Historically bad. There is no better description of this Auburn football team.

However, just like Auburn fans pointed out during the malaise days of Mike Shula, character should count. Auburn fans loved to point out how great a man Shula appeared to be. SEC fans loved to point out Shula’s character.

Gene Chizik is a devoted family man. Gene Chizik is a devoted Christian; his language and thinking are filled with theology. One could teach a Sunday School class based on his press conferences and his religious/inspirational book, All In published by Tyndale House.

Ever since Auburn fired its Christian, family-man head coach Tommy Tuberville because Tuberville was getting his ass kicked by Nick Saban, Auburn fans talked about the importance of faith and family.

Auburn fans praised Gene Chizik and his assistant coaches as good Christian men who stood for truth, honor and the Auburn way.

Now that Auburn Creed looks as bad as Toomer’s Corner.

Only this time, Auburn cannot blame an idiot rival fan.

Auburn fans are going to trade a good Christian man for someone, anyone who just might be able to beat Nick Saban.

This is football, and we should expect that.

However, it shows that all that family talk was just that—talk.

Now, just two years after winning Auburn a championship, Gene Chizik’s days are numbered. Will he be fired today? Will he be fired tomorrow?

The SEC is watching, but we already know where Auburn’s priorities rest. The same place all fans place their priority—winning.

Don’t be deceived, Auburn is not any different than Athens, Knoxville, Gainesville, Starkville or Tuscaloosa. And when Auburn fires the good Christian, family man be sure to point that out to their sanctimonious fans.

11 thoughts on “Death Watch: End of a regime at Auburn; Gene Chizik fired today”

    1. It is done. It is funny to listen to the different barner camps. One who want Patrino, who they think is the best coach out there. Then the so called “creed huggers” who oppose him because he is not a good man. Should be fun to watch.

  1. Auburn University needs to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Remember “All In”? That means through good times and bad. Very disappointing!

  2. “Ever since AUburn fired its Christian, family-man head coach Tommy Tuberville because Tuberville was getting his ass kicked by Saban”

    Tuberville’s over all record against Sban was 4-3…..1-1 while Saban was at UAT. Educate yourself before typing moronic drivel.

      1. Man that is hilarious! Dumb asses like this aztec guy here make it easy. I still hate Auburn. I have no sympathy for them at all. I don’t really care who they hire. I hope every move they make implodes on them and they stay at the bottom of the SEC West for years. This could not happen to a more deserving fan base.

    1. That’s some good hatin! Glad I could piss you off!. I it obviously don’t take much, we all know how sensitive you guys are at this time….

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