Social media is a wonderful thing, or, it can be anyway. Then there is this:

Auburn running back Kerryon Johnson sent this tweet Thursday evening while watching the Patriots – Steelers game, creating a buzz around the Twitterverse with its possible racist overtones.

I mean, what he said offends me zero, and the argument could certainly be made that his assertion is correct. But would what he said be a racist if the roles were reversed?

“The Patriots making a living off taking your average black guy and making him a pro bowl receiver.”

In these days of extreme political correctness, I think we’re all weary of the games we have to play with our words. Sure, racists will always be among us. But social media gives a player like Johnson, already living in a fishbowl, an express way to controversy.

Was this remark racist? Are the rules of what can and can’t be said different based on the color of your skin?

20 thoughts on “Auburn RB’s “racist” tweet causes stir”

  1. For what it’s worth, it represents his culture at least. Worrying about everyone else instead of focusing on what you can do to improve yourself and others, that’s a cultural cornerstone at Auburn. At least they don’t roll trees for a Patriots loss, anyway.

  2. I too wonder that Rick. I really enjoyed reading what everybody had to say even if there were mostly Awburn fans wanting to stay updated on the Tide!.I do hope the person is well and plans on getting back to the ‘action’.. I’ll just keep checking back and hopefully things will get back to normal…… RTR

    1. Yeah – these kind of sites r fun. Lots of trolling and nonsense – but that’s the whole point and what makes them fun… I too hope this dude is ok and nothing has happened.


  3. He’s still crying in his beer and trying not to choke on his pride after Ole Miss spanked that bama butt for the second year in a row. but don’t worry he’ll be back with a vengeance full of excuses as to how a team with supposedly the best coach in the nation and talent from the top ranked recruiting classes for the last five years in a row could lose to a team with a former high school coach just a few years ago and only a hand full of players ranked as highly as the whole bama team. And not just once but two years in a row, the second coming on bama’s own home field, proving last year was not a fluke. LMAO

    1. We gave the game away with 5 turnovers…but still almost pulled it out in the fourth quarter.

      Now what about Aub? Another 8-5 season?…or maybe 5-7?

  4. Forget it RT, those folks don’t give a rat’s behind about Tigger’s they simply enjoy disliking us at the Capstone and OUR record theirs is unimportant cause they really have nothing. I’ll admit in some years they do field pretty good teams why they even upset us some times but that’s just the way it is. Our expectations or on a higher plain than theirs so I can see where they feel the need to vent. But I admit I wished they would support their own web sites and stay off of ours.

  5. And right on que here is RollTide presenting exhibit A (the first of many to come) of the excuses as to why bama lost. Notice the bama fans belief that when their team turns the ball over they “gave them away” but when the other team turns the ball over its due to bama’s superior defense. And the bama fans can’t make a post without referring or comparing themselves or team to Auburn.

    RollTide remind the rest of us non bama and non Auburn fans of the excuses as to why bama lost to Ole Miss last year.

    You ask what about Auburn? I say Auburn “almost” tackled Leonard Fournett like bama “almost pulled it out in the fourth quarter” LMAO

  6. #1 Tide Fan
    FYI – Unlike 95% of bama fans, those of us who actually graduated from the university of the team we support are smart enough to support our own websites AND come on yours! LMAO

    1. That’s just not accurate. It’s not even here at all. How silly.

      But logic, as we’ve seen for several years now, isn’t a defining characteristic of your personality.

      I hope Fournette stays healthy, aka, LSU.

        1. Actually, it makes perfect logical sense.

          We’re all enjoying watching Leonard Fournette. I’m frankly terrified for his health. So far, nobody leans this year on one player more than LSU leans on Fournette.

          I digress. I’m responding to everything you say which was always completely off-topic. My sincerest apologies. Bye, LMAO…

  7. The “Highschool coach” is looking good on the plains. I love it. The barn has closed its own door once again. A history of let downs and some keep coming back for more. What would it take to accept your fate as a barney? Who in the SEC can the barn beat? Watch what I say, BAMA runs the table and the barn will not win a meaningful game in 2015. The barn will keep gustoff another year and not win a meaningul game in 2016. This is the history of the barn. Eat it you bunch of wanabees. Please shut you holes and know your roles. You will not because learning is above your abilties. Whatever you think, once again, the barn has major problems. Just wandering, why hasn’t the barn added sits or updated their show barn.


    1. Bama born (translation – probably not a graduate of the university) that was written, poor english and all, like a typical bammer. It’s amazing how many of you think you can predict the future when it comes to bama and Auburn. So bama is going to “run the table” and win their 200th national championship just like every bammer predicted last year? I guess you’re predicting (hoping) someone else is going to beat Ohio State this year before bama has to play them. LMAO

      1. Who cares where who graduated? I’m a Bama grad, and most AUBURN grads I know are either big momma boys and girls OR child molesters like proud alumnus Lee Bradberry

        1. Wasn’t it a mid 30 year old bama grad that tea bagged a passed out young student in a public restaurant? Maybe being a child molester or pervert is just an Alabama thing regardless of whether you went to Auburn or alabama! LMAO

      2. “Poor english and all,” says the guy writing with the same spelling, grammar and even punctuation mistakes again and again.

        Nothing tastes sweeter than your poetic injustice, LMAO. Here’s to another weekend praying Fournette stays healthy and keeps LSU’s hopes alive for the next conference game.

        1. The_Cantdoit that is two replys to my post from you and both times you bring up Fournette which has nothing to do with my post. I think you have a man crush! LMAO

          You better pray this weekend that bama doesn’t go 0 and 2 and bar-b-que in the SEC this weekend after playing Georgia! LMAO

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