Alabama Football Tickets selling for average of $179

2013 marks the first time in three years when Alabama Football tickets are selling for an average price below $200.  According to the TiqIQ Top 25, which was published yesterday in Forbes, tickets for Alabama homegames are just the 8th most expensive in the country.

At an average price of $179, they’re not even the most expensive tickets in the SEC, with LSU, A&M and Georgia all ranking higher.   Texas A&M football tickets are the most expensive in the SEC at an average price of $204.  Of course, that is being driven up in large part by The Tide’s visit to College Station on September 14th.  That’s the most expensive college football ticket all season, by a lot, and it will cost you $398 just to get in the door, and the game average is almost $1,000.

For that $398 get-in price, you could see the kick-off classic against VaTech ($75 get-in), the November 9th game against LSU ($250 get-in) and the cheapest game of the year against Georgia State ($50 get-in). You’d even have $24 left over for some pre-game beers and a fifth of something to bring into Bryant-Denny.

We’ll be working with the guys over at TiqIQ this season to help you keep track of the best deals out there for all Alabama home games.

For the full TiqIQ top 25 (which does not feature Auburn for the first time in three years), click here.