Auburn RB’s “racist” tweet causes stir

  • by ITK

Social media is a wonderful thing, or, it can be anyway. Then there is this:

Auburn running back Kerryon Johnson sent this tweet Thursday evening while watching the Patriots – Steelers game, creating a buzz around the Twitterverse with its possible racist overtones.

I mean, what he said offends me zero, and the argument could certainly be made that his assertion is correct. But would what he said be a racist if the roles were reversed?

“The Patriots making a living off taking your average black guy and making him a pro bowl receiver.”

In these days of extreme political correctness, I think we’re all weary of the games we have to play with our words. Sure, racists will always be among us. But social media gives a player like Johnson, already living in a fishbowl, an express way to controversy.

Was this remark racist? Are the rules of what can and can’t be said different based on the color of your skin?