all the good he’s done for something a few people don’t agree with.

  2. In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty, In All Things Charity.
    As Christians we are called to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not the Republican Party. We are called to help others live in the rescuing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, not rescue the culture we live in. Many evangelicals have abandoned their First Love for the lure of this world’s power. It is sad to see, but we were warned of this long ago.

    1. I’d say the standard of charity is a good standard. Too bad Dr. Moore called Christian brothers heretical followers of the prosperity Gospel and betrayers of all they believe since they weren’t voting the way Dr. Moore wanted.

      1. Why should that be enough to get him fired? He also apologized for that and clarified what he meant afterwards

    2. How many times does it have to be repeated that Russell Moore’s primary problem is not Trump nor his supporters. Moores problem is MOORE’S PROBLEM.

      Trump and his supporters were just the catalytic agents that caused him to make his personal problem far too personal and public…in the name of Jesus.

      Is that WWJD? …to capture the lingo of course.

  3. Russell Moore will not recover credibility just because the ERLC trustees don’t have the stones to dismiss his destructive arrogance. Now watch the coins cry up and all things continue as before. Conviction is not a matter decided by “trustees”. Wait and watch.

  4. Russell moore is part of the anti-Trump, anti-America movement. The deeps state is trying to destroy Trump’s presidency, and I’m sure that moore is rooting them on. When the antichrist appears, I’m also sure that moore will support him as well. The Southern Baptists should immediately remove Moore to prevent their own ruination.

    1. Do you not hear yourself? This is not about America. This is about Christianity. Is it really so bad for a Christian to not support someone who frequently attacks people. The Bible says pride comes before a fall, so should we attack someone who doesn’t support probably the most prideful president America has ever seen? I hate this narrative that Christians have to support him just because he is republican. Do we not see what he’s doing with immigration?

      1. The POTUS is doing the right thing on immigration. As Wayne Grudem pointed out states have the right to regulate immigration for their own benefit.

        1. If you’re basing this off of state rights rather than the Bible you are wrong in the foundation of your argument. I know refugees have a much greater chance of hearing the gospel in America than oversees, and I am willing to sacrifice my own safety to give them that chance. Jesus preached a selfless gospel, not a selfish one

          1. Dr. Grudem the foremost systematic theologian of today covers this nicely. I recommend his book Politics according to the Bible. You have to differentiate between individual Christian principles and principles God ordained for the state. Now, you might be willing to sacrifice your safety, but you are also committing your neighbor to that too. This is a more complex issue than Dr. Moore or Dr. Platt pretend. The state has one purpose and that is never the job of evangelism.

          2. Robert (pro-America),

            To anti-America Robert, we have to protect our nation. You want to flood our nations with moslems because you think you can win them over? You won’t win them over, and you’ll destroy our nation in the process.

      2. Anti-America Robert, we have the God-given right to protect our nation. Further, I am not supporting Trump because he is Republican. The bushes are republicans, and like the clintons, they are new world order globalists. I’m supporting Trump because he believes in America.

        1. I am in no way anti-American. I just don’t believe we are any better than anyone else just because we are American. The gospel is for everyone from every nation. There are countless stories of people being ripped apart from their families because of Trump’s immigration laws. We are called to care for these people too

          1. Anti-America Robert, you are wholly anti-American. You want to flood our nation with foreign elements that will destroy us. Since you are so concerned about the moslems receiving the Gospel, then show the courage of your convictions. Instead of demanding that America destroy itself, that we allow American women to be raped, that we allow our cities to be burned down, you should instead become a missionary to Saudi Arabia or some such place.

        2. I actually am planning on going into missions. Please try to at least feel love for these people, even if you don’t accept them. I’m sorry we don’t see eye to eye on this, but that is one thing we have to agree on.

          1. Anti-America Robert, then go into missions. That is good. But don’t try to brink the moslem hoards here, where they will attempt to rape and burn, as they are currently doing in Europe.

            And while you’re at it, try to feel love for the female members of your family whom you are exposing to rape through your support of islam.

          2. Since the majority of people fighting against his policies are female, I don’t think that argument really applies here. Also for refugees they are much more likely to be raped if we don’t allow them to come over

  5. Capstone,
    What exactly are these principles that God ordained for the state that command is to isolate ourselves from the world?

    1. Funny. Everything is sourced. But slandering Christians is what your hero does so I guess that is what we should expect from you.

        1. Truth isn’t slander. We’ve got people on the record saying this stuff. These are facts.

          1. According to the liberal, you are guilty of “slander” whenever you tell the truth about liberal plans and goals.

          2. Other Robert, I’m not actually liberal. I just don’t support most of Trump’s policies so far. I try not to blindly follow a political party, and base everything back on the Bible instead

  6. Anit-America Robert, open borders is a left-wing position. You support russell moore’s open borders lunacy. That makes you a liberal.

      1. Anti-America Robert, then you are an anti-abortion liberal. As long as you believe in destroying our country with massive moslem immigration, you are no conservative.

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