Today is a when Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron gets some attention for his play in the Alabama win over Texas A&M. McCarron has been on talk radio this morning and profiled in several stories from the Wall Street Journal to Mr. College Football. The storyline today is that AJ McCarron has emerged beyond the role of “game manager” and is now appreciated in his role as a playmaker. McCarron’s leadership on the big drives and his decision to urge coaches to put the ball into his hands on the final touchdown play are getting the Alabama QB some credit for his role in Alabama’s national championships.

AJ McCarron named SEC Player of the Week

AJ McCarron led Alabama to a win over Texas A&M.  Today McCarron was named SEC Offensive Player of the Week. (Via ESPN on Twitter)
AJ McCarron led Alabama to a win over Texas A&M. Today McCarron was named SEC Offensive Player of the Week. (Via ESPN on Twitter)
Here is the official release from the SEC:
The Southeastern Conference on Monday announced its Football Players of the Week, recognizing performances from the third week of the 2013 season.

OFFENSIVE: AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama
• Completed 20-of-29 passes for a career-high 334 yards with 4 TD and 0 INT.
• 5-yard pass to Jalston Fowler with 2:28 left put UA up 49-35 and proved to be game-winner.
• Also had TD passes of 22, 44 and 51 yards (four different receivers for scores).
• Improved record as starter to 27-2, including a 15-0 mark away from Tuscaloosa.
• Now second in UA record backs for passing yardage (passing Brodie Croyle) with 6,400 yards.
• 4 TD passes tied his career-best.
• Also responsible for checking at line of scrimmage for run plays as Alabama totaled 234 yards on the ground (568 yards total)
• McCarron was the Athlon Sports National Player of the Week .

What do you think? What does this win do for AJ McCarron’s legacy as an Alabama quarterback? Is he the greatest of all? Share your thoughts.

37 thoughts on “AJ McCarron named SEC Offensive Player of the Week”

  1. So you can only get SEC Offensive Player of the Week if your team wins? When did they put that rule in?

    Because even though A&M lost that game, anyone not wearing crimson glasses with any common sense and football knowledge who actually watched that game knows Manziel out played McCarron.

    Manziel completed 28 of 39 passes for 72% compared to McCaron’s 20 of 29 for 69%

    Manziel threw for 464 yards averaging 11.9 yards per completion compared to McCaron’s 334 yards and 11.5 yards per average.

    Manziel threw for 5 touchdowns compared to McCaron’s 4.

    Manziel rushed 14 times for 98 yards averaging 7 yards per carry and was his teams leading rusher. McCarron had zero yards rushing.

    But yes Manziel did have two interceptions to McCaron’s none.

    That is six offensive stats where Manziel outperformed McCaron compared to only one where McCarron outperformed Manziel.

    Yes Alabama won the game but that is not an offensive stat nor a result of only the offense. In fact A&M’s offense put up 628 yards on the great Nick Saban coached vaunted defense filled with 4 and 5 star players, where as bama’s offense put up 60 yards less on A&M’s less talented and inferior coached defense (based on crimson colored deductive reasoning since Saban doesn’t coach them, right crimsonite).

    So I guess the new rule is it doesn’t matter how much you outperform you opponent or counterpart on the opposing team, if your team doesn’t win the game you can not receive SEC offensive player of the week.

    Please try to remove your crimson glasses before responding. Because if Yeldon rushes for 250 yards compared to Hill’s 150 or McCaron throws for 350 yards and three thouchdowns compared to Mettenberger’s 250 and two touchdowns but LSU beats Alabama, and Hill or Mettenberger get SEC offensive player of the week, you know there will be more complaining coming out of Tuscalooser than Crimsonite has empty wiskey bottles laying around his house and yard.

      1. Mark maybe you better go to your mama and get her to better educate you. The award and my comment didn’t have anything to do with whether or not the better team won.

        1. No. You’re just doing what losers do, nitpicking inconsequential details. Because you’re the one who’s right, not the SEC folks who pick the award week-to-week.

        2. ok, let me rephrase this and make it simple for you….

          go cry to your mama… AJ is the better QB win or lose. he has more class and poise than your aTm redneck JFF will ever have no matter how many Td’s or yard he racks up. he’s got no imagination, he falls short in every category….

          now again… go cry to yo mama….

          1. Spoken like a true gump Mark. I’m not an aTm fan so JFF is not mine, but for anyone from the state of Alabama to call someone else a redneck is laughable.

    1. @LMAO You’ve got to be kidding me.

      I know you hate Alabama. We all know. We get it. You hate everything Alabama.

      We’re all very aware that if AJ McCarron instead had Manziel’s stats from the game and still lost like TAMU you simply wouldn’t be arguing for McCarron to be the SEC Offensive player of the week like you are for Manziel, so don’t act so surprised.

      But AJ McCarron didn’t have the luck or the mistakes Manziel did.

      Not only that, but AJ McCarron was simply outstanding. It was perhaps his greatest game yet.

      Let me put it this way——-Manziel had at least one clear opportunity on his own to put his team in a position to win the game and he failed. Where he failed, McCarron simply did not. It did not happen.

      You can hate Alabama. But you’re the one wearing hate-tinted glasses if you can’t accept the performance by AJ McCarron as being the best performer on the field Saturday.

    2. Do you think we give a shit what your whining Cordog ass thinks, shit-for-brains? Obviously neither does the media as AJ has been named National Player of the Week by at least one outlet. Yeah, dipshit, repeat after me — JFF had 2 interceptions which cost aTm the game. That’s kind of an important fucking point. AJ played and called the perfect game including the last touchdown play that iced the game. Yeah squid breath, you read right. AJ called ALL the plays in the game himself. If he didn’t call them originally, he called audibles at the line.Your ass’s turn is coming. RTR!

      1. Yes Crimsonite you do give a shit what I say and think and you prove it by replying to every one of my post. LAMO

        And YOUR very words help support my case. YOU clearly state “JFF’s 2 interceptions cost A&M the game”, inferring it was not anything McCaron did to win the game for bama. YOU even emphasize that by claiming it is “an important fucking point”. Which is it moron, you can’t have it both ways.

        And both you and Conduit answer me this, do you not think if A&M and Manziel had had a running back like Yeldon who would have rushed for 150 yards, that A&M and Manziel wouldn’t have won that game? If you don’t then your just a homer or stupid or both.

        And whiskey breath, that’s you crimsonite, thanks for letting me know that AJ calls some plays and audibles, because there is no way I would have ever thought a Senior who has started for three years now might could do that. Wow, I bet no other college quarterback has ever done that!

        But if you think what McCarron did, calling audibles at the line, is great, how about Manziel making up the plays after the ball was snapped a lot of the time and still throwing for over 450 yards! Again I think Saban’s bama defense might have won Manziel the Heisman for the second straight year.

        1. You’re right. TJ Yeldon is sensational.

          But AJ McCarron was still the better QB.

          Look, this isn’t Alabama “homers” saying that, either. So go on. Hate Alabama. But find a better way to do it.

          For example, why not just bust all over Cyrus Jones’ performance? Or the missed tackles on Manziel in the backfield? It would make your hating easier, I think. Because for as good as TJ Yeldon is, AJ McCarron has only had two 200-yard passing games.

          Both were against Texas A&M.

          Still doubt AJ McCarron is that good? The two national championships we “claimed” from the last two seasons aren’t enough?

          How about a third? Roll Tide…

          1. Conduit do all bama fans have a reading problem or is it just you and a few others who post here?

            No where in any of my post did I ever make a comment that I thought AJ McCarron was not any good. He is a good quarterback, but he wasn’t the best offensive player on the field Saturday. And AJ may have had his best came ever as a quarterback as claimed by Crimsonite or some other gump in a post here, but that is irrelevant to who had the best game over all in that game. Just because it was AJ’s personal best doesn’t make it the best. That would be like giving the gold medal to the second place swimmer in the Olympics because they swam their personal best just because the person who won the race and beat them didn’t also beat their own personal best in that race. Moronic.

            Oh and by the way, I know how you bama rednecks like to sit around on your porch all day and count your chickens before the eggs hatch, but AJ does not have a third national championship. How about that! Rawll Todd!

          2. @LMAO

            “Conduit do all bama fans have a reading problem or is it just you and a few others who post here? No where in any of my post did I ever make a comment that I thought AJ McCarron was not any good.”

            I didn’t say that, either. So no, I don’t have a reading problem. For that matter, I also don’t have a writing problem. Not to hit you with a low blow, but sometimes it’s just plain jarring. I asked if you still doubted AJ was good enough to even be considered for the SEC offensive player of the week award, let alone win it, which he did.

            We know you hate Alabama. We know you are blind to interpreting anything Alabama does without eyes clouded by hate. I’m not going to pretend I can change your mind about how good a two-time championship-winning quarterback is—–you hate him explicitly because he plays for Alabama. We get it.

            Instead, I’ll just answer your questions.

            Yes, AJ McCarron had his best game yet. He’s had two games for 200+ passing yards. Both were against Texas A&M.

            Yes, Manziel also had his best game. Manziel would have won the gold because he threw more yards? I mean, being second place in a swimming match is one thing. To answer your question and your insult, I wouldn’t give the second-place scorer in bowling the gold medal, either.

            Fortunately, it’s not who throws more yards. It’s who scores more points, not to mention ancillary QB ratings.

            Don’t forget how many passes AJ threw that were dropped, for example. If AJ throws an interception (or two) it becomes a serious issue for his QB rating in the game. The fact that he didn’t throw any interceptions while throwing for more yards and more TD’s than ever before says nothing to you, and everything to anyone else. He didn’t beat Manziel in yards perhaps because he didn’t have to, but also perhaps because he didn’t have the opportunity to.

            TAMU, for example, didn’t fumble at the one-yard line resulting in a touchdown. You can argue if Alabama would have turned a TAMU fumble into a touchdown or not, but AJ didn’t get that opprotunity. Manziel did. AJ fixed the mistakes Alabama made while Manziel made mistakes his teammates couldn’t fix.

            Finally, I didn’t say AJ has a 3rd national championship (at least not as a starter, for what it’s worth). Again, my point was that even if he did, even if he had more championship rings than losses as a starting QB, you still wouldn’t be able to recognize how good he is simply because you are blinded by your vitreol for the defending national champions. It doesn’t just cloud your judgement, but it sounds ignorant instead of naive.

            QB ratings, for example, are based on raw statistical data. They’re not based on watching the game in any way or any bias from any fandom, Alabama or otherwise. AJ’s QB rating was higher than Manziel’s not for having fewer pass yards, but in spite of it.

            Swim as hard and as fast as you like and swim longer than anyone else in the pool. But if you’re swimming the wrong direction, you’re not going to win. AJ simply didn’t make mistakes. Alabama did, and it was AJ who cleaned up after them.

            The Tigers deserve someone else to represent them. It’s disgusting.

    3. There is nothing funnier than a fan of a loser nitpicking a winner because he can’t have what they got.

      Here’s my favorite line of nonesense:

      “But yes Manziel did have two interceptions to McCaron’s none. That is six offensive stats where Manziel outperformed McCaron compared to only one where McCarron outperformed Manziel.”

      Let me paraphrase: “Yes, Manziel was careless with the ball in the biggest game of his life while McCarron, again, made plays, took care of it and won another “Game of the Century.”

      Man, you’re a special kind of idiot. Thank you for bringing your Crimson envy syndrome here for us to enjoy so often.

      Meanwhile, did Auburn play? Seriously, I’m asking. Because I and the rest of the world weren’t paying attention. How does it feel to be forgotten?

      1. ITK do you have amnesia or are you just plain stupid?
        Go back and read any of my post, no where in any of them can anbody, except someone blinded by their own hatred for Auburn, can it be assumed I’m an Auburn fan. Hell even Crimsonite, as dumb as he is, knows I’m an LSU fan. LMAO

        1. awe…….. are you still crying over the last two ass whippings the tide put on your swamp crack holes….

          tooooooo bad……..

    4. Are you saying the SEC has no common sense, football knowledge or watched the game? Ok lamo preach it like an edjimicated corn dog preach it!!

    5. You forgot:
      Manziel didn’t throw two critical interceptions that cost his team the win…

      …oh wait, nevermind.

      1. Oh so another gump admitting McCarron didn’t win the game with his own play, Manzel lost the game with his two interceptions!

        Thank you.

        1. If AJ throws two interceptions instead of none, doesn’t that affect the way his play changes the outcome of the game?

          AJ threw zero interceptions. That’s not a compliment, but it’s the point. AJ threw zero picks. See how that works?

          1. And I specifically made that point in my original post moron. But that was one stat in McCaron’s favor compared to six others in Manziel’s favor.

            And Manziel did it against the No. 1 team in the nation filled with the best recruiting classes that had extra time to prepare for him by the best coach in the nation.

            Yea I would say considering all of that, and what he actually produced, Manziel was by far the best player on the field and that only a gump would be to dumb to see or admit it.


  2. I wish AJ was more of the story. Instead, it’s been all Manziel somehow on the air today.

    AJ didn’t just win. He won in spite of so many things working against him.

    First, he was down before hitting the field. TAMU even won the coin toss, elected to attempt to score first, and they executed.

    Two false starts later (one I still couldn’t see in replay), Alabama punts, TAMU drives and scores. AJ has to climb out of a 14-point hole.

    And he did it. I don’t care if they’ve been in a hole before, it’s hard to get out of. And in the scorching heat, and at College Station, and after losing a dozen inaccurate flags, and after every 3rd-and-long hail mary not just staying out of Alabama’s hands but still being caught by TAMU at all, and scoring when the blitz came (every score AJ had came off a blitz if I remember right), and NOT TRASH TALKING (I loved this), and having incredible precision with his passes (including dropped ones), AJ McCarron put a stamp on this game.

    Let’s put it this way——if

    A.) the Clinton-Dix penalty wasn’t called as the review booth said it shouldn’t have been, or

    B.) the first hail mary 3rd-down pass was incomplete or intercepted, or

    C.) the second hail mary 3rd-down pass was incomplete or intercepted, or

    D.) TJ Yeldon hadn’t fumbled at the goal line (again?!), or

    E.) we didn’t already know who Manziel was from the past year’s drama, we would all be talking about McCarron today instead of Manziel.

    What if none of those go Manziel’s way? What if every hail mary was intercepted? What if TAMU had to punt three extra times?

    Instead, all I hear about it why the receiver turned around too soon in the end zone, or how lucky Alabama was to get an interception, or how tall Mike Evans isn’t.

    Alabama forced Manziel to pass to the outside. He did it.

    AJ McCarron instead did everything else. And he didn’t make mistakes. He called the play he wanted with Fowler scoring. That should be a defining moment, but instead it’s been understated, almost silent.

    With all that said, I understand why we’re talking Manziel today and about him being a superstar. I’m just not sure they’ll be saying the same thing against Florida, and certainly not LSU.

    But they will. No matter how badly Manziel loses, it’s still all about him for some reason, and no matter how many titles McCarron wins, people don’t understand football enough to put him on a pedastal anywhere other than second place to Manziel.


    AJ McCarron is everything I love about college football. He’s strong, sincere, a team player, doesn’t get in trouble, fights adversity, and he beats everyone. AJ McCarron derserves to be honored by all of college football, and this game should be the exclamation point.

    Unfortunately, it never will be. But AJ doesn’t care. And that’s what makes him AJ McCarron. The heart of a champion. Roll Tide.

    1. And IF you aunt had balls……

      You don’t think aTm fans could make a list of IF’s just as long as yours?

      Give us a break gump.

      The reason its all about Manziel on the air today is because he was the best player on the field Saturday.

      He almost single handedly beat the number one team in the nation. He didn’t have the help of running back who could rush for 150 yards like yeldon did.

      1. Corndog, if you knew anything about football (which you don’t) you’d know that the best player on the field for A&M was Mike Evans not Johnny Dollar. Without Evans your hero wouldn’t have had nearly the stats that he did. Without Mike Evans to bail him out on several lame duck throws, Johnny Dollar wouldn’t have come close to beating Alabama. Argue that Evans should have been named SEC player of the week and I might agree with you. Now go back to your dank cave and listen to the Best of David Duke on short waive radio.

      2. Give US a break? I thought you were the LSU fan. You’re not an LSU fan, your just a fan of whoever you think might beat Alabama in your Bama-sessed world. You’re not an Auburn fan – they pull for their own school, even in the face of insurmountable odds, they keep pulling for them. You are definitely not an aTm fan – they know their guy got his ass handed to him by a better team on Saturday, stats or no stats. Alabama forced JFF to play their game. And he did – better than LSU, or Auburn, or Notre Dame, or any other team that has had the opportunity has done. And they still lost.

        Hate it, don’t you, LMAO? Tough crap, cowboy. We’ll see “your” team in a few weeks and show them what it’s like to play Bama’s game, too. I hope Mett brings his JFF shoes, cause he’s not near as lucky or fast, and he will likely be wiping his butt all over CLM’s lunch most of the game.

        And, little man, I know you are just a troll. And I enjoy reading your fantasies. But you have got to get a life and move on from 21-0.

        1. LMAO! Is that what you call someone getting his ass handed to him by the better team, when her threw for almost 500 yards on your defense after it had two weeks to prepare for him!!!! What a joke of a comment!! That might have been the stupidest thing I’ve ever read on here by a gump if it hadn’t been for your next statement….

          Good thing “Alabama forced JFF to play their game”
          or he might have thrown for what petie? 700 yards?? LMAO

          Oh you going to show us what its like to play bama too? I guess in your warped mind if you handed Manziel his ass in that last game, then in your way of thinking bama must have put a real beating on LSU last year with their last second victory! LMAO

          You, petie, take the gump award. At least most gumps wait a year or two before they start exaggerating how “great” bama or a win by bama was.

          1. bottom line…. who went to the show and who didn’t!!!

            need I say more….

            once again…. Go Cry To Yo Mama — Burger Boy!!!

      3. That “if” list I made doesn’t change the result——that’s the difference with an A&M list. The score would have been higher and could have been a horror show for TAMU, but it doesn’t change the victory going to Alabama.

        He almost single-handedly beat the number one team in the nation?

        Then it’s good he didn’t. Because I agree with you that Alabama is the number one team in the nation.

        Yeldon helped Alabama? What about Evans elevating TAMU? After all, Evans didn’t drop passes—Alabama did, remember?

        But wait, it’s even better. Yeldon fumbled.

        You’re really bad at hating Alabama sometimes. I don’t think it’s your fault; I think Alabama was simply that good on Saturday, especially McCarron.

        1. You can’t have it both ways conduit.

          You can’t say in one statement “HE” almost “single-handedly” beat the number one team in the nation.

          And then two sentences try to give the credit to someone else.

          Or is that some kind of gump logic?

          1. Hey, you’re the one saying Yeldon is the reason why Alabama won. He had 150 yards rushing. Manziel and Malena had that much together, yet neither one of them fumbled resulting in a turnover resulting in a touchdown.

            Regardless, I’m not the one who said, “He almost single handedly beat the number one team in the nation.” Instead, I questioned it.

            You’re getting worse at this. I think that shows how good Alabama was on Saturday when they beat another team on the road in a game everyone else seemed to enjoy.

        2. Boy you gumps are a bunch of ignorant morons with the reading comprehension skills of a six month old aren’t you?

          I never said Yeldon was the reason Alabama won, I said McCarron had help and didn’t have to shoulder the majority of the offensive production like Manziel did. Yes Manziel and Malena may have had that much together but Manziel accounted for 100 of that by himself, a productive offensive output that McCarron did not do.

          You gumps think it is just me, well read this:

          1. You didn’t say Yeldon is the reason Alabama won…but I didn’t say you did, did I? You keep slamming the entire Alabama fanbase for reading comprehension but you’re the only one who keeps making those mistakes? Kinda like Johnny Manziel making mistakes this past weekend that AJ McCarron didn’t make.

            But if Yeldon helped Alabama, Evans helped TAMU, yes?

            I agree, you put Manziel on a team with a legitimate defense and they’re national title contenders. Hell, they’re national title contenders even without a great defense.

            But they lost because AJ and Alabama were that good.

            Thanks for posting the link (twice, no, three times, just to make sure we get it?) to the article written by the Tennessee alum, Alabama-hating, Manziel-loving Clay Travis. Opinions are fun, and nobody’s discounting Manziel’s popularity. Nobody thinks it’s just you who is envious to the point of blindness. As far as I’m concerned, Alabama’s mistakes made this game a win-win: Alabama wins the game, but not by enough that people are disappointed with TAMU and Manziel. Nevermind McCarron’s best games have come against TAMU, and Manziel’s best game was against Alabama. He lost.

            I can’t change your mind, but you’re killing yourself here. I didn’t say Manziel sucked, if that’s what you’re implying.

            But you know who else is a national title contender? AJ McCarron with Alabama.

            You act like it’s a foregone conclusion simply because Alabama has won two national titles in a row, 3 in four years, and has been in the hunt the last 6. But that doesn’t mean AJ McCarron and this team isn’t fantastic, and it doesn’t mean AJ McCarron’s performance in the A&M game with zero interceptions and a gigantic victory AT COLLEGE STATION shouldn’t mean anything, even to someone who hates Alabama like they stole your baby.

            You’re not really saying anything anymore except that you hate Alabama. We already get that, though. So I don’t get it. One of the things being an Alabama fan has afforded me is the ability to enjoy good college football from other teams. It’s a sad shame that the best college football is the only football you seemingly can’t enjoy at all.

            Manziel had more yards. Manziel was great. AJ McCarron was the SEC offensive player of the week. I’m sorry it bothers you so much and that you can’t see any good in anything anyone does at Alabama, but you’re the one with the blinding prejudice here, not the other way around, so when you say it’s “you moronic gumps” who didn’t elect the award for AJ in the first place and point to the same blog three times, a blog which made a name for itself hating Alabama, it does a huge disservice to how the Tigers are represented. It’s awful.

  3. Don’t try to argue with stump nuts. He’s been breathing swamp gas all his life and his brain is frito. Aside from that his Corndog team is the Chokelahoma of the SEC, and it drives them crazy. Poor wittle Cornpuppies alway lagging behind and sniffing Bama’s ass. Sure, I expect them to whup Aw ie good, but we all expected that lasr year too, didn’t we. Ad they nearly got their ass whipped by the worst team in the SEC. So no, it wouldn’t surprose me to see auch better Awbie kick their Coonasses. It will be rey funny when aTm bitch slaps them. Really won’t matter if they put up the nbers they did against Bama after they curb stomp the Corndogs.RTR!

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