Tennessee fell to Kentucky and finished the season 1-7 in SEC play and 5-7 overall. Watch the highlights in the above video player. Below are a few nuggets from Tennessee coach Derek Dooley following the game.

Tennessee Volunteer Head Football Coach Derek Dooley said: “Well real bad ending to a real bad season. It’s hard to say much more than that, our biggest fears were realized. We were miserable in the first half on offense and had a chance in the second half but just couldn’t execute. Give Kentucky a lot of credit. They played a lot more inspired football than we did. Now we have to begin our climb up because I did believe we were going to hit a place that wasn’t good. We were headed in this direction all along and just couldn’t fight our way out of it. Real disappointing but we’re going to have to learn from it and begin our climb in the offseason when we get back.”

MORE: Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley was asked about the end of Tennessee’s winning streak over Kentucky. He said, “Certainly you don’t want it on your watch but it happened and there’s not much we can do about it now except try to start another one.”

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