Alabama DB Geno Smith
Following his DUI arrest over the weekend, Alabama defensive back Geno Smith will miss the Tide’s opener in Atlanta.

Tonight Alabama head coach Nick Saban alluded to Smith being a good person within the program with no issues before the incident. He has some “in-house” things to do to get back, but his issue provides something for “everybody to learn from,” that one bad choice can have a negative effect.

In other news Amari Cooper was back at practice going through drills at full-speed from a strained foot, and Trey DePriest has apparently served his suspension and was back on the practice field today.

Defensive tackle Brandon Ivory (twisted knee) was dressed but not active in team drills, as was freshman running back Alvin Kamara.

7 thoughts on “Practice Report: Geno Smith to miss VaTech, back for TAMU”

  1. I agree 100% with the severity of the punishment. The VT game is Bama’s 3rd toughest of the regular season. It is a preseason Bowl game in the Atlanta Dome in front of a national audience. Missing it will definitely hurt Geno a lot. What’s more he as of now has not even been tried or convicted of anything, and yet is already serving ‘time’. Suck it Barnturd’s and Corndog’s. RTR!

    1. Missing a game is one thing. Missing a game is public. But it’s not enough.

      It is, however, all we will hear. Whatever punishment he gets outside of the one-game suspension, the players know better than to talk about. We’ve seen it before.

      That doesn’t ever seem to stop my curiosity, though. Nick Saban is mad on a good day. I can’t imagine what he’s like when you do something like this.

  2. Conduit what have you seen before? If “the players know better than to talk about it” and all you will hear is what Saban says, how do you know any thing else was done?

    Oh that’s right you just know because its “Saban” right?

    1. Yep. It must be my crimson-colored glasses stopping me from seeing how much FUN Nick Saban usually is and how EASY GOING he can be about players breaking the rules. I dunno though, still doesn’t seem like a good bet to me. Just me?

      Nope. Roll Tide.

      1. Listen LMAO Nick has said on MANY occasions that “there are other things these kids who get in trouble have to do to get back on the field”…

        I would assume that means additional punishments…An it’s NONE of yours or mines business…That is why it is IN HOUSE punishment…

        I guess you NEVER listened to ANY of his press conferences HUH?

        You should NOT run your mouth without having a clue about what you are talking about…Your BARN Jealousy is showing shipmate…

        Roll Tide Y’all
        Reigning IB Champs, 49-0
        Reigning SEC Champs, 32-28
        Reigning National Champs, 42-14

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