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Alabama removes a cancer from coaching staff, Auburn scoops it up

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Lance Thompson was hired today to serve under newly hired Auburn defensive coordinator, Will Muschamp. Thompson, who was serving in his third tour of duty with Alabama head coach Nick Saban, previously left Alabama to join the University of Tennessee coaching staff.

Thompson’s claim that the Vols would soon “build a fence around the state of Tennessee” (in recruiting) become a punchline as the Tide continued to cherry-pick whomever they wanted from the Volunteer state in accumlating year after year of top recruiting classes.

Ever so hungry to feed the eager aubies more morsels of hope that the nightmare is almost over, state media is trying to sell this as Auburn “hiring Thompson away from Alabama.”

But when a coach is told he needs to find other employment by the first of the year and lands job #2, that doesn’t exactly translate to anyone hiring him “away” from job #1.

Coach Thompson

Fact is, when a cancer is removed, and someone else scoops it up and inserts it into their system, it becomes their problem.

But this isn’t the first time cancer has traveled from Tuscaloosa to Auburn. The names Bill Oliver and Ellis Johnson come to mind. Expect similar results.

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