BREAKING: Texas covets Alabama coach Nick Saban

In the breaking news that is not so breaking news, Texas wants Alabama coach Nick Saban and it hasn’t even fired its coach Mack Brown.


At least a portion of Texas fans are interested in landing Nick Saban as this new story demonstrates.

Nick Saban could coach anywhere and now it seems Texas wants him. Here the 2012 Upper Deck Alabama Football Autograph Card featuring Nick Saban

According to an AP report, “A few days after Alabama won the 2013 national championship, a University of Texas regent and a former regent talked with Nick Saban’s agent about the possibility of the Crimson Tide coach replacing Longhorns coach Mack Brown, The Associated Press has learned.”

Everyone has known about interest in Saban from other colleges and perhaps a few NFL teams.

As far back as 2012 this was the case. In 2012, Nick Saban was given a contract extension. In March, Saban addressed the extension by saying that there were other teams interested in hiring him. Saban said, “From my standpoint, the acceptance of this extension expresses our commitment, (my commitment, Terry’s commitment, our family’s commitment) to the University of Alabama for the rest of our career,” Saban said. “We made that decision after the season when other people were interested.”

He went on to say, “It doesn’t really matter,” Saban said when asked about the others. “We wanted to stay at Alabama and we are staying in Alabama and we aren’t interested in going anyplace else. We weren’t interested in going anyplace else at the end of the season, so it really doesn’t matter. We just appreciate the commitment the University of Alabama has made to having a successful program. And we are really pleased and happy to be here.”

Paul Finebaum on his national ESPN radio show explained the purpose of the story on Mack Brown. Finebaum said this was a “carefully planned” story to embarrass Mack Brown and send him a message.

The message was clearly, people wanted Brown gone with the losses mounting at Texas.

Finebaum said via Twitter, “The odds of Saban leaving for Austin are infinitesimal.”

Lawyer threatens to sue fans who want coach fired

While this is interesting, it is not the biggest news in the story. You have to consider this gem as the biggest thing: “Joe Jamail, a billionaire trial lawyer who is one of the top donors to Texas, is Brown’s attorney. When asked about the conference call with Sexton and the lunch meeting, Jamail suggested Hall was acting on his own and threatened to sue anyone outside the university if they try to pressure Brown to resign. ‘f there are any more, get ready for a lawsuit,” Jamail said. “Mack has publicly stated he wants to coach.’”

You simply must love when a lawyer threatens to sue people who want to get rid of Coach Mack Brown. If you can’t win, you can always sue.