It always seems to happen in twos. Like the gods of football make sure there is balance between the biggest rivals on the planet. An Auburn player gets in trouble with the law, then a Bama player does the same. You had the felony four in Auburn, all dismissed and now serving jail time. Then you had the felony three and a half in Tuscaloosa, all dismissed with fates yet to be determined.

Auburn’s leading tackler (though you’d never know it from this picture) Demetruce McNeal
Over the weekend, Auburn defensive back Demetruce McNeal was busted early Saturday morning on drug charges for possession of marijuana. Auburn’s senior leading tackler (90) from last season, Auburn head coach Gus Bus Malzahn dismissed McNeal from the team later that day.

“After visiting with Demetruce, I made the decision to dismiss him from our team,” said Gus Bus Saturday. “We have high expectations both on and off the field for our players.”

McNeal had missed 16 practices going back to the spring, though he was expected to start at safety for the Tigers this season.

Across the state, Bama’s Geno Smith had some trouble to get into later that night. Following Saturday’s scrimmage, the second of the fall for the Tide, the defensive back was arrested and booked on a DUI by the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Bama’s Geno Smith
“This is obviously not the kind of behavior we expect from our players,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said Sunday in a university statement. “I don’t have all of the details at this point and will handle it appropriately once I’ve had a chance to review the information.”

Smith, who shares the same name as the former West Virginia and now New York Jet quarterback (which has been terribly confusing for me for some reason), was a regular contributor last season in the Tide’s nickel defensive situations recording nine tackles, two pass break-ups and two passes defended.

Two players, two schools, two arrests on one day, and possibly two outcomes. McNeal was dismissed. Smith’s fate is, again, yet to be determined…though honest to goodness dismissal from the team may be the easier outcome for him over facing Nick Saban on such a misstep just 14 days from the beginning of the 2013 campaign.

Still, marijuana is a drug, an illegal substance. Alcohol is not an illegal substance. You buy marijuana out of the back of somebody’s car in an alley. You buy alcohol in broad daylight or at almost any restaurant.

The bigger issue for Smith may be that he was under age. As a true sophomore, he likely isn’t of age, able to buy alcohol legally, which is possibly why Saban is getting “all the details to handle it appropriately.”

The typical fan knee-jerk reaction…opposing fans, I mean…is when a player gets in trouble, he should be kicked off the team immediately. Of course it is, because in the fan’s mind that makes beating the team you hate that much easier.

But the job of a coach is more difficult than that. The job of the coach in these situations is to do what is in the best interest of your team, while at the same time doing what is in the best interest of the young man who, to his parents, you swore you would lead and take care of.

Geno Smith is barely a sophomore. Demetruce McNeal would have been a senior. One is still learning, the other a seasoned veteran.

Both should know better, and with the opportunity to don a jersey and play a game in front of thousands, with the possibility of taking their craft to the next level for a big pay day, the typical fan can’t understand why young men such as these would make such stupid decisions and put that opportunity at risk.

Still, Gus Bus did the right thing with McNeal, who from all appearances didn’t seem to be a constructive member of the Auburn team. Nick Saban will do the same, though dismissal may not be the appropriate outcome. But if not, expect the usual blather from opposing fans who want all crimes to be equal when it means an advantage for their team on the game day they share with yours. However, they are not all equal, and neither sometimes are the outcomes.

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42 thoughts on “A tale of two players: Auburn’s Demetruce McNeal and Bama’s Geno Smith”

  1. That’s the trick with these kinds of things——–you never know the details.

    I’ve seen more pictures of Johnny Hancock Manziel with booze and champaigne bottles than without, even though the most important thing he wanted everyone to know just a month ago was that he’s just a 20-year-old kid.

    20 years old, drinking, getting kicked out of frat parties, getting snuck in to VIP rooms. I’m not comparing driving drunk to drinking at any age, but this DUI charge is the only reason most people have ever heard of Alabama’s Geno Smith. He never had to drive anything anywhere, but instead got busted in a bad way.

    I’m a little more curious about this one and how it pans out though since we know the actual charge is a DUI. Time will tell. It’s Geno’s first strike, and sometimes players don’t get more than that—-this is Alabama after all, not LSU or TAMU, so we’ll have to wait and see and hopefully at the very least Saban uses this as an instructional tool for the rest of the 2013 squad.

  2. “Still, marijuana is a drug, an illegal substance. Alcohol is not an illegal substance. You buy marijuana out of the back of somebody’s car in an alley. You buy alcohol in broad daylight or at almost any restaurant. The bigger issue for Smith may be that he was under age.”

    No… the issue is not whether he was underage. The issue is whether he was in fact driving while under the influence of a substance, which not only puts the driver at risk, but also those in the area.

    1. True, and I expect Nick Saban to deal with the young man fairly, not offer him up as a sacrificial lamb as you’d prefer…anything to hurt Bama’s chances to three-peat, right? It’s just getting old hearing all the talk.

      Heck, if LSU’s Jeremy Hill can practically rape a young girl then cheap shot/cold-cock a defenseless student and walk, I’m sure Geno’s chances are good.

      1. ITK,

        Your comment is a prototypical example of someone being defensive. I did not, in any manner, indicate in my post that he should be removed from the team. I simply responded to the article’s ridiculous comment.

  3. No dipshit, the bigger issue is that you’re a Barnturd Homer. Geno has as far as the public knows, not been a problem child at Bama and that has to be taken into consideration. I guess you were born of an immaculate conception and have never drank 1 or 2 beers and then drove. And you can get off the MADD horseshit about driving under the influence. Having a couple of drinks and driving is not the unforgivable sin that so many dumbasses want it to be. People having a couple of drinks are not the ones dealing out the carnage on the highways. Those people are generally the shitfaced drunk ones and also belong to the 70% group of you dumbasses who drive 80, 90 and 100 mph on the interstates. Geno was charged with DUI not DWI, therefore he was not shitfaced. What’s more, there is something strange about this whole thing since if he was drinking and driving, why didn’t he get charged with being a minor? This team has too much talent to live or die because of Geno. His presence, or lack of it will make no difference against Texas A&M. But if he has been a well behaved athlete during his time at Bama he should not be suspended for more than the VT game. RTR!

    1. I agree Crimsonite, as I have said before just because you attend a big name school or just any school for that matter will hardly make you a model citizen. Most everyone by all accounts, should know the difference between right or wrong long before you get into college, its just a shame that parents are too busy with their daily lives to care about their kids, and I deal with the public everyday so I know a little bit about what I’m saying….. RTR

  4. Hey Crimsonite,

    First, let’s be clear about something. According to the Alabama Department of Motor Vehicles (, “Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are the same offense in the state of Alabama. The terms may be used interchangeably.” Consequently, your statement that “Geno was charged with DUI not DWI, therefore he was not shitfaced” is meaningless.

    Second, as a matter of fact, I do not drive when I am above the legal limit (.08), which is approximately 7 beers in a 4 hour period (NOT 1-2 beets).

    I was not born by immaculate conception and I am by no means a saint, but I sure as heck try to avoid putting other people in mortal danger.

    Regardless, I really don’t care if he plays or not. I saw the story on ESPN and was curious what you guys were saying about. Needless to say, I’m not surprised by your hypocrisy.

    1. AU people are the LAST people to preach anti-Hypocrisy with all their probations and concealed cheating then talking about Alabama’s problems with the NCAA

  5. You try to tell me a 90lb 5′-0″ girl can drink 6 beers in 4 hours and still not be impaired, and I’ll tell you you are full of shit! On the other hand a 200lb 6′-2″ man can probably drink your 7 beers in 4 hours and NOT be impaired. I did not know that Alabama had revised their drinking designation. Just goes to show the political bullshit influence dumbass groups like MADD have. And that .08 is bullshit hypocrisy too. So if they stop you and you blow .07 they just turn you loose to drive again? Talk about stupid ass. At .05 or .06 or .07 you aren’t driving under the influence? Bwaa Haww Haww! I’ll tell you right now, I weigh 205 and can go out to a bar at say 9pm and throughout the night until 4am I can drink 18 or 20 beers and not ever get not just drunk, but not even dizzy. But if I haven’t eaten all day I can stop a a friends and chug 2 beers in 15 minutes and 15 minutes later I feel a little dizzy. There are no fucking absolutes when it comes to alcohol and different individuals. I would love to know what the real story is with Geno. I just cannot see a rising star in the middle of summer camp, 13 days before the 1st game, going out and drinking more than a 6 pak while knowing the consequences of getting caught. If he was shitfaced in this critical time of the upcoming season while he is competing with the best players in the nation for a position, then he has a lot more problems than just the DUI ticket. in any case Nick will get to the bottom of it and deal with it in his own way. Nuff said. RTR!

    1. You have to love crimsonshits scientific knowledge on alcohol and its effects on the human body. LMFAO!!! You must really have a crappy life if coming to a message board and playing a big bad bully is the exciting part of your day. To be honest , I don’t think the kid should be kicked off the team either. However If Saban does not make a SERIOUS example of this kid than this means 2 things. A). Saban has concerns about bama’s depth at Corner. B). The myth of Saban being the ” disciplinarian ” that you gumps love to claim he is will take a major shot …..again. Either way its not good for gumpville. Hey Crimsonshit…..aren’t you the one that bragged about hanging with mexican truckstop whores a while back? If so , do you really think anyone reading these boards should be listening to you about morality?

      1. You mean if Nick Saban doesn’t kick this kid off the team is means he’s not a disciplinarian?

        I don’t know who’s got the balls to tell him that.

        Saban probably already has made an example of this kid to the rest of the team. Whether or not he kicks him off may not be entirely incidental, but I’m pretty sure nothing else will do for people who hate all things Alabama.

        Roll Tide.

  6. Think for arrests, the suspension should be automatic, and taken out of the coaches hands. They can only add games to the penalty. Bobby Bowden was famous for this, and most fans think he was wrong. He only wanted to win, and it didn’t matter if that was the right thing to do. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t hide behind coach speak, as too many of them do.

    1. Major assumption, Elite. Some of these kids are not in fact guilty. Remember, they are still presumed innocent until they are convicted or confess (which is what typically happens, except apparently in College Station). Many of these guys are still juveniles in the eyes of the court and can keep their record clean with service to the community or classes. It is my pretty sure bet, though, that CNS will make this kid think about his actions a little more closely before he decides to climb in an automobile after having anything stronger than a coca-cola. And it appears that is the line that is taken in the Village as well now that there is a real coaching staff there – or so we’ve been told.

      1. That only applies in a court of law. I have hardly ever heard any Alabama fan, who said Cam was not guilty before any of the facts ever came out. And not any more so after the fact.

        1. You err because you are ignoring the facts. According to all the findings, Cam was guilty – he just didn’t know it. If he were to do the exact same thing today, he would lose his eligibility for the rest of his college career. Fortunately for him, he was a one-season player who used Auburn to catapult him into a gillion-dollar contract with the NFL instead of sticking around another season and suffering the consequences.
          The only point I was making was that Saban was waiting to hear the facts of the case before making any decision about punishment. Once he knew the facts, talked to the kid and his parents, then he decided on the punishment.
          And since I was talking about the court of law, then what I said was perfectly applicable. Comprehend much?

          1. Cam was presumed guilty before any of the facts ever came out by most every Bama fan. He had to have taken the money, because he was offered 180 k at MSU. Actually the coaches (MSU)were in the room, and money was discussed between Kenny Rogers and Cecil Newton. But the coaches said we are not paying that. So no team offered money, as Tennessee and Oklahoma confirmed, because they also recruited Cam. So if nobody offered money, then it is very easy to believe that Auburn didn’t either. Which would mean that Cam was innocent, and treated as such, till proven otherwise. That is not at all hard to comprehend, but I have a feeling that won’t get very far with most if you.

          2. Again, Elite (elite what? stupidity?) – you err because you do not know or are ignoring the facts. No one was claiming that anyone OFFERED Cecil the $180K for Cam’s services – Cecil was SHOPPING him for that. He admitted it. Since Cam claimed he didn’t know about it, he got off scot free. Then a new rule was made that neither he, nor anyone else, would ever be able to do that again and retain their eligibility. It is pure speculation – since there were no records of money changing hands or “smoking gun” video/images – that Cecil received money from Auburn. It would still cost him his eligibility today if it happened, due to the rule change.
            As to what possibly/probably/surely happened – I’m sure we will never know the real facts until someone decides they can no longer live with their guilt being hidden or just can’t keep it to themselves any longer. The fact that no one has come forward yet to “brag” about how they got away with bagging Cam makes me think that there was a lot of smoke, but very little fire. It’s in the past – can’t you Aubies stop bringing it up all the time?

  7. Instead of fussing about Aubie and Bama players we should be concentrating on Criminal “U” in Baton Rouge. Here they go again. Now Jordan Jefferson’s younger brother has been convicted of resisting arrest and put on two years probation. But it isn’t that simple. He was charged with “felony” resisting arrest, but surprise, surprise, the Sheriffs Dept reduced the charges. Wonder why? Smoking a joint or drinking is one thing, but physically attacking a Police Officer for arresting your friend for something minor is completely unacceptable. The Jeffersons have a real problem. Next this kid will be dropkicking a US Marine like JJ did. Since he’s a freshman and probably wouldn’t play any this year, maybe Miles can get “tough” and suspend him a game. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    1. “maybe Miles can get “tough” and suspend him a game” – you mean like Saban just did with Geno Smith?

      Crinsonite you asked for comparisons, well here are the facts, call them bullshit if you want, but the facts are the facts.

      Ricky Jefferson was arrested for resisting arrest on February 2nd, On the date of that arrest it is a FACT that Ricky Jefferson was not a student of LSU, was not a member of the LSU football team and had not even signed a letter of intent to attend and play football at LSU. In FACT he was probably still being recruited to play for bama since he was offered a scholarship by Saban. The FACTS are the officer who was “attacked” was a undercover agent, who Jefferson has said he didn’t realize was a police officer at the time. FACT is he Jefferson was initially accused of misdemeanor resisting arrest, but “Louisiana” prosecutors filed “felony” resisting charges against all of the parties invoived. These charges were later reduced to the original misdemeanor charges that Jefferson was accused of. Was Jefferson given some kind of preference because he was an LSU football player when the charges were reduced? I have no idea, and neither do you. But would you like to tell me with a straight face that no bama player has ever been give preferential treatment because he played football for bama? Les Miles really has no obligation or right to punish Jefferson for something he did before he was a member of his team any more than he has a right to punish me or you for something we do.

      Now lets compare that to the Geno Smith situation. Geno in FACT was a student of the Univ. of Alabama and a member of Nick Saban’s Alabama football team at the time of his illegal activity. He had been in Nick Saban’s program for over a year and knew the rules and regulations of belonging to Nick Saban even if he wasn’t bright enough to know you shouldn’t be driving drunk, whether during football season or not. Unlike Jefferson who was not obligated to any rules of LSU or Les Miles at the time of his actions, Smith did at the University of Alabama and Nick Saban’s football team.

      But Saban has now gotten “tough” with Smith and suspended him for a game. But hey he will be back for the Texas A&M game, which is good because bama will need him. Unless of course Manziel can’t play in that game and then Saban could choose to extend Smith’s punishment. Bwaa Haww Haww! Geaux Tigers!

      1. Gross.

        Nevermind Jeremy Hill. I can’t imagine what Saban would have done to a guy like that.

        Oh, wait, no, he just wouldn’t have played football. Nevermind not missing a single game this season. I’m not even sure if he’d be around after his previous sex crime that put him on probation in the first place.

        And nevermind the punishment that isn’t public Geno Smith gets. There’s a “FACT” for you.

        Jefferson resisted arrest and was put on probation. So what? He can still get caught on camera cold-cocking a guy trying to walk away and it won’t mean anything to LSU, who already has a FACT guy FACT playing FACT in that exact FACT situation.

        Don’t try to pretend Saban is less of a disciplinarian than anyone on LSU’s campus. Alabama players don’t even get preferential treatment from Alabama itself. We can’t afford it. LSU can. It’s part of their culture. Either be proud of it as an LSU fan or don’t say Alabama is worse for not doing the same thing.

        And here I thought Auburn fans were obsessed with Alabama. Good grief. See you in Neauxvember.

        1. Obsessed, LMAO, Crimsonite practically begged for my comment.

          So Conduit, you actually think Saban is the only coach in America that administers punishment that isn’t public? Boy you really do drink Saban’s cool aid don’t you.

          And I hate to correct you, but there have been no games since Hill cold cocked a guy, so there is no FACT guy FACT playing FACT in that exact FACT situation. Miles is not always public, hmm much like Saban, with his punishments. He has hinted or alluded to the fact that Hill will miss playing time. So until the time that he either does or doesn’t you are just making up your own facts, as usual.

          1. Dunno. Pretty sure some people wouldn’t let it slide if a sex offender on probation cold-cocked a guy walking away in the face and on film didn’t get kicked off Nick Saban’s football team, let alone miss a single minute of football. But for some, for Alabama, it’s never enough no matter what it is. Good grief.

            Also, I never said Saban is the only coach that also punishes internally. What makes you say things like that? Come on. I know you hate Alabama but at least fight fair, man. Don’t let your prejudice get the better of you that way.

  8. Ok, I’ll go along with your assessment of the Jefferson situation and just assume you stated the truth. Although you said he wasn’t a student at the time, there is a difference with all of LSU’s situations. Both of the Jefferson brothers and your RB have been convicted. JJ and your RB are habitual offenders. Geno on the other hand has until this mistake, been a model student. But the more important fact is that Geno has not been tried or convicted of anything, and yet he is already being punished. What happens if the charges are dropped and he is legally not guilty of anything except a police officers wrong opinion. The University could be liable in a lawsuit for wrongful punishment. On the other hand, if he screws up again before Sept 14, the axe will fall. Anyway, Bama’s 16th National Title does not ride on the back of Geno Smith or Johnny Manziel. This is the most talented team in the history of college football from players #1 thru #85+. Its fortunes ride only on the back of AJ McCarron and with the attitudes of its players; and no other team can do anything about it except play their best and hope Bama fucks up. Now those are the facts. RTR!

    1. “The University could be liable in a lawsuit for wrongful punishment”? Now really Crimsonite, you must be smoking the same stuff the Auburn players were caught with. Has the “University” punished Geno? Ok besides the fact that Saban is considered the university in Alabama. Do you not think Geno broke any of Saban’s rules by being out drinking at night and doing something that could reflect negative on Saban or his program? Saban is allowed to punish him for what ever rules he wants to come up with that have nothing to do with the university.

      And you don’t have to assume anything I stated about this was the truth, go look it up yourself unless you’re too lazy.

      With regards to your comments about JJ and “our RB” being habitual offenders, JJ only had the one incident while he was a player at LSU. Any trouble he may have gotten into after he left LSU is irrelevant as for as I’m concerned, unless you want to bring up the troubles of ex bama players after they left U of A. Hell some LSU fans probably wish JJ had been in more previous trouble at LSU, if so maybe he wouldn’t have been our QB for that championship game and we would have then had a chance to win that game. So I could make the same statement about JJ that you made about Geno, that is , JJ had been, until that one mistake his senior year, a model student.

      Now as for “our RB”, he also has only gotten into trouble ONE time while a student and player at LSU. What he did prior to signing with and coming to LSU has nothing to do with LSU. To refresh your memory, LSU and Les Miles pulled his scholarship offer and did not sign him after his senior year in high school when he got in trouble. He did not get signed until a year later. So as LSU students and players neither JJ nor “our RB” were or have been repeat offendors.

      1. Saban does represent and speak for (and punish with) The University of Alabama, by the way. Just because he’s heralded by many doesn’t mean he, or any other coach on any other team for that matter, doesn’t represent the University and its interests. You’re trying too hard to hate Alabama. Just hate. Don’t make it harder than it has to be.

        JJ only had one incident at LSU. It was a pretty big incident, though. Alabama kicked players off for less including high-ranking recruits who never played a down for the university.

        What Hill did prior to LSU has nothing to do with LSU….except that he was on probation. He violated his probation with violence on film. But it doesn’t matter? I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve a second chance like Mettenberger or, in Hill’s case, a third chance, but don’t point the finger at Alabama instead for suspending Geno Smith for his first offense where nobody was hurt and we don’t have the details. In Mettenberger and Hill’s arrests, all of them, we know someone else was physically hurt. Stop trying to use technicalities from dates as an excuse—–you wouldn’t let Alabama get away with it.

        And neither would we. Roll Tide.

  9. Bwaa Haww Haww! Still living that fucking fantasy? The first half of the regular season game wasn’t enough to convince you idiots that Mr Pick 6 was the worst thing that could happen to you against Bama. That poor dumbass with no mobility and the way Bama was pouring through your O’line and busting JJ’s ass? Instead of 21-0, it would have been 49-0. Nobody passed on Bama in 2011 – NOBODY! As for Geno, dumbass, I wasn’t talking about his current punishment. Get with the program or shut the fuck up! I was talking about what all the dumbass Homers were hoping for – that he be kicked off the team. Saban cannot kick a starter who has never been in trouble before off the team for nothing more than some dumbass cops ticket that says the player was drinking. Punishment that extreme would have to wait until the trial and if he was found innocent and or the charges dropped, then obviously (technically) the cop was mistaken and Geno did nothing. Understand stupid? I’ll guaran-damn-tee you that if the family wanted too they could sue the University. Not saying it would ever happen. The whole fucking post was nothing more than hypothetical conjecture. But what would a damn Homer, Corndog, Troll care about that? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    1. Anytime my comments can make the true foul mouthed redneck gump character in Crimsonite come out as evidenced by his lack of vocabulary, vulgarity laden responses, just makes my day. You can almost see his face turning crimson red! LMAO

      Yea Crimsonite LSU had a Mr. Pick 6 and JJ, one of the worst QB’s in college football history, while bama had The great Saban, AJ McCaron and the game on your own home field, yet bama couldn’t beat LSU. 9-6 victory over bama earning LSU the 2011 Western Division and SEC Championship! Can’t take that away from us baby!! The “pole voters” gave bama what most of the people in the nation outside of redneck country thought was an undeserved shot at a revenge game which always favors the “LOSER” of the first game. Yea Yea bama won the championship game, just throw the trophy on the pile of the 13 others you gumps claim which includes several other tainted ones.

      1. Dude – you need to turn the computer off. You are embarrassing the real football fans in Baton Rouge. That regular season game against LSU was lost on missed kicks by Bama and damn good line play by LSU. If even one of the missed kicks makes it, Bama has that game easy. It was just not the runaway victory that you and so many other LSU fans keep trying to revise it into being. Bama knew it when the game was over, but apparently Miles didn’t, and continued to be ignorant in prepping for the biggest game of the season. Bama knew that they could win the Championship game against an LSU team that did nothing different, and LSU was compliant with that plan by not changing a thing in their game plan, and apparently letting JJ have some primo weed in the locker room before the game. It came down to who really wanted it bad enough when it really counted, and who just laid back and waited for things to happen.
        And I love the whole “Bama didn’t deserve to be there” excuse from the LOSING team. Come on, you wuss – if Bama didn’t deserve to be there, why didn’t your Bengal Tigers wipe up the field with them? They had already beat them once, why couldn’t they do it again? I’ll tell you why – they didn’t deserve to win the first time. The only team that “tainted” that championship was LSU, for looking like a bunch of schoolgirls on a field of champions.

        1. Hey petie,
          Is a missed kick any different than a missed block, or a missed tackle, or a misead like the one our cornerback missed on Yeldon’s last second TD last year? No its not, but go ahead and make all the excuses you want about why you lost that regular season game. Maybe if your offense had been better or LSU’s defense had been weaker than your offense your kicker wouldn’t have been trying those field goals from so far out and could have actually make some of those missed field goals. ‘If any” all you want about that game but you know how the saying goes – If any of your aunts had nuts…..nevermind I forget your from bama and maybe some of them do.

          And maybe you need to go back and read some of the comments for around the country after bama got voted into that game by the narrowest of margins, it not just an excuse for the LOSING team that thought bama didn’t deserve to be there.

      2. Is Coach Miles championship also tainted considering LSU had two losses that season?

        1. Most bama fans, you included probably, think so. If fact many have said so on post at this site. So if you don’t like what reflects from the mirror, step away.

          1. I wasnt asking what I “probably” think I asked in your opinion is the CLM coached LSU BCS title tainted? This cant be that hard of a question.

  10. What did you just say about the worst QB in football history? From the second half of the first game in Tuscaloosa you Corn Turds would have sucked JJ’s dick if he had asked you to! Bwaa Haww Haww! Not JJ, Not Pick 6. Not Cam, Not God could have helped LSU that night. Bama was on your most mobile QB like stink on shit the whole night. If JJ was that bad then you have the biggest bunch of dumbass coaches in the history of football for getting you in that position. And you can keep your fucking SEC Championship. We’ll keep the National Championship, thank you. Oh by the way, there was a Big 12 Champion, a B1G Champion, a Pac 12 Champion, an ACC Champion, a Big East Champion, a MWC Champion, a WAC Champion, a Sun Belt Champion, a Conference USA Champion, etc, etc, etc. But over all of them there was only one BCS National Champion. Get the picture fool? And unlike somebody’s 2007 National Champion, we did not lose 2 games to Kentucky and a mediocre Arkansas. ————-Crickets! RTR!

  11. Crimsonite you sure make a lot of comments about dick sucking. You must have that on your mind a lot. Or is it just part of your limited vocabulary and that’s why it’s a reoccurring theme in many of your post?

    If I remember right didn’t bama have Cam and Auburn down 24 to nothing at home in drunk Bryant field at half time, and it only took Cam 2 quarters on your own home field in front of you and God and the rest of the bama fans to erase that 24 point lead? Yes I think I’m right. Maybe if you want to be seen as a credible redneck pervert you should go back and take Cam out of you previous comment. Like I said before keep you BCS championship, you bama fans claim so many that are laughable nobody really cares or believes 15 except you gumps.

  12. Cam had very little to do with that win. In fact he was held to the least yards passing in his career. 4 plays led to that loss. The ball that was punched out of Mark Ingram’s arms and rolled 10 yards straight down the sideline and then through the endzone instead of going out of bounds. Trent Richardson dropping an uncontested pass in the endzone that was right in his chest. Mark Barron playing secretly (and I might say selfishly since that team was deeply talented), with a broken arm and unable to make the saving tackle on 2 different late 70yard td plays which he had completely covered. In other words Cam had nothing to do with it. He was held to his least yards, Aubie was held to their least yards, and to their smallest margin of victory. And I’ll guarantee you Bama was the 1 team that they absolutely did not want to play again. Same thing with LSWho in 2011. In fact I had many residents of Louisiana tell me before that game that it didn’t matter what the players and Coaches said in front of cameras, the truth was that Alabama was the last team LSWho wanted to have to play for the Championship.

    1. Wow that was a lot of excuses crammed into three sentences. LMAO

      Gump logic – When bama wins it’s because they are the better team, when bama looses its because bama made mistakes or didn’t play their best, but is still the best team and has nothing to do with the other teams performance.

      Want proof of that logic, see previous post by Crimsonite.

      1. Wow, that was a complete avoidance of a direct question. What was that you said about mirrors?

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