At a George Soros backed forum, Southern Baptist leader promotes immigration reform, lies about conservative Christians.

‘Shame on this guy.’

Russell Moore attacked conservative Evangelical Christians and Southern Baptists during his appearance at the George Soros funded National Immigration Forum last week. Dr. Moore, the president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, appeared on a panel to promote civility, but instead slandered evangelical Christians who were concerned about border security and promoting legal immigration, according to radio hosts and policy experts appearing on American Family Radio.

On the Tuesday, November 12, 2019, edition of Today’s Issues with Tim Wildmon, the show hosts were outraged at Russell Moore’s slander of conservative Christians. Dr. Moore’s remarks to Barack Obama’s former faith outreach coordinator were shocking:

An evangelical Christian who despises immigrants is an evangelical Christian who is self-defeating and self-loathing because most of the Body of Christ on earth right now not to mention heaven is not white, is not middle class, is not American, doesn’t speak English.”

Edward Vitagliano of AFA said, “I don’t know a single evangelical Christian who favors securing the borders who despises immigrants.”

Vitagliano called Russell Moore’s statement “a pack of lies.” He demanded an apology from Dr. Moore on behalf of conservative Christians in general and Southern Baptists in particular.

“What is sad that Leftist evangelicals are beginning to lie about us as much as the Pagans,” he said. “That is a smear and a slander. Russell Moore ought to apologize. Russell Moore ought to apologize for it and apologize to Southern Baptists who he represents.”

Dr. Ray Pritchard was asked by host Tim Wildmon his thoughts on the statement. Dr. Pritchard rejected this was an accurate portrayal of conservative Christians.

“I go around the country,” Dr. Pritchard said. “I speak to Christians in many different places, and I don’t know a single layperson and I certainly don’t know a Christian leader anywhere who despises immigrants.”

Sandy Rios of the American Family Association said Dr. Moore is dangerous and making these kinds of statements intentionally.

“Russell Moore is of the category of persons who is very dangerous because he sounds very solid theologically when he talks. He seems to make sense. But if you really listen, he drops in distortions on everything,” Rios said. “This is proof that this is intentional.”

Who is the intended audience? The radio panel had an answer.

“He makes this into a racial issue because for evangelicals on the Left and the Washington Post, who adores Russell Moore, this is the kind of stuff they live for. I don’t know a single evangelical Christian who believes in securing our border who despises immigrants.

Pritchard pointed out that Southern Baptists are paying for Dr. Moore to slander them.

“Southern Baptists if you tithe, you pay for this guy,” Wildmon said.

Vitagliano suggested, “He (Russell Moore) should be fired for his tactics.”

The panel reminded listeners that Dr. Russell Moore is a “protégé of Dr. Al Mohler.” Dr. Mohler is president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and an announced candidate for the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention. The election takes place in Orlando at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the SBC.

This is not the first time Dr. Moore has been called out for using deceptive language to further his immigration preferences. In the past, Dr. Russell Moore has lied and called Jesus a “so-called illegal immigrant.

7 thoughts on “Immigration Reform: Russell Moore slanders Evangelical Christians, Southern Baptists”

  1. His true colors are beginning to come through. Southern Baptists should remember that when their church sends their monthly gift to the SBC.

  2. To fully embrace the worldly treasures of fame and fortune, one must embrace the “woke culture” that despises a traditional view of God, family and country.

    Moore’s slandering of honorable, hard working and faithful Christians seems a small payment for such worldly treasurers. What does he care if the un-woke peasants find out? As long as they keep the money flowing to the SBC elites, who cares?

  3. Here are some of my thoughts on this article…

    First, I would love to hear the context of the quote before making a judgmental decision. Is it possible that Russell Moore made his statement in response to a specific scenario presented to him? That would change how some should be interpreting his comment. Is there a transcript or video that is accessible?

    Second, are some people reading their own agenda and/or feelings towards Russell Moore or the issue of immigration into this quote. This is important to understand at the outset.

    Next, what if Russell Moore had only said, “Most of the Body of Christ on earth right now not to mention heaven is not white, is not middle class, is not American, doesn’t speak English.” Would this be a false statement?

    This leads to my last thought. For me, the key question is what does Russell Moore mean by “despise?”
    1. If Russell Moore intends for “despises” to refer to a Christian that hates immigrants right out, then who would disagree with this comment? I think Christians should be in full agreement with what follows in his statement.
    2. If Russell Moore is connecting “despises” to a Christian that does not agree with a specific immigration policy, then I think Russell Moore is making an overstatement.

    With all that said, I believe the “outrage” that has been demonstrated over this statement by people, blogs, and radio shows is perplexing. Just my 2 cents!

  4. The SBC has been comprised and hanging on by a thread a long time. Many good pastors of old left that denomination and went independent. I imagine this will be the outcome for the few good pastors still left and then the sbc will go on to be a full blown apostate denomination?

  5. Russell Moore and Ronnie Floyd are the two worst leaders ever to serve the SBC. Both are closet Democrats and therefore liberal in their political leanings and theology.

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