ITKUpdated: 4:10pm cdt-The whispers proved true. UAB football will return to the fanbase who in 20+ years, for even one game, failed to populate one complete side of Legion Field, let alone half the stadium.

In a measured press conference, UAB President Ray Watts announced today that to program would be restored, but gave no timeline as to when the Blazers would see the field of play again. The general thought is that it would return in 2016.

What the “pledges” most likely look like.
The kicker, Watts announced that the program would get no more financial support than it has ever received from the University. Additional monies would have to come from private donations…the fictitious “pledges” the #freeUAB supporters kept promising in front of any microphone that would grace the sound of their voice.

Watts did the right thing in shutting down UAB football. Now he’s doing the wrong thing, but in the right way. Basically, UAB supporters (I almost said that without laughing), put up, or shut up.

I’ll give you one guess as to what’s going to happen.

12:04pm cdt – Whispers are beginning to surface that UAB football will soon return, giving the 143 people who care (including the team and coaching staff) something to do on Saturdays.

The announcement is set to be made today at 4:00pm.

UAB football is the perfect face for the City of Birmingham. Both are silly, sometimes corrupt, and are an embarrassment to those who live in the area.

The whole #freeUAB campaign became a quick and easy war against the University of Alabama, who despite popular opinion among mediots and Tide antagonists, doesn’t give a rat’s butt hair whether or not the Blazers play another down of college football.

This guy could say what today’s announcement will be.
UAB crowds have been historically hysterical. We’ve all seen the pictures of dozens of rabid UAB fans yelling for their team as they get pulverized by UTEP.

There’s a hint that the announcement will involve UAB returning to FCS (or Division 1-AA) status, which is where it clearly belongs. An on-campus stadium has also been tossed around.

We’ll see. Either way, whatever the decision, it’s clear that the decision will be, as William Shakespeare gave us, “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Because that’s what UAB football has always been, and if it does return, what it will always be.

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8 thoughts on “UPDATE: UAB football to return, sadly”

  1. More financial obligations for a bankrupt city in order to salve the feelings of butt-hurt alumni. What do you think the average attendance will be, 12,000? 15,000?

  2. You are exactly rigt. The uab idiots think they are so much better than us and so smart with all there education and crap that nobody cares about. How many NCs has UAB got? None thats how many. None. And they think just because they have a fancy university with research and stuff that they are as good as THE University of Alabama. If they were as good as The University of Alabama, then why arent they in the SEC? Because they aren’t as good as THE University of Alabama, thats why. They think there so smart and all but they lost there football and they should lose everything else. There all just whiny blacks anyway that should be glad they get to ride the bus at all. Im glad you tell it like it is and dont listen to all that pc crap that says them UAB Uppity-Ass-Blacks should have football.

    1. You’re an idiot. And I’m sure you’ll be back after this alter gets banned. Hope your plainsmen can live up to their hype this year, instead of living down to it.

      1. No you are the idiot. You have no Bama in you. Go back to UAB and put on your beret and smoke your little clove ciggy, you poser.

        RTR! RTR! RTR!

  3. If they’ll be good teammates and sling shot us around for the win then let ’em play… Hopefully they’ll have a big welcome back party with a nacho cheese fountain – that’d be AWESOME!

  4. It’s funny how things work in this upside down world we live in. for those of us who have been around long enough to know, we know Alabama/B’ham athletics was born of lies and deceit. We know the real piece of shit Gene Bartow really was. If I were walking by Bartow arena and it were burning, I wouldn’t stop to piss on it.
    With that said, Ray Watts and the BOT (were they involved) did the Blazer football program the biggest favor they could have gotten.

    Positive publicity.

    And the funny thing, Blazer supporters and advocates are too damn stupid to realize it. And that’s what makes me understand that this time next year, they’ll be right back where they are now. They’re too stupid to know the taxpayer can’t build a successful program. It takes loyal fans willing to spend money.
    Oh we have money pledged, they say. Too damn stupid to know pledged money won’t buy a Snickers bar. Collect that money. The primary backer
    of Blazer athletics will always be the taxpayer. Some are already whining that the school won’t spend enough. (This means they want more welfare from the BOT)

    The missing link in B’ham? A fan that cares more about Alabama/B’ham athletics than he does about that drink in front of him at some Southside dive. Fans that love their program more than they hate UA.

    Next time you hear some doofus advocating UAB football, ask them what they have invested. How much skin (money) they have in the game.

    (I already know the answer)

    1. You are exactly right. A REAL Bama man who knows what is true and what is a UAB lie. Football should have just been the start. Close down that whole place. Alabama only needs THE University of Alabama.

      Ray Watts is a Crimson Hero. He needs to be the new chancellor.

      RTR! RTR! RTR! RTR! RTR!

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