In the breaking news that is not so breaking news, Texas wants Alabama coach Nick Saban and it hasn’t even fired its coach Mack Brown.


At least a portion of Texas fans are interested in landing Nick Saban as this new story demonstrates.

Nick Saban could coach anywhere and now it seems Texas wants him. Here the 2012 Upper Deck Alabama Football Autograph Card featuring Nick Saban
Nick Saban could coach anywhere and now it seems Texas wants him. Here the 2012 Upper Deck Alabama Football Autograph Card featuring Nick Saban
According to an AP report, “A few days after Alabama won the 2013 national championship, a University of Texas regent and a former regent talked with Nick Saban’s agent about the possibility of the Crimson Tide coach replacing Longhorns coach Mack Brown, The Associated Press has learned.”

Everyone has known about interest in Saban from other colleges and perhaps a few NFL teams.

As far back as 2012 this was the case. In 2012, Nick Saban was given a contract extension. In March, Saban addressed the extension by saying that there were other teams interested in hiring him. Saban said, “From my standpoint, the acceptance of this extension expresses our commitment, (my commitment, Terry’s commitment, our family’s commitment) to the University of Alabama for the rest of our career,” Saban said. “We made that decision after the season when other people were interested.”

He went on to say, “It doesn’t really matter,” Saban said when asked about the others. “We wanted to stay at Alabama and we are staying in Alabama and we aren’t interested in going anyplace else. We weren’t interested in going anyplace else at the end of the season, so it really doesn’t matter. We just appreciate the commitment the University of Alabama has made to having a successful program. And we are really pleased and happy to be here.”

Paul Finebaum on his national ESPN radio show explained the purpose of the story on Mack Brown. Finebaum said this was a “carefully planned” story to embarrass Mack Brown and send him a message.

The message was clearly, people wanted Brown gone with the losses mounting at Texas.

Finebaum said via Twitter, “The odds of Saban leaving for Austin are infinitesimal.”

Lawyer threatens to sue fans who want coach fired

While this is interesting, it is not the biggest news in the story. You have to consider this gem as the biggest thing: “Joe Jamail, a billionaire trial lawyer who is one of the top donors to Texas, is Brown’s attorney. When asked about the conference call with Sexton and the lunch meeting, Jamail suggested Hall was acting on his own and threatened to sue anyone outside the university if they try to pressure Brown to resign. ‘f there are any more, get ready for a lawsuit,” Jamail said. “Mack has publicly stated he wants to coach.’”

You simply must love when a lawyer threatens to sue people who want to get rid of Coach Mack Brown. If you can’t win, you can always sue.

53 thoughts on “BREAKING: Texas covets Alabama coach Nick Saban”

  1. And cue the ‘Nick Saban at Miami’ stories from the Barners and Corndogs in 3..2..1…

    If you can’t beat Alabama on the field, then you try to sabotage their program with rumors, innuendo, and outright lies, or have your supporters follow that programs players around and take pictures of their cars and offer them fishing trips.

    Or, you use their program to get your coach to do his job in a more successful manner.

    Funny how UTx has gone down the toilet since that fated Rose Bowl defeat. Kinda reminds me of UMiami since the 92 NCG.

    1. Only one problem with your gump comments little petie, it was the AP and ESPN who reported this not the fans of Auburn or LSU.

        1. Maybe its not my reading comprehension but your writing skills. Who were you referring to in your second paragraph? You don’t say its Auburn or LSU, but you don’t exclude them from your statement either do you smart ass? So there is nothing wrong with my reading comprehension or my reply to your post! Gump!

          1. OK, LMAO at you – here’s what I meant, since you REALLY don’t have good comprehension skills:

            In the second paragraph, I was referring to the first paragraph.

            That make it a little easier, or will I have to diagram It out for you.

            How about, No, I’m not going any further with you with a simple to understand comment placed on a story that is already dead.

            Sorry about your loss. 21-0

          2. If you have to explain what your meant is the first clue that it is your writhing skills that are lacking. But then to actually say that the second paragraph was referring to the first paragraph, makes your comment about my first reply to your original post to be quite ignorant.

            You want something simple to understand? Here it is…You’re a gump and nobody really understands a gump, so go open another box of chocolates and see what you get.

  2. Wow! I am shocked. Shocked that one of the richest and most storied football teams in NCAA history would put out feelers and try to hire the best coach in the country. That is incredible.

    If I were in Texas’ position I would want to hire the best coach I could get. But Saban’s not going anywhere.

    1. Saban’s not going anywhere? Where have I heard that before? He has been at Alabama longer than he has been anywhere else. He seems to get bored quickly….well let me rephrase that, he seems to like a new challenge ever 4 to 6 years.

      1. You inbred Corndogs damn sure hope and masturbate to the possibility don’t you, shit-for-brains? The story is getting old. He wouldn’t go to Notre Dame, or Ohio St, or the Cleveland Browns and he ‘aint leaving his chance to make unbreakable history at the best dynasty in history either. There is no challenge at Texas. They are the richest, the biggest, and get any and all the best recruits in the best recruiting State in the country. They have their second best coach in their history right now. And still they can’t compete. Therefore there is no guarantee that Saban could make much of a difference. At least not in the immediate future. You think Saban wants to coach till he’s in a wheelchair to try and set those records? NOT!! He has no interest in adding 5 or more years to his goal by trying to build the unbuildable. In 5 years at Bama he will have set records that no one will ever touch. Your mouth runs like the drizzling shits. Just like your bullshit about AJ and his SEC Player of the Week. Well looky,looky asshole. Now AJ is the Maxwell Award National Player of the Week! Bama is gonna stomp that Corndog ass Soooooo bad. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

        1. And you know all this about what Saban wants or doesn’t want how?

          And with regards to your claim of what bama is going to do when they play LSU, why don’t you make a prediction of the score? Or are you to chicken shit to do that just like you wouldn’t for the LSU/Auburn game this week after running your mouth. Gump.

      2. Hey dumbass Corndog! When did it become that he gets bored and needs a new challenge every 4 to 6 years? Used to be he gets bored and needs a new challenge every 2 to 3 years. You stupid fuckers just make it up as you go along don’t you? Dumbass! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

        1. Hey Crimsonite, you dumb gump, how long was Saban at Michigan State? How long was he at LSU?
          Climb back in your bottle, you’re the only stupid ********* making comments here.

      3. That’s only true at the swamp monkey corndog university that CNS couldn’t wait to get away from.

  3. Texas has been a powerhouse in football forever. Look up Darrel Royal, Earl Campbell, Cotton Bowls, Southwest Conference etc. STORIED. 😉

    1. Kind of like Alabama did a few years back. Right?
      If Alabama could lure Saban away from the pros with more money than any college coach was being paid at the time, why couldn’t Texas. Rumor is they have a lot more money than bama.

      1. Bama didn’t use money to lure anybody dumbass. We paid Saban a lot less than he was making at Miami, and everybody in Miami wanted him to stay. He didn’t come to Bama for just the money. He came because of the programs football history and control. Texas doesn’t have near the history as Bama, and he would never be in control there. If Cleveland couldn’t buy him, Texas damn sure can’t. Fuck off! RTR!

      2. But you just hate Alabama. You only see this as some sort of trickeration to get Nick Saban more money or you believe we’re all dumb “gumps” for not expecting him to leave for Texas not because of what Saban says, but in spite of it.

        So read. Read the story. This event happened 9 months ago, back when Alabama “claimed*” another national championship.

        The fact that this story (or non-story) comes out now in week four of a new football season when Mack Brown and the Texas Longhorns, the last non-SEC team to win a national title, are losing football games and look like they’re going to lose a lot more says to me and everyone who doesn’t hate Alabama that it’s about Texas more than Alabama.

        Mac Brown is gone at the end of this year. Likely it will be on his terms, and hopefully he will be remembered for the champion he was for a good portion of his career at Texas, but it’s stories like this and losses like we’re seeing at Texas that help garner support for his resignation. It’s simply what happens to great coaches at elite programs when the performance wavers too far and for too long.

        That, or it’s the end for Alabama, sanctions are coming, Nick Saban’s jumping ship, he’s taking all his recruits with him and Alabama is doomed to be an SEC bottom-feeder for the playoff era.

        Good luck with that.

        Nick Saban would be winning championships at LSU. Now Alabama is your rival. It’s no surprise you’re upset about that, but the culture you come here to represent with your hate just doesn’t coincide with the philosophy Saban has and Alabama shares, and that’s a big reason why Nick Saban enjoys being the head coach of the defending national champions, the Alabama Crimson Tide.

  4. Sounds like LMAO is still butt hurt from when Saban left LSU . I hear the cries everyday from the swamp waders that I work with offshore. What’s crazy is the same ones crying are the same ones who worshipped the ground he walked on when he was coaching at LSU . Saban loves it at Bama . Why start the “process” over again ? Either way we will keep winning till it ends . Till then keep speculating and crying swamp people , barners whomever you are . The Tide will roll regardless . Sure Bama sucked a few years back . But that was then . This is now .

    1. You “gumps” really earn that nickname don’t you. Once again I nor any LSU or Auburn fan brought up this story about Nick Saban and Texas. And no where in any of my post do I say it is valid, that I believe it or that I think it would happen. I have only replied to some of the stupid statements poste here by you gumps. You trying to say it won’t happen because Saban says it won’t is laughable, all you have to do is look at his track record. That is not saying he will, that is saying you are stupid if you believe he or any coach won’t because they say they won’t up until the point they do. Right Miami fans?

      1. No, you’ve just commented on it endlessly, trying your best to make it into the story you want instead of the story it is. I understand – you corndogs want to have relevance again. You had it for a couple of seasons, then you let it get away, and now you get to reflect on season after season that might have been, except for Saban and Bama puking on your parade.

        So sorry for your loss. Have fun with the Barners today!

        1. No little petie I haven’t commented on the story at all (but I understand your lack of education would prevent you from understanding that). I’ve only commented on the dumb comments made by gumps like you.

          Evidence that you are a gump, comes from comments like you made here, which indicates that you think “Only” Alabama is relevant nobody else in the country is. Because you see LSU is ranked Sixth in the nation and the second highest ranked SEC team, so if you don’t think LSU is still relevant well then you just might be a gump!

  5. Firstly, Texas has less history than Alabama. In my opinion we are a better job than Texas. Secondly, I don’t understand why we rub having Saban in Auburn and LSU’s face. Saban is a great coach who LSU had him at one time, and in my 28 years Auburn has a 15-13 record against us. There actually winning in that regard. We are a great program but we finally got out of are own pitiful good ole boy way to get a coach like Saban. Instead of hiring somebody who once shook Bear Bryant’s hand. Thirdly, when Saban came he was more tired of the league than anything, and obviously he realized we had fallen on tough times, but were still a top 5 job. To my Alabama brethren, chill out and enjoy it, we again rule the college football landscape, but Mal Moore aside Saban was a gold mine we lucked into. He could have gone to any other top 10 program. Like a FSU or Forida and the results would be the same on those teams.

    1. It’s absurd for starters, I’m not trying to be rude but they are both top 5 jobs. That being Alabama and Texas so it would basically be going from one rich goldmine job to another one, so technically it’s a lateral move at best!

        1. There is some truth to that. It has always seemed to me Texas used to know it’s identity. Now they are just soft, but so is there coach. A football team reflects its head coach, thats why Bob Stoops has 8 Conference titles and Mack has 2.

          1. On a lighter note, I am happy to see DeAndrew White bouncing back and having a pretty big year so far. People forget he was a big time recruit in the 2010 class.

  6. Has anyone else noticed lamo is the most frequent comment poster on this blog. Talk about being obsessive compulsive. Serious issues. Anyway just listened to hey coach, and I completely understand why the entire country is jealous of Bama having CNS. By the way, not only does nothing come from the Fluker bs story, CNS isnt interested, my only suggestion to the competition, man up and do it on the field as unpleasant as that is. Stay tuned corndog response in 3.2.1………….

  7. Joshua Ryan

    I typically don’t respond to blogs but I’m compelled to b/c of your obsured comments. Specifically, “Texas has less history than Alabama”. You must be around five years old because that is the only time Alabama has had more history. Texas is 7-1-1 all time against the Tide and has more wins during the history of each program. You should be flattered that we are trying to hire your coach–that is a positive sign of your recent success. But, remember you had a coach leave your school for another Texas school (A&M) which was a mid-level program at the time. So this rumor is not a reach.

    1. Hey dumbass Whoren. Texas has more wins against Bama simply because the times they played each other – usually in bowl games – Texas was lucky enough to have the better team. If they had played every year Bama would have a huge lead in wins because in the early years of football Bama was a national power and Texas was not. Also in the time since Bear Bryant and Darrell Royal, Bama has had more ranked teams than Texas and far, far more National Championships. As for wins all time, Texas was behind Alabama until our 15 years of probation cut into it. But there are two more undisputable points that make Bama more of a football institution than the Whoren’s. We have 15 National Championships and you have what – around 5 or so? And, go out on the streets anywhere in the United States except Texas and ask around who is the most prestigious football school – Alabama or Texas. You won’t like what you hear, dumbass Whoren. RTR!

      1. Hey Flyhorn just to let you know, Crimsonite has more excuses for bama about anything negative you bring up, than he has empty whiskey bottles laying around his shack.

    2. Texas never had shit before Darrell Royal and with the exception of a couple of years under Fred Akers and then the MNC year under Mack Brown they haven’t had shit since Royal retired. Look up the damn record book, why don’t you? Don’t come on here like a Neckburn fan and just flap your jaw.

  8. Really? Tuscaloosa is like living in a sewer compared to Austin. You rednecks are so stupid thinking the UT job is not alluring…

    He doesn’t coach for all you trailer living gumps.

    1. Just can’t keep from opening your mouth and sticking a dick in it can you Smurf? I live close to Austin and spend a lot of time there. It’s not THAT nice. In fact it has some really shitty Barrios and a huge portion of the City I wouldn’t let my dog live in. The traffic is a disaster and the worst in Texas even with the new Toll Road. On the other hand, Tuscaloosa isn’t Shangrila either, but it is one of the nicer towns of its size in the country and beats the shit out of anything in Lee County. RTR!.

      1. And theres Crimsonite’s favorite reference!!!! What do you think he is obsessed with and thinks about all the time? LMAO

    2. Dude – have you ever even BEEN to Austin? Tuscaloosa – and any other town in Alabama, including the Plains – is a virtual paradise compared to Austin. The only thing that makes Austin look good in Texas is Houston, which is just above living in the craphole known as Baton Rouge.

      Sorry for your losses, Smurf!

  9. The code has been broken. Simply put lamo in a position of acknowledgment, and he stinks it up like the corndog offense in the Super Dome playing for a BCS title. Score hell lets just cross the 50 yard line.7 responses, over 30 minutes of reading and commenting on this single page alone and nada zilch zero. No response none. How might you ask? Corndog reply in 3.2.1………

  10. Hey LMAO, you inbred cocksucker, I don’t make excuses for Bama. Look at the scoreboard dumbass. When you’re the best that has ever been you dom’t need excuses. What a dumbnutts turd. As for a prediction, why dont you make one stupid shit? I’ll tell you why – because you don’t want to have to admit the fucking Corndogs are gonna lose. Here’s your prediction shit for brains – Bama 35 – Corndog’s 17. RTR!

    1. You sure that will be any better than your last quasi prediction (I say quasi because after this comment you refused to make a real prediction to back up your dumb ass remark):

      CrimsoniteSeptember 18, 2013 at 1:34 pm #

      “it wouldn’t surprose me to see auch better Awbie kick their Coonasses.”Read more at

      Notice the way Crimsonite slurs his words even when he types. LMAO

  11. Actually dumbass, I was driving down a bumpy dirt road and typing on my cell, to wit the typos. However you worthless brain fart, I’m glad you actually posted a link to that. At least anyone who is interested can go there and see what I actually said. You really are a rim job. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    1. Like I said before Crimsonite, you have more excuses than empty whiskey bottles and I’m sure that’s more than you can count (which might not have to be that many LMAO)

      And yes they can see what you said there, but what they can’t see is an actual prediction by you on the LSU/Auburn game that I challenged you to make after you made that statement, because any moron can say something like “I won’t be surprised if so and so beats so and so”. Then if it actually happens you’ll run around with your man boobed chest sticking out acting like you actually predicted something. But you didn’t have the balls enough to actually predict Auburn would beat LSU now did you gump? Bwaa Haww Haww! ATBADTH, RTR!

      1. Well when you get right down to it they did beat your ass in the second half. And if they hadn’t pulled that self destruct act in the first half they would have won the whole game. NICE Corndog – giving up 450 yards to the Lee County High School. Have ya’ll held anybody to less than two td’s so far? You want a prediction, Coonass? Here’s one for you – Georgia 35 – LSWho 21. 21 only because Georgia’s defense sucks too. RTR!

        1. What a gump you are Crimsonut. Then I guess using your gump logic, when you get right down to it Texas A&M beat bama’s ass in the second half. And if they hadn’t pulled that self destruct act with the two gift interceptions they would have won the whole game!

          Oh but I guess you’ll come on here now and make all kinds of excuses why your stupid gump logic only applies to other teams and not the gumps, right dumb ass. How many yards did ya’ll give up to the team we beat last year? OVER 600!! You’ve got to be kidding me right? Is Saban still coaching over there? Didn’t ya’ll have two weeks to prepare for them aggies!

          Get ready to get laughed at gump!

          1. Oh and by the way I would rather be called a corndog than a gump any day. I mean what kind of an insult is “corndog” any way but something stupid some gump came up with because they couldn’t come up with anything better or smarter. LMAO

          2. “we beat last year” Exactly what role did you have in that victory lamo? Let me answer that, not a damn thing. Taking credit for something you have nothing to do with, yes imagine that. Secondly, if you had ever visited tigger stadium, you would know exactly why every fanbase in the SEC refers to the LSlUsers as corndogs That and cheap beer is what you all reek of. Also fyi it was an aubie that stated the obvious, everyone else just agreed. Corndog that helps lsu football team win reply in 3.2.1……

  12. Last year is last year, dumbass. Bet you don’t beat them this year. You seem to conveiniently forget, cocksucker, that we had a turnover at the one, otherwise it would have been a 21 point beatdown. AND those stat’s you love to quote were against the #6 team in the country. A team who if we hadn’t played them would still be undefeated and still be ranked ahead of your Corndog asses. It is only by thanks to Alabama and Clemson that your dumbasses are ranked #6. On the other hand, you managed to beat our little Red Headed Stepchild who may not end the year with a winning record. And another thing shithead; Sunseri’s interception was not an error on A&M’s part. It was a perfectly thrown ball and a perfect breakup by Jarrick and one of the best most determined runbacks for a TD that you will ever see. RTR!

    1. “Last year is last year, dumbass”. Why don’t you tell that to yourself and your fellow gumps that keep posting 21-0 like it matters today.

      IF, IF, IF you favorite word right crimsonut. “WE had a turnover” so…….
      First of all you shouldn’t use the word “we” or you fellow gump, yellowhanna will get her panties in a wad.

      Second, its funny how you say “BUT we had a turnover…otherwise….” but you ignore that it could also be said “BUT A&M had two turnovers….otherwise….”

      Your nothing but a gump full of excuses and crimson colored opinions.

      1. So what dipshit? We beat the second best team in the SEC who has a top 5 offense. You beat the #9 or 10 team in the SEC who doesn’t even have a quarterback. Not that it matters. If your defense doesn’t play better than it has all year Mr Murray is gonna tear you a new one. Regardless, A&M and Bama will. I don’t know why you’re over here anyway. You haven’t had a damn thing to brag about or bring to the board since 9-6, and nobody but Corndogs remember that game. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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