Quick Synopsis: Pro Football Weekly expert Dan Parr said both former Alabama football star Julio Jones and former Georgia football star A.J. Green should have better sophomore seasons in the NFL. However, the former Alabama football player Julio Jones should see the bigger improvement.

Jones averaged 73.8 yards per game and 4.2 catches per game and scored eight touchdowns on the 2011 NFL season. A.J. Green caught 4.3 passes per game for an average of 70.5 yards per game with a total of seven touchdowns in 2011.

The big “if” is can Jones stay healthy, according to Arthur Arkush of PFW. Jones suffered a long list of injuries. Julio Jones had surgery on left shoulder in January 2009, hernia surgery in spring 2009, suffered a broken left hand in October 2010, had a fractured left foot in February 2011 and injured hamstring in October 2011.

The question for A.J. Green is “can he build on his numbers with less help” in Cincinnati? Arkush said A.J. Green could be “further along as a complete package than Julio Jones” as this season starts.

Both PFW experts believe Jones and Green will be impact players this year.