Gene Chizik lived up to the Auburn Creed, but could not live up to expectations cast by the long shadow of Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban. Auburn University fired Gene Chizik Sunday following a 49-0 loss in the 2012 Iron Bowl to rival Alabama. Chizik was terminated just two years after cheating allegations swirled around the 2010 BCS championship season. Chizik leaves as new NCAA questions and an investigation continue into Auburn’s recruiting tactics.

Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs thanked Chizik in a statement: “He has exemplified the ideals of the Auburn Creed throughout his tenure here, and it has been a pleasure to work with him. I personally appreciate all that he has done and wish him the best.”

Apparently, the creed, God and family were not enough to save Gene Chizik after the ass-kicking at the hands of the best coach in college football—Nick Saban.

This is the second time since Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa that Auburn has fired its God-fearing, family-loving coach.

Where are Auburn’s priorities? Winning.

Auburn’s athletic director Jacobs along with Mac Crawford, Pat Sullivan and Bo Jackson will serve on the search committee.

One marvels that Auburn did not include superstar Cam Newton on its search committee.

5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Gene Chizik fired as Auburn football coach”

  1. 2008 thru whenever, Aubie will have shelled out 12.6 million for Tubs and Chizik not to coach. LMAO

  2. Its a shame that a coach who is as good as Saban can be fired.

    The Aubies did say Chizik was as good or better than Saban, right?

    Where are the Aubies, anyway? Are they backing another team now?

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