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If you run a small business, then you are dealing with information that is increasingly accessed via the Internet. I access my bank, pay bills and swap files with my coworkers thanks to the Internet. Without my computer and the Internet, it would be much harder to do my job, and because so much of my activity is online, I’m exposed to threats. If I don’t take these seriously, my business could suffer and so could my personal life if my personal and business information is compromised. One solution to consider is Norton Small Business by Symantec.

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In the past, I’ve seen the hassles. Before my mom got sick a few years ago, she routinely worked from home and shared files with her coworkers in a small business in the medical field. Every time she received a file from her coworkers, a new piece of spyware or a virus hit her PC. After a few months, mom noticed her computer wasn’t acting right. I volunteered to look and see if I could help. After two days of trying to clean up the mess caused by the lack of Internet security, I was forced into a complete reinstall of Windows.

To put it mildly, it was frustrating.

It cost her lost productivity.

It cost me time.

And it could have been prevented if anyone in her business had thought about safeguarding their computer.

I know how valuable protection can be, and that is why I use Norton 360. It provides protection for email and web surfing. Norton 360 protects your files with automatic backup. It is nice to be able to download a file and know it is scanned before I use it—and in my business, I’m always downloading and uploading files.

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Norton provides many of these same features in its Internet Security 2012. This software also protects your private business and personal information. And it does it without slowing down your computer. That point is big. Other scanning software can hog resources and make your computer crawl. In fact, this was one reason I switched to Norton—the software works fast.

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Check out the deals from Norton. Also, share your thoughts on Internet Security and how Norton products have helped you or could help you by leaving a comment on this post.

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