Total College Sports commentator Sean Salisbury says LSU is the best team in the country, but Les Miles is not the best coach. Salisbury also complains about South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia. Watch the video above for more and look below for a few choice points taken from the video.

He believes LSU has the best players, places to play, defensive gameplan and assistant coaches.

However, there is one area where LSU lags others—coaching.

Salisbury blasts LSU Coach Les Miles.

“If Les Miles was at a program with middle-of-the-road talent, he would be a .500 football coach,” Salisbury said. “This football team wins in spite of Les Miles not because of him. …Great players will carry a coach. This is a coach that is going to make decisions that will cost his team a national championship.”

Wow. Tough words for a coach with a national championship on his resume.

Salisbury worries that Miles could do something foolish like replace Jarrett Lee with a returning Jordan Jefferson.

Salisbury leveled criticism at South Carolina’s Stephen Garcia. Salisbury said, “He makes me throw up in my mouth.”

Salisbury wants a new and young quarterback to get snaps for South Carolina.

Salisbury takes a shot at USC and Coach Lane Kiffin. He wonders what is wrong with the Trojans—the team lacks discipline and cannot stop anyone on defense. Salisbury wants a return to Pete Carroll football.

What do you think? Is Les Miles as bad as Salisbury thinks? Should Steve Spurrier forget about this season and start building for the future? Should USC get rid of Lane Kiffin?

90 thoughts on “Is LSU the best team in the country? What is Steve Spurrier thinking? What is wrong with USC?”

  1. 1st Question: Is LSWho the best team in the country, etc, etc, etc. Answer: BWAA HAWW HAWW HAWW HAWW HAWW HAWW HAWW HAWW HAWW HAWW HAWW HAWW HAWW!!!!! 2nd Question: Should Spurrier replace Garcia? Answer: Yes, 4 years ago. Smelly would have been better if left alone. But Spurrious is Spurrious. 3rd Question: What’s wrong with USCsr? Answer: You’ve got to be phucking kidding? Are you phucking nuts? Well yes, probably, with your inane opinions on question #1. 4 years probation, Lame Kitten, and Orgeron is what’s wrong fool! If you have any more questions, like how bad is Bama gonna stomp the shyt out of the “best team” in the country – just let me know! Hint —- ———- 31-6! RTR!

    1. lsu a fraud – coming off 8 5,9 4, 11 2 with 6 escapes seasons winning on turnovers teams will learn not to get the ball stripped …..qb’s horrible – lee hates contact reason for int history – throws off back foot to avoid any contact …30% completion vs ky b/c of that …oline mediocre pressure from ky dl – running game mediocre….dline overrated no pressure vs all teams that had a passing game ….small undersized defense overall – sends kitchen sink that looks dazzling but is bs vs the bamas of the world….close games until stupid turnovers vs os wv ms 533 yds of total offense gets u exposed if eyes are open and not drinking the hype started by abc espn b/c they knew early their family of networks would have them 4 of first 5 games

      1. Hey Crimson Hammah if LSU’s QB is so horrible how does he have a better QB rating than Alabama’s? Lee = 140.5 McCaron= 134.5 . If your going to be consistent Doesn’t that mean McMcarron is more horrible than Lee? What’s his issues?

        “Winning on turnovers” duh, its part of the game!

        “Teams will learn not to get the ball stripped”, yea because they wern’t being coached that before the first five games of the year, coaches are NOW going to start teach that! What a dumb ass statement.

        Keeping you bamers grounded in facts.

        1. You are not being very grounded. McCarron is doing fine. Especially since this is his first year starting. How did Jarrett Lee start out again? Again, Bama has a better defense than LSU. Bama can stop LSUs offense. Will that LSU ‘bend but don’t break’ defense be able to stop Bama? That is the question. Bama is averaging more points per game on offense than LSU. Bama is allowing less yardage on defense than LSU. This game won’t even be close like everyone is saying. Bama wins by at least two TDs, probably more. But you keep holding that number one spot for us, okay? Please don’t lose it before Bama gets there.

          1. Well BamaBrando,
            You didn’t said Lee was horrible, you did say he was horrible in his first year starting! So your rebuttal is weak. I will agree with you that Lee was horrible in his first year, but he is not now and that’s what your were inferring. But if you think Lee is currently horrible, then based on QB ratings to this point in the year, then you must think McCarron is even more horrible! Lee has thrown for more touchdowns and less interceptions than McCarron, wheather he trows of his back foot are not. (Maybe McCarron should try throwing off his back foot, he might could improve his QB rating.)

            You say ” Bama has a better defense than LSU. Bama can stop LSUs offense”, again this is nothing but biased conjections and opinions. I agree Bama is averaging more points per game on offense, barely, and allowing less yardage on defense than LSU, but against weaker or lower ranked competition. And that’s the opinion of most sports media and poll voters, not just mine.

            And we will keep holding on to the number one spot, I have no choice because people much smarter and knowledgeable than you and I keep giving it to us. But we’re not holding on to it FOR you, not at this time. It MAY be yours down the road but its not yours right now, because most unbiased coaches and writers across the country don’t think you and Alabama deserve it at this time. And you will just have to live with that and your hope that you can change it. But it doesn’t just happen because you think it will – see last year when you thought the same thing that you do now. How did that turn out for ya!

            Have a great day!

          2. Oh yea, how an I not being very grounded? Do you see me anywhere bragging about what my team is going to do or guaranteeing how we are going to beat your team or win another National Championship? No you don’t! It is Alabama fans like you and Crimsonite that need to stay grounded and try to be a little more humble!

            You never did analyze and answer my question as to what McCarron’s problems are like you did Lee’s. If you’re not a complete homer, he must have some since his rating is less than Lee’s. Right? Or is he perfect because he wears an Bamer jersey?

          3. Glad I could piss you off Flash. You are right, it is my opinion. You think I am wrong. That is your opinion. I am not the only person in the country that thinks Bama is looking more impressive than LSU so far. And Bama is gaining poll votes each and every week. I just hope that Bama doesn’t pass LSU before Nov. 5 with the votes. Nothing you say is convincing me. You want to talk about last year? Last year has nothing to do with this season, except for the fact that LSU winning last season is even more motivation to win this season. Saban hardly ever loses to a team two years in a row. I can’t remember it ever happening, and I am pretty sure it won’t happen this year either. You are not grounded, you are just another troll on a Bama site trying to convince yourself that LSU is the best team in the country this year, and I am not buying it.

            My point about AJ is that he is starting out way better than Lee did. Lee is just managing the game, like AJ. The only difference is Lee is starting because your number one thug starter got arrested. AJ beat out the competition and is doing well, getting better every game. Lee is what, a 5th year senior, and being treated like a first year starter.

            But anyways, I still think, IM MY OPINION, that Bama is 3 scores better than LSU this year. You buy into the LSU hype, yet you are accusing me of buying into the Bama hype. Whatever. I think Bama looks better than LSU on offense and defense. The competition level hasn’t been much different than LSU, even though you want to try and use that argument. Bama has beaten 3 ranked teams also. Convincingly. You just need to hope Lee doesn’t have that bad game that gets him going downhill like he has in the past. Your greatest fear right now is that he chokes in the Bama game, which is a real possibility.

    2. Real intelligent response. You are really demostrating all that football you brag about with that! Maybe you’ve forgotten more than you thought! LMAO!

  2. Salisbury, whoever the hell he is says in this peice that:

    If Les Miles was at a program with middle-of-the-road talent, he would be a .500 football coach,” Salisbury said. “This football team wins in spite of Les Miles not because of him. …Great players will carry a coach. This is a coach that is going to make decisions that will cost his team a national championship”

    Well this statement could just as well apply to Nick Saban or almost any other coach and let me prove it to you.

    Pay attention Crimsonite, this is how you refute stupid statements such as this with Knowledge and facts.

    Both Les Miles and Nick Saban were at programs with middle-of-the-road talent.

    Les Miles became the head coach at Oklohoma State after they had gone 13-20 in the previous three years. In the next 4 years after taking over the program Les went 28-21, which included two wins on Oklahoma, the bigger more talented rival in the same state and conference. His teams beat Oklahoma once on the road when Oklahoma was ranked #4 in the nation and then beat them again in Stillwater when Oklahoma was ranked #3 in the nation. Miles was 1-2 in bowl games at Ok.St.

    Nick Saban became the head coach at Michigan State after thay had gone 15-18 in the previous three years. In the next 4 years after taking over the progran Nick went 25-22-1(three gams worst than Les in the win column), which included one win against Michigan, the bigger more talented rival in the same state and comference. His team beat Michigan once at home when Michigan was ranked #7 in the nation. But to be fair (unlike Bamer fans) although he only beat Michigan once in those 4 years his team did beat Ohio State in Ohio when Ohio St. was ranked #1 in the nation. Saban was 0-3 in bowl games at Michigan St.

    Based on those FACTS you could conclude that Les may be a little bit better coach than Nick, but if you also include that Les was 16-16 in conference gamse in those 4 years and Nick was 17-14-1 in conference games in those 4 years. That pretty much makes them equal in my opnion.

    And before one of you Alabama idiots brings up Nick’s 5th year a Michigan St, you can’t use it as a comparison because Miles didn’t have a 5th year at Oklahoma State and you don’t know what he would have done.

    To me these facts prove my statement that almost any coach, including Nick Saban, at a program with middle of the road talent will be a .500 or middle of the road coach. See Steve Spurier at South Carolina as another example. He was a great coach at Florida with great talent and he’s been a middle of the road coach with middle of the road talent at South Carolina.

    To take this one step farther, Nick was 48-16 and 3-2 in bowl games during his 5 years at LSU and Les Miles was 51-15 and 4-1 in bowl games in his first five years at LSU.

    And again don’t give me that weak ass shit about Les playing with Nick’s players. Because if you use that you’ve got to be consistent and say Nick has won at Alabama with Shula’s players. Les has more than proved he is a good recruiter and he went 11-2, including beating Nick Saban and Alabama last year without a single one of “Nick’s” players, and his team finished 2nd in the SEC West. While Nick, with team full of all of Nick’s players went 11-3 and finished 4th in the SEC West las year. (Yea we’ve seen all your excuses for that Crimsonite).

    And that Crimsonite is how you refute an ignorant statement with knowledge and facts. You brag you have forgotten more football knowledge than most current football coaches and sports writers, but you would never know it by the way you comment and write. Usually when someone resorts to cursing and name calling it is because they are ignorant and have no intelligent answers or arguments.

    Have a great day!

    1. Salisbury played QB for USC and in pro football.

      I don’t think you need to go through all that comparison to make the point that talent matters. You could simply say that Mike Dubose won an SEC Championship at Alabama—a place where it is easier to get talent. Or that Gene Chizik won at Auburn by buying a quarterback.

      But, you don’t seriously expect us to believe that Les Miles is equal to Nick Saban. That isn’t what you are asserting is it?

      1. That is what all the Cornholers have been wishing for since the day Saban was hired at Bama. No doubt, Nick is the better coach, and deep down all LSU fans know it. Watch and see them all go nuts and call for Miles head if Bama embarrasses them this season.

      2. The proof is in the facts presented Capstone Report! Based on results over 4 years at similar and comparative shcools and on results over 5 years at the same school, Miles’ record is better than Saban’s and you can’t refute that. So if you don’t won’t to think he is better than Saban don’t but the Facts that some of your readers like to ignore sure don’t support that Miles is some “mentallly challanged” or “retarted” coach as they have stated or that Saban is so much better than Saban. If so Saban’s record should have been significantly better than Miles’, but its not and you can’t aruge with those facts.

        As far as a human being, father, and member of our community, yes Miles is much better than Saban.

        And BamaBrando, Miles is 2-2 against Saban at Alabama and even in his two losses he was never embarrassed. Bama had to go to overtime to beat him once and the other time got beat in the fourth qurterr, after leading for three quarters and we won’t even talk about the bad call on Peterson’s interception in that fourth quarter. So even if he loses to Alabama this year I doubt his team gets embarrased. This team, with all of its distractions before the season started, including Miles’ sister getting killed in a tragic accident will probably still finish the season 11-1 even if it does get beat by Alabama. I doubt Nick Saban could have accomplished that under the same set of circumstances.

        1. November 5th will tell the story. But glad you have your excuses in line already. I don’t care what you say, I will take Nick over Les any day. So would just about the rest of the country. Glad you are happy with your coach, we are happy with ours. Bama looks better than LSU this season. I know you don’t want to see it, but you will.

    2. Flash,
      I have to disagree. reason? Les Miles DID NOT put LSU on the map in football. Nick Saban did. Les Miles has been arguably the luckiest coach in history, because at tevery stop the table was pretty much set in his favor. If Bama had Les Miles come to work after Mike Shula, They would still be playing at mid- tier level. Saban is a rainmaker and the best coach in the industry. There is no one equal. Period.

      1. almighty,
        You must be young. Nick Saban did not put LSU on the Map in football, Y.A. Title, Paul Deitzel, Warren Rabb, Billy Cannon, Jimmy Taylor, Bert Jones, Tommy Cassanova just to name a few put LSU get credit for that not Nick Saban, believe it or not! And if you don’t believe it just ask coach Saban, because he said as much when he was the coach here. So you can disagree with your coach if you want to.

        You also state “If Bama had Les Miles come to work after Mike Shula, They would still be playing at mid- tier level” well that says more about Alabama than it does Miles. Saban has been gone from LSU for over 7 years now and he has absolutly nothing to do with this team or this program and Miles has LSU ranked No.1 in the nation. We even have a new AD since Saban was here, the previous one that was here with Saban, Mark Emmeret probably had as much to do with LSU’s success while Saban was here as Saban did. Emmeret is the one that got all the new facilities, including the state of the art Academic Center for Student Athelets, that Saban tried to copy when he got to Alabama.

        If you are so “almighty” smart, answer this for me, because no other bammer fan will or has, if Saban is such a rainmaker and the best coach in the industry, and has the most talent of any team in the country (No. 1 ranked recruiting classes 3 out of the last 4 years), why is he just 2-2 against “retarted” Miles, and how is Miles’ LSU team or Bob Stoop’s Okalohoma team even possibly considered better than Alabama and by a 5 to 1 margin in first place votes by the voters in the AP and Coaches polls combined? Those voters are not biased to LSU, Oklahoma or Amabama.

        Really, please answer that for me almighty one.

        1. And you must be really old and have a shoddy memory. No mention of Hallman, DiNardo or Archer. The same can be said of Bama. Bama has a storied and rich tradition that was around before Saban. LSU can’t match it and never will. Bama historically has dominated LSU with a record of 45-24-5. At one time, Bama won 11 in a row on LSU, and Death Valley has never been such a home field advantage with beating LSU there more often than not. But you keep obsessing over poll votes, how very right and honorable they are, and we will just wait and see it unfold on the field next month. You bring your cocky ass over here and sling around that weak argument. No way around it, LSU is going to have to come through Tuscaloosa. Keep bragging about your ‘retarted’ coach. Everyone in the country thinks Miles is a little out of whack. The same AP writers you are so sure of being so right. He is pretty weird. All you got to do is listen to some of his crazy talk. He suits you guys, and good for you. But trying to convince us that you must be better because the poll voters say so at the beginning of October shows how ignorant you are. I am glad you have the number one ranking. I promise you I really am. I don’t want you to lose it. I hope you carry it through to November 5. Bama is going to be the best team you play all year. Didn’t you read that in all of your ‘research’ cornholer? And Bama fans are unrealistic? Before Saban came to LSU, LSU had been lost in the wilderness for 15 years.He came and made you guys into National Champions. Now you hate him and prop up a ‘retart’ as the answer. Bama won’t be the only team to beat LSU this season, and you guys will go back to the ‘hate part’ of your love-hate relationship with Miles. You guys are as neurotic as he is. But LSU is no Bama, and never will be.

          1. So BamaBrando,
            Are you claiming Saban put Alabama on the football mapp? Because that is what almighty said about LSU. So be consistent if you are going to argue with my statement. YOU are claiming Saban put Alabama football on the mapp because him was Shula, Price and several others! If that’s whant you are claimin than you are dumber than I thought!

          2. BamaBrando,
            How bad are your reading comprehension skills?
            I never claimed that LSU can match Bama’s storied and rich tridition that as you say correctly, was around before Saban” so why do you inferr that I did? Thank you for agreeing with me and helping me make my point to almighty. Bama had a rich tradition and was on the map before Saban, and LSU, maybe not a great as Alabama’s, also had a rich and storied tradition, before Saban and was not put on the college football map by saban Thank you again agreeing with me.

            Reminding bammers what the polls say because they seem to want to ignore them, is not obsessing over them. I even make a point of saying current polls or at this point in the season. Again are you not at an adult reading level?

            Again YOU call miles retarted, yet you wont answer why if he is retarted and Saban is so great how did Miles outcoach him last year when Saban had more talent! Again because your comprehension is so bad, let me point out that I did not just say that Miles is a great coanc and Saban is a terrible coach, because if I don’t that is what you will claim I said in your next ignorant post.

            You say “Bama is going to be the best team you play all year. Didn’t you read that in all of your ‘research’ cornholer?” I say to that yes I did and don’t deny it, you Sister Fucker, but didn’t you also read that LSU will also be the best team that ya’ll play all year, YOU Incestious inbred idiot!

            And of course you want us to keep the No 1 ranking until we play ya’ll, because you need the extra motivation, just like you claimed your team is using the loss to Auburn for extra motivation,

          3. Blah blah blah, you dont read very well. I said Bama was a great program with history before Saban. You said the same about LSU. I am saying Saban came in and has brought Bama BACK to where they have been before, many times. Saban brought LSU to a place they have RARELY ever been. A big difference. But I didn’t say Saban put LSU on the map. He just took you from the bottom and brought you to the top. And now, he worked his way up to an even better program, and is doing better at Bama than he did at LSU. And you want so badly for that not to be true. Give the man the respect and credit he deserves, instead of ‘Miles is better than Saban! The poll voters say so! Finebaum said so! It must be true!’

            I think Miles has done a really good job at LSU, but he didn’t build the program up and put a fence around LA with recruiting. Saban did. Miles took it over and has done a good job with adding to what Saban started, from scratch. And as long as Saban is successful at Bama, Miles will always be judged against Saban. It is NOT the other way around. So make up something I didn’t say with your reply, and completely miss the point AGAIN, Flash. You are as thick and mentally challenged as the Auburn fans around here. By your reasoning, Chizik is a better coach than Miles, he beat LSU last year, so there!

          4. Brando,
            I never do give Saban credit for being a good coach, you can not show where I have ever said otherwise. And you also can not show where I have ever said Miles was better than Saban! It is YOU who has called Miles retarted, and other’s like you who have claimed he is mentally challenged. Until this last post you have never give Miles respect or credit for what he has done!

            Glad to see I could finally get you to come around.

            Saban should no more get any credit for what Miles, than Dinardo or Shula should get credit for what Saban has done. YOU can’t have it both ways!

  3. How many SEC West titles has Les Cudmuncher won since Saban’s senior class graduated in 2007? A big fat zero.LSU is ESPN’s media darling this year, which puts them in a class with Bozo State. Bama’s defense is head and shoulders above LSU’s. Less points allowed, better against the run, better against the pass, better on 3rd down conversions allowed, better in red zone defense, I won’t even get into how far behind LSU’s pitiful offense is.

    1. Bamabino,
      I will gladly answer that question for you, Miles has had the same number of West titles as Saban has had after Dinardo’s senior class graduated and after Shula’s senior class graduated. Using your stupid premis Miles and Saban are even in that category!

      Your question is not a valid one though because what stupid Bama fans fail to realize is that Saban did not have a senior class in 2007, because he abandoned those kids after the 2004 season to go to the Miami Dolphins, Miles took those freshmen and sophmores that Saban deserted and coached them for three years and after adding three more classes of his own recruits won the BCS National Championship in 2007!

      Miles then took nothing but his recruits last year and beat Nick Saban and four years of his recruits and not only beat Nick and Alabama but had a better overall record and a better conference record! And so far this year Miles team with only his recruits has his team ranked higher that Saban’s team with all of his players! And I will not attempt to predict the future because it seems Alabama fans have more fortune telling crystal balls than LSU fans, we only have more BCS Championship Crystal balls than Alabama!

      Anymore stupit questions?

  4. Bamabino,

    The defensive numbers that you are referencing are skewed by Bama’s competition relative to LSU’s. LSU has had a much tougher schedule thus far, so you can’t compare apples to oranges.

    1. I wouldn’t say MUCH tougher. The thing is, Bama has treated every team they have played about the same. Every team has quit before the fourth quarter gets going good. And they are getting improvement every week, and more impressive each game. They are not neurotic like Auburn and South Carolina. Almost half way through the season, Bama is starting to look like the best team in the conference. You can deny that if you want, but it really doesn’t matter. This team is focused, and Auburn at the end of the year is THE game they are motivated for, more than the rest. So Auburn can at least take a little credit in Bama’s killer instinct this season.

      1. So BamaBrando,
        Your saying Nick Saban is not good enough to get his team ready to beat Auburn, it took Auburn to help get his team ready and therefore Auburn deserves some credit for Alabama’s killer instinct this season? I think that what you said!

        Good for you, adimiting that is the first step in recovery to a normal football fan.

        1. Nope, too bad you can’t read straight. The losses Bama had last year with Auburn and LSU have been motivating this team to be better this season. You don’t understand that? It is not hard to understand. But of course, you wouldn’t know. When is the last time LSU went undefeated again? That is something ol Les hasn’t done yet.

          Man, you are just being dumb. You please come by after Nov. 5th so we can hear your whines and complaints about the curb stomping coming your way.

          1. BamaBrando,
            I and everyone else understand perfectly becuase you make it so clear to us, again:

            “The losses Bama had last year with Auburn and LSU have been motivating this team to be better this season”. So we’re clear its the losses last year motivating this team, not Nick Saban and the coaches.

            Perfectly Clear.

          2. Whatever you want to think that makes you feel better. Saban and his coaching staff has done an excellent job, but you are to scared to even admit that much. You trying to tell me what I am saying shows that much. To make it perfectly clear to you, d!ckhead, Saban has used losses in the previous season as motivation. Last years Bama team, fresh off of a National Title, was feeling a little entitled, and lost focus. For you to insinuate that Saban and his coaches do a poor job just shows your ignorance. Bama has won more game the past 4 years than anyone else in the conference, second only to Boise State in the nation. You just keep being stupid, it is going to make that beat down so much sweeter to us.

          3. BamaBrando,
            Why do Bama fans always have to resort to name calling and using foul language. Why call me a dickhead, I did’t call you a dickface?

            Saban and his coaches have excellent job this year, I’m not afraid to admit that. Its Alabama fans like you who are scared to and wont admit that Miles has done a great job at LSU! YOU and people like Crimsonite, Bamabino and CrimsonHamma, only want to insult the man by calling him retarded or mentally challanged, but he has matached (or bettered) Saban’s record with less talent than Nick (Remember Alabama has had the number 1 ranked recruiting class for 3 of the 4 last years). So you tell me if Nick has more talent to work with yet Miles has stayed neck and neck with him, who has done the better job of coaching? Are you scared to admit it? And if as you say last year’s Alabama team “lost focus” whose fault is that? Isn’t it the job of the coaches to keep his team focused? And before you say its the teams fault and not Nick’s, there is a history and pattern here, after winning the National Championship in 2003 Nicks LSU team went 9-3 the next year.

            You are right Les hasn’t gone undefeated, yet, but what does that prove? Nick had never done it until two years ago, and he’s been coaching longer than Miles? Chizik went undefeated last year and all Bama fans think he is an idiot also, so if that is true going undefeated is not that great of an accomplishment is it?

            Tell me BamaBrando who do you think is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of Alabama winning the SEC championship and going to the National Championship game?

    2. FYI.
      LSU has not had to catch Demps and Rainey this year. Bama humiliated them. But aside from that. Bama defense is too good. There really is not one weakness in the lot or on the bench for that matter. The line is dominating, the Linebackers are terrors and the secondary is the best in the country. If I were an NFL franchise I would take the whole bunch in the next draft. The you can look at the offense. Lets face it, Florida has a good defense. They always have a good defense and up until the bama game everyone thought they had one of the top 3 defenses in the nation. Bama was running when the box was packed and the secondary was man up and still gashing the Florida defense.
      The LSU-Bama game will come down to coaching. And Les Smiles will lose it on coaching.

      1. almighty,
        You bammer fans are so full of yourselves, just look at your screen name and that says enough about you.

        Wow genius, no we haven’t played Florida yet so how could we have had to catch Demps and Rainey. And Demps hurt his ankle right after a 28 yard kickoff return on bama and didn’t play the rest of the game, so don’t go beating your chest on how well bammer caught Demps. But unlike bammer fans, I will give Alabama credit for the job it did on Rainey. I have never once said Bama didn’t have a good defense.

        And in case you haven’t noticed or heard any of the comments made by the professionals who cover this sport, LSU’s defense is too shabby either. Other than linebacker, I would say our defense may be every bit as good you yours. I think we may be deeper on the defensive line and in the defensive backfield.

        We don’t know if Florida has a good defense or not, look at who they played before Alabama. Florida Atlantic, UAB, Kentucky and Tennessee? Who wouldn’t have good defensive stats against those teams, so don’t hurt your arm patting your self on the back too hard.

        And last but not least you, in all you “almighty wisdom” say the game will come down to coaching. Well what did last years game come down too? Go read many of the articles that were written national coulumnist after that game. Most all agreed that Miles out coached Saban, even your beloved Finebaum admitted to that. So make your cocky unfounded biased predictions, ignoring what’s happened in the past, that’s what you bammer fans do,

        1. Sounds like you are pretty insecure about your team and coach if you feel the need to come here and justify yourself. You don’t think we have reason to think Bama is unusually good this season? You think LSU is really the team to beat, and right now you are probably right. But LSUs chance at a National Championship goes through Bama. You think because LSU won last season, that automatically makes Les the better coach? Sounds pretty cocky to me. Bama didn’t finish well last season. They just came off of winning the NC and lost their mojo last season a little bit. The team, the coaches, and even us fans realize that. But this team is destroying everyone in its path, and all you can say is, well, we really don’t know how good the competition they have played is. The same can be said of LSU. Mississippi State is not really good at all, yet they gave LSU all they wanted. West Virginia is not all that good. Oregon? Probably the best team you have played. LSUs offense isn’t much to brag about, and the defense has been opportunistic, but giving up a lot of yards and big plays. Bama isn’t intimidated by LSU, but Miles sure has been intimidated by Saban, as he will constantly be measured up against what Saban built up at LSU. And you are a d!ickhead, just based on the stuff you are posting here. Just calling it like it is.

  5. FLASH, you have to be the dumbest Rat Turd in Louisiana. 1st. The Big 10 is tougher top to bottom than the Big 12. 2nd. SABAN drug that shyt hole of a school in Baton Rouge up from the SEC cellarand made them a national power for the first time in their history. Hell yes dumbazz Miles has been sucessful there. It’s phucking easy to recruit when your team already has a powerhouse reputation – dumbazz! 3rd. McCarron had a very good game but bad completion percentage last week against the #5 defense in the nation. That is the only reason his rating fell behind Lee’s who hasn’t played against a real defense yet. McCarron is only a sophomore and will never get the nickname “Jarrett Pick Six Lee”. 4th. You really are a dumbazz aren’t you? Bama’s D has played a lighter schedule? Florida and Arkansas are better than anyone you have played. And Penn St is better than anyone except Oregon. Flkorida and Arky were each leading the SEC in offense and top 10 offenses nationally when we played them. Not anymore! (cont.)

  6. (cont.) We held their offenses to 200 yards each while LSWho gave up nearly 1000 yards to Oregon who could only get 250 on Awbarn in January and to, ha ha, WVU. We also bitchslapped Penn St while you struggled with the Cow Bellers. That you could be retarded enough to say Bama has better D stats because we haven’t played anybody makes anything you have to say here-to-fore complete bullshyt, irrelevant, and not worth reading. Are you going to be over here bothering us with your stupid drivel for the next 4.5 weeks? Whatsamatter you get banned from your own boards? At least you’re a little more coherent than the Barnturd and UcheaT posters. But you will never win a flame here and nobody gives a shyt what you think or for that matter what anybody else thinks. You just give us the opportunity to bitchslap you and break the boordom. That’s all. RTR!

  7. FYI you’re a phucking retard too. The BCS strength of schedule to this point on a scale of 100 has LSWho just 3 measley points stronger than Bama’s. And as far as I’m concerned they give too much credit to Oregon and not enough to Penn St. Florida and Arkansas beats the hell out of WVU and Miss St. While the other 4 opponents are a wash. In fact I’d take North Texas over Kentucky this year and Kent over Northwestern State anytime. Who the hell is Northwestern State anyway?????? This phucking Salisbury is a retarded homer if there ever was one. It’s one thing to show local bloggers you’re a dumbazz, but it’s an entirely different animal to announce it to the whole damn world. He now has no credibility. Let’s see, Bama has stomped LSWho’s azz in recruiting 4 years running but LSWho has better athletes? Where are they hiding them? In the locker room? LSWho has a better D than the #1 D in the country coached by the #1 defensive mind and #1 defensive coordinator? Shyt, this discussion ‘aint even worth continuing.

    1. Hey Crimsonit I hate to use your own words against you but in this post you write:

      “The BCS strength of schedule to this point on a scale of 100 has LSWho just 3 measley points stronger than Bama’s”

      Well that sure seems to refute everything you wasted your time writing in your previous post! LMAO

      You are losing credibility!

    2. Oh brilliant Crimsonite put your thinking cap on and answer this riddle for me:

      If as you say in this post “Bama has stomped LSWho’s azz in recruiting 4 years running” and Alabama has the #1 D in the country ” coached by the #1 defensive mind and #1 defensive coordinator” how could LSU coached by someone who you have called “retarted and mentally challenged” in some of your previous post, how is it possible that LSU currently ranked ahead of Alabama in the most relevant polls cited by most media outlets and how did LSU finish last year with a better overall record and a better conference record? If you’ve really got more talent and a better coach, that could not be possible could it? Maybe just maybe Miles is either a better recruiter than Saban because he can find more quality playeres not ranked highly by the so called recruiting expert sites that rank kids, such as 3 star Tyrann Mathieu who is currently being included in the Heisman conversation, or maybe he is just a better coach because he is doing what he is doing with less talent than Saban has.

      What do you think Crimsonite, do you give Miles any credit or is it just a Miriacle what’s happening over here on the bayou? Can’t be just luck for seven years, hell we didn’t even recover the suprise onside kick we tried on Mississippi St. in the middle of that game.

      1. The talent divide between LSU and Bama will show up in this years game. The hype is building, but it won’t be a close game. Everyone thought the Florida game would be close, too. And the Arkansas game as well. Now it is just explained away by people like you that they weren’t any good anyway. West Virginia isn’t very good either, and Oregon is not much competition. See how that works? But keep hanging your hat on that. Bama is statistically and consistently better than LSU this year so far. Like I have done told you, I just hope the votes stay in your favor so LSU stays number one until November 5.

        1. BamaBrando,
          Alabama has always had more talent than LSU, that is noting new. Nowhere can you find where I have ever said that Arkansas and Florida were not any good, so quit making up shit!

          And I personally wish Alabama was ranked number 1 or ahead of us instead of the other way around, but that is the majority of the Coaches and AP writers that think we are better that Alabama.

          It doesn’t matter where we are ranked compared to Alabama because it will be settled on the field.

          And yes I will be back here after Nov 5th win or lose, because you see I haven’t made one prediction or boastful claim with regards to the outcome of that game like you and Crimsonite and the other Bama posters have. I will have no crow to eat, I’m smarter than that. The question is if LSU wins that game will you and Crimsonite be back here to eat your crow?

          1. But according to you, Bama has played weaker competition than LSU, so that is why Bamas stats are much better. Plus, you put a lot of faith in the poll votes, and there are not many separating Bama and LSU, so your argument that everyone thinks LSU is the best team is weak, too. You are here making claims Les is this great coach, Saban is not really all that good since he lost three games last season, even though he has a better record than Les. So yeah, you will have some crow to eat. You have been trying to act like you know more and are above us lowly Bama fans here, but yet you feel the need to troll a Bama site and accuse us of the very same things that you are here doing. You are a hypocrite and fail to see it, and that makes you a dumbass in my book. I don’t have the urge to go on an LSU board and talk crap. I don’t have to. Bama has been playing very well so far into this season. We have reason to believe in this team, this one could potentially be one of the best Bama teams they have ever had. LSU, well, they are just looking like a typical LSU team. Win a big game early, get overhyped, and let the Mad Hatter win in spite of his crazy decisions. And Les has been good for one or two losses a year. But you seem to fail to remember that.

          2. BamaBrando,
            Really (I’m serious) how dumb are you? Let me show you.

            First, you say”..according to you, Bama has played weaker competition than LSU, so that is why Bamas stats are much better” and that I “put a lot of faith in the poll votes”. No if you will read and comprehend correctly it is bammer fans who have claimed that Bama is better than LSU because there stats are much better. I have merely countered that claim by pointing out that accouding to most experts, including those who vote in the polls, that LSU schedule has been tougher.

            Second, There are 60 voters in the AP poll, 40 have voted LSU No. 1, 12 have voted Alabama No. 1 (more than three times as many). There are 59 voters in the coaches poll, 21 have voted LSU No. 1, and only 10 have voted Alabama No. 1 (again more than twice as many).

            So between the two polls LSU has recived 67 votes as the best team in the Nation and Alabama has recieved 22! Thats more than 3 to 1!! That may not be many to you BamaBrando, but I’m not sure how they teach math in Alabama!!

            And when you consider Oklahoma also got 34 votes as the No. 1, nation that adds up to 101 votes for someone other than Alabama to just 22 for Alabama. SO, almost 5 to 1 voters have voted someone else besides Alabama as the Best Team in the Nation!!

            Don’t hate on me, that’s the opinion of the Coaches and Professional Media, who I’m sure know more than you and I, althoug I know you would never admit to that.

            Third, I have never made a claim that Les is a great coach nor that Saban is not a good coach since he lost three games last year. Again you comprehension skills leave a lot to be desired. You can not point to one posting of mine where I have made either one of those statements. It is you Alabama fans who have called Miles “retarted” and “mentally challenged”, I have merley pointed the FACT that Miles is 2-2 against Saban since he has been at Alabama, and that last year When Miles had none of Saban’s recruits ( which bama fans like to say is the only reason Miles won in previous years) his record overall record and conference record was better than Saban’s and he beat Saban’s much more talanted team (2 out of 4 number 1 recruiting classes) heads up! Those are facts not my opinion!

            It is you bama fans who like to claim Saban in the greatest coach ever, well it is a fact that with the most talented team in America last year, including the returning Hiesman trophy winner, Saban’s Alabama team finished 4th in the SEC West, while Miles’s team finished second! That again is a fact! No where by pointing out that fact to you do I claim Miles is a great coach and Saban poor coach. I have stated that many of the professional media who cover college football, including Paul Finebaum, did say Miles out coached Saban last year. I have not made a prediction what about what the out come of this years game will be, so no I won’t have to eat any crow after Nov. 5th.

            And you can call me a dumbass or a hypocrite all you want, because that is what you bammer fans do when you can’t intelligently support your position with facts, you resort to name calling like little kids do.

            And as to your comment that this may be the best Bama team ever. Well that may be true, but if you know your sports histroy, Sham broke the record for the fastest time to have ever previously run the Kentucky Derby, but he came in second!

          3. I called you a dickhead because you are one. You think you are supporting your position with facts? You really are a dumbass too. You think Miles is so much of a better coach because he beat Saban last season. You think LSU is number won just because the poll votes at the beginning of October say it is so, and that means LSU is a better team. Now, I am just going by the things you have said here. And I just told you I would rather have Saban than Miles as a coach, I think Bama is 3 scores better than LSU, and I think Bamas offense and defense are better than LSU. And you go to ranting and raving, spewing numbers about poll votes, and last years game, and all the other long winded excuses you claim is proof. You have an opinion. You are entitled to it. You prove nothing, because the game hasn’t been played. Now, shut the f*ck up. You won’t be changing anyones opinion here Mr. Smart LSU guy. (Thats an oxymoron) You just have a opinion, just like the rest of us. Yours, you claim, has the backing of the poll voters, sports writers and president Obama. How could you be wrong? We are just a bunch of idiots if we can’t see the light that you so clearly showed us. Oh no, you haven’t said LSU was going to beat Bama, no sir. You are much smarter than that. Whatever dude. Who ever told you was so smart lied to you.

  8. Is going to get off that oil rig in the Rouge so I can haves some sweet gumbo shrimp for supper WOOSiE Hoo Mama Boy. Gonna go home and playsa with my corndog dildo

  9. This dude is a typical Lsu fan.I live here and have to deal with them every day.They talk about Tide fans having crimson glasses on but they walk around with purple and gold glasses on and you can not tell them a dam thing.I have watched both teams play and Bama hands down is the best team this year.But that is just my thought.Really see Bama winning big against Tigers because Tide just beats the shit out of a defense and offense.A little bit of Trent and a little bit of Eddie will wear the Tiger defense slap out by the end of fourth quarter.Hell that is when these two guys are at there best is fourth qt. Offense for Lsu and Flash i’m sorry but they are not really that good.Bama D will stop tigers in there tracks all day long..Just keeping it real…RTR.O by the way i will be there for this one .Had to pay out the azzzz for tickets but i will be there ..RTR..

    1. JW,
      You say I am a typical LSU fans with puple and gold glasses on. Well I challenge you to point to one comment that I have made on here where I have said LSU is better than Alabama, was going to beat Alabama or should be ranked higher than Alabama. You can’t! I have only pointed out the FACT that the majority of Coaches and AP media who cover college football as a profession and for a living and who vote in the polls thank that LSU is the better team through 5 games so far this season. That’s not my opinon or looking through purple and gold glasses, you can read the same poll with your crimson glasses, and as much as you would like it to it will not read differently. It is you, dude, who is more typical of the Crimson glass wearing bammer fans who make boastful opinionated predicitions and statements like the ones you made when you said “Bama hands down is the best team this year” or “Bama D will stop tigers in there tracks all day long” because LSU is “not really that good”. That’s three biased opinionated statements not one that can be supported by facts, which is typical of the people who post on here.

      For example when BamaBrando or CrimsonHanna, don’t remember which, posted that Jarrett Lee was horrible, I merely pointed out the fact that Jarrett Lee had a better quarterback rating, more touchdown passes and less interceptions than McCarron. Those are facts I let them speak for themselves, I never said that Lee was better than McCarron or that McCarron was horrible. I simply asked if they thought Lee was horrible, what did they think of McCarron. But when you give them facts they want to change there comments or flat out lie and say they were talking about Lee when he was a freshman or that they are comparing McCarron to Lee when he was a freshmen, well that not what they said.

      So when you claim that I am a typical LSU fan who only sees through purple and gold glasses, yet you can’t point to one boastful unsupported opinionated prediction or comment that I have made, it just makes you not me more like the typical ignorant inbred redneck bammer fan who wears crimson glasses and thinks and acts like nobody else can play college football and that alabama and Nick Saban are perfect and have never lost a game that was their fault and wil never lose another game!

      Again I ask you based on the facts, whos more typical you or me?

  10. LSU is overrated. Good team, but they will lose 2 – 3 games this year including Nov. 5 to the BEST team in the country.Bringing Jefferson back was a BIG mistake. Will cost them.

  11. Da FLASH wants to stick this corndog dildo up someone’s ass other than my own. Any takers honey childs?

  12. Man, The Flash to be such a well educated and super sharp guy you sure don’t spell worth a damn.
    That’s all I have to offer to this conversation. That and I am still wondring why all of a sudden Lousianas finest poster boy is all over our site. Feel free to come back at me with some of that Flashy LSU genious, I still won’t give a rats ass!

    1. Oh you give a rats ass Fat_Boy or you wouldn’t have bothered to post. Yea I do sometimes get in a hurry and don’t necessarily spell everything correctly. And the reason I’m all of sudden all over “YOUR” site (didn’t know it was your’s fat_ass, I didn’t see that notice) is because it is so much fun to rile up the tree killer types of your fan base.

      Have a great evening!

  13. We LSU fans ahh hypocrite ummm smell dat oil and shoves some corndogs in my asses

  14. Been out of pocket a couple of days. Some people work for a living. I see the Coonass Corndog’s mommie hasn’t taken away his computer privileges yet. God, I could type a 5000 word essay ripping up Flash In The Pans Azz, but what good will it do. Like the guy up there who lives there amongst ’em said, they’re too damn stupid to understand it. When we beatdown their azzes like a curb stomped whore he will just come back with we are only ahead of them 3-2 under Saban and that’s not dominance. They don’t have enough sense to understand that Saban came here and took over a sanctioned and struggling program full of azzholes and Country Clubers and after that first year we have been the number one overall program in the country for 4 years. Lester came into a championship program that Saban built and has not quite maintained. He won a BCSNC that he never should have even been in after losing to Kentucky and a mediocre Arkansas team. Since then the BCS formula has been adjusted to make sure a two loss team does not pass a one loss team like Pac 10 champion USC to play an undefeated team for the championship. (you see it doesn’t matter if LSWho was better than Ohio St that one day or every day since they were worse than two mediocre teams during the year and did not deserve to play for the National Championship. But back to the point, Lester has had two terrible seasons in the last 4 while Nick has been building his program and has gone 41-5. What’s up wid dat??? And i love how he quotes that LSWho is ranked #1 where it counts. Oh really? Where would that be? Oklahoma is #1 in the one that counts – the coaches poll. We are #1 in Sagari and the computers. LSWho in #1 in the AP which while it is popular to quote the AP it is no more relevant that the Legends where we are #1. Funny as hell those ignorant Corndogs weren’t quoting the AP when Saban won his National championship there and the AP named USC National Champions! What’s up wid dat??? Just wait, if LSWho beats a crippled Florida team with a Freshman QB starting his first game having thrown only 16 passes in his whole career and has a bum ankle and also Demps has a bum ankle not to mention the whole Florida team is beat up and if they beat them worse than we did then of course LSWho is better than Bama by comparative scores. Bullshyt! Oh well, who gives a shyt what he thinks? I’m watching Texas-OU and have better things to do with my time. RTR!

    1. Crimsonite you say “God, I could type a 5000 word essay ripping up Flash…… Oh well, who gives a shyt what he thinks …I have better things to do with my time” – Well obviously you give a shit an don’t really have better things to do with your time since you to the time to write that long ass post! LMAO

      Maby if you would have written a 5000 word post you could have come up with something intelligent and factual rather than the same ole arrogant bostfull comments like “When we beatdown their azzes like a curb stomped whore” or “Saban came here and took over a sanctioned and struggling program full of azzholes and Country Clubers and after that first year we have been the number one overall program in the country for 4 years”. What a fan calling his own team “azzholes and Country Clubers”, I bet you said the same type things after the mighty Utes of Utah put a beat down on your 10-1 Bamer team, Hey crimsonight did’nt that happen during the last 4 years while Alabama was the “number one overall program in the country”?

      And Crimsonite, you dumbass, USC lost 2 conference games in 2007. They lost to Oregon and to Stanford who was a 41 point underdog! The only teams in 2007 that didn’t lose 2 games was Hawaii and Kansas, who didn’t play Texas or Oklahoma that year and got beat by a Virgina Tech team that LSU absolutely crushed 48-7 that year. Do you think either of those teams were better than an SEC team?

      You idiot you can’t change history to make it fit your weak ass arguments(saying “one loss Pac 10 Champion” when the actually had two losses)

      Most fans of other SEC schools pull for and support other
      other SEC schools, but not Alabama fans. Is it a jealousy thing? No, well then you tell me why you think Kansas, Hawaii, or any other 2 loss team was better than a 2 loss SEC team?

      And I never said “LSWho is ranked #1 where it counts”. YOU made that shit up too to fit your weak ass comments.
      I said LSU is ranked ahead of Alabama in BOTH polls that are cited by most media and fans.

      And as far as your comments about Florida, Alabama also beat Florida with that same Freshman QB playing for half the game (at least he knew he was going to start against us and got more practice time with the other starters) and Demps only played 4 snaps against Alabama as opposed to the whole game against LSU.

      Now go find those other 4000 words you were going to write. maybe they will be intelligent and won’t be made up shit (like USC only having one loss in 2007).

      Crimsonite you lose credibility and make a fool of yourself everytime you post on here.

      Have a great day!

  15. Hehe, I told u Crinsonite a bunch of shit in 4999 words all da while being jack rabbit by a corndog dildo!!!!!

  16. Flash,you didn’t mind my fat ass when my fat boudin was in your sweet toothless mouth 10 hrs ago big boy!

  17. told ya jarrett lee horrible – 37% completion vs lsu – throws off back foot and is mr. pick 6 b/c he hates getting hit

    1. there is a reason bama has tko’d 3 qbs in 3 games and ko’d 2 more who are lucky to be alive….jarrett lee will get hurt as soon as possible vs bama

    2. “37% completion vs LSU”. vs LSU? what the hell are you talking about Crimson Hammah? He was 70% against Florida this past Saturday if that is what you are talking about. And he is over 60% for the year and has a 148.3 Quaterback rating compared to McCarron’s 145.0. Not a big difference but I’m not on here calling McCarron horrible. Facts outweigh opinions Hammah!

  18. miss st up and down the field vs lsu…wv up and down the field vs lsu…fla runs up and down the field vs lsu and no passing game….lsu top 12 at best

    1. miss st – win, wv – win, fla – win. LSU no. 5 ranked defense in the nation. Nuff said. All facts, not stupid opinions.

  19. like saban said light heavyweights (middleweight/lsu) do not fight heavyweights (bama)

    1. Woo shakin in my boots because saban said that. I guess you and Saban are saying we should not play ya’ll,
      What’s the matter you skeeered?

  20. Ok Flash, have it your way Corndog! Didn’t remember USC having 2 losses that year, but then I’m not a USC fan. Most of the tme I’m using my cell and can’t multitask to go lookup info and then come right back here. But you obviously did, so that makes you the idiot because West Virginia only lost one game that year to their biggest rival Pitt and was ranked ahead of you until that final game loss. West Va was a great team that year and beat another grat team in a Patrino coached Louisville. They did not deserve to be jumped by a two loss team who lost to bwaa haww haww, Kentucky and an Arky team that WVU could have beaten by 4 td’s. So there’s your one loss BCS conference team who got phucked by the old BCS system. You nitpicked a bunch of shyt and tried to use Utah against us when Utah has shown since that they are for real. But you can’t refute what Saban has done the last 4 years compared to Miles. Yeah we lost to Utah and you’re azzes got punkedby Fla, Ga, and lost what 5 games and what 4 in ’09? RTR!

  21. Tubbs Six Fingers (Crimsonite did you change your name because you were tired of people seeing you get corrected by a “dumbass” LSU fan?)

    “Have it MY way”? – Tubbs I wasn’t trying to have it my way, I was only correcting Crimsonite’s(aka your) attempt to rewrite history with the acutal facts. NOW let me correct you. You say you didn’t remember ” USC having 2 losses that year” and that you can’t “multitask to go lookup info”, well maybe you should before you post a second attempt to try and rewrite history by posting your incorrect statement that “you obviously did (look it up), so that makes you the idiot because West Virginia only lost one game that year to their biggest rival Pitt”.

    WRONG again! WVA lost to South Florida earlier in the year before losing to Pitt in the last week of the season giving them two losses. Who’s the idiot now Tubbs?

    Your next idiotic statement that WVA “did not deserve to be jumped by a two loss team who lost to bwaa haww haww, Kentucky and an Arky team that WVU could have beaten by 4 td’s” is even more ludicrous. They couldn’t beat 5-7 Pitt on the last week of the season! Even if your not an SEC fan and are the biggest Big East fan, do you think losing to an 5-7 Big East team is better than losing to an 8-5 SEC team in triple overtime which had two of the best running backs in the conference and the country in Darren McFadden and Felix Jones on that team? If say you do everbody on this site will know how stupid you are. Let me remind you (or educate you), McFadden and Jones were 1st and 2nd Team ALL SEC running backs that year and Felix Jones was one of the few athletes to ever make 1st and 2nd team ALL SEC, making 1st team All SEC as a Special Teams Return Specialist. To put that in perspective, Alabama didn’t even come close to accomplishing that with Ingram and Richardson in the same back field as good as they are.

    So I was correct, and you stand corrected. YOU want to try for strike three?

    I don’t understand why Alabama fans want to discredit Miles and LSU’s winning of the BCS National Championship so bad that they will make up facts and try to rewrite history.

    Have a great day.

  22. Well, Ingram and Richardson went undefeated, won a national championship, and Ingram won the Heisman. Why are you trying to discredit Bama and what they have accomplished with Saban? If you are wanting to compare notes between Miles and Saban, Saban has won more games as an SEC coach than Miles has. Miles has one National Title, even though they lost 2 games. Saban has two National titles, and went undefeated with one and lost one game on the other. Saban has a Heisman winner. No one is re-writing history, but if you are going to come here to compare, at least get YOUR facts straight. Dickhead.

    1. BamaBimbo,
      I didn’t say anything bad about Ingram and Richardson, in fact I complimented them. My comments were in response to Crimsonite’s and Stubbs attempt to rewrite history and had noting to do with Alabama, so what’s your problem are you on the rag?

      You ask “why [am I] trying to discredit Bama and what the have accomplished with Saban”? I have done no such thing. All of my post have been in response to either non-factual or arrogant boastfull post about Bama fans on here. All I have done is post factual information in response to those comments. If you take those facts as discrediting Bama then that is your interpretation.

      You not seen me come on here and call Saban a “retard” or “mentally challanged” or a “clown” or a “bafoon”. That’s what you and other fans have posted about Miles, I have merely countered that with facts about Miles and Saban’s records which are pretty similar (see previous posts for facts on that).

      You say “No one is re-writing history” , well then you obviously didn’t read the post that I was responding to which you felt the need to comment on. Crimsonite, who is now masquerading under his new name Tubbs Six Fingers, because he kept proving what an ignorant he was as Crimsonite, first posted on here that USC only had one loss in 2007 and should have been in the Championship game over LSU. When I corrected him with the facts that USC in fact had two losses that year, one to a 41 point underdog, Stanford team, he came back under a different name trying to claim WVA only had 1 loss in 2007 and then making the idotic statement that WVA who could beat a 5-7 Pitt team could have beaten an 8-5 Arkansas team that had McFadden and Jones as there running backs. None of that had anything to do with trying to discredit Alabama. I only used Ingram and Richardson as a point of refrence, since I thought as an Alabama fan he would be able to relate to. I then complimented Ingram and Richardson by saying as good as they were, which was very good. But somehow that got your crimson (and I don’t mean Alabama) panties in a wad! So maybe it is you that needs to get their facts straight.

      Do they offer night courses in reading comprehension skills at Alabama? If so maybe you should look into it.

        1. I don’t claim to be perfect like bama fans do. I even mispell a word or two every now and then. But I do claim to be knowledgeable about college football.

          And in so much as I am a knowledgeable fan, I have never come on here and posted that Alabama is overated or not any good or predicted or guaranteed that LSU will beat Alabama in Tuscalousa, like everyone of you bammer fans have.

          It just that you bammer can’t give any consideration to the fact that the majority of the rest of the nation, including the voters in the AP, Coaches and Harris polls consider LSU the better team than Alabama as of right now. That doesn’t mean, AND I DIDN”T CLAIM that they are or would be the best team at the end of the season, because I (AND YOU) don’t know that yet, even though you think, act like and post like you do!

  23. You are still a dickhead. Quit spouting off about how ‘knowledgable’ you are, Bammers don’t believe the AP poll, yada yada. You are a TROLL on a Bama board, and yet here you are getting all pissed off. See what I mean? Total dickheadedness if I have ever seen it. The truth is, most so-called ‘experts’ are saying it doesn’t matter who people think should be number 1, that Bama and LSU are 1a and 1b, and will wait to reserve judgement until they play. LSU gets a slight edge with the victory over Oregon. The rest is a wash. But like I said, you can have the number 1 ranking right now. We don’t want it until Bama beats LSU. Would you not agree that the winner deserves the number on ranking? Until then, you are just all smack talk, backhanded compliments, and generally neurotic responses, like a true coonass corndog. YOU are the TROLL on a BAMA board, not the other way around. Keep trolling, and getting pissed off. Dickhead.

    1. Ok Bamabimbo,
      I just post what others are saying (see below) but since you want agree with it, I’m sure you’ll just call them a dickhead (your favorite word). And just because “Bammers don’t believe the AP poll, yada yada” doesn’t make it wrong and your opinion right! And how am I a troll, no where on this site does it say for biased bammer fans only? And for the record I’m not pissed of at all, to the contrary I am having fun! 😉

      You say “The truth is, most so-called ‘experts’ are saying it doesn’t matter who people think should be number 1, that Bama and LSU are 1a and 1b, and will wait to reserve judgement until they play. LSU gets a slight edge with the victory over Oregon”. Well thats all I’ve been saying all along but I guess its only ok if you or another bammer fan says it. Brando first giving credit to Miles and now this, you are starting to come around, maybe me and you can be friends after all and have a higher level of back and forth with more facts and less opinions to state our respective cases.

      Now if you could only stop acting like a school yard kid by calling people names like dickhead, coonass corndog and such, as if thats really going to hurt somebody, and only make you sound foolish and childish. But hey I’ll take baby steps like the one you made in this post.

      You also call me a Troll, would you just rather only read like minded opinions of rah rah fans and never be challenged as to your thoughts and observations?

      Ok as promised I here is the thoughts or “spouting off” as you called it of some else besides me.

      The below was written today by unbiased ESPN College Football sportswriter, Chris Low:

      Best coach: LSU’s Les Miles

      Alabama’s Nick Saban, Auburn’s Gene Chizik and Vanderbilt’s James Franklin were also considerations here. But everything Miles has navigated this LSU team through gives him the nod. There was the bar brawl back in August. He lost quarterback Jordan Jefferson for four games, receiver Russell Shepard for three games and one of his best offensive linemen, Josh Dworaczyk, for the season. Steve Kragthorpe also had to hand over the offensive coordinator duties to Greg Studrawra after announcing in August that he had Parkinson’s disease. Through it all, the Tigers haven’t lost a step and have four wins over Top 25 teams, three of those away from home. The Mad Hatter catches a lot of grief, but the results speak for themselves.

  24. ” Les Miles, right now, is one of the best college football coaches in the country. Period.” – written October 8, 2011 by Bill Reiter, National Writer for

  25. “Until he blows a game on an irrational play call or gets sick from eating grass, then people will think he is ‘retarted’ again”
    October 11, BamaBrando, posting on the Capstone Report

    “The Flash is an insecure LSU fan who searches day and night for someone somewhere to please say something good about LSU”
    October 11, BamaBrando, putting The Flash in his place

    “No one knows who the best team in the country is right now, until Bama and LSU play November 5th”
    October 2011 – The rest of the country besides The Flash and his kind

    “The Flash is such a dickhead”
    October 10, by BamaBrando, speaking the truth about The Flash

  26. Brando are you saying Saban has never blown a game? If so, please see 24-0 halftime lead agains Auburn last year.

    I’m the insecure one? Yet it is you that is looking up eveyone of my post, even in past articles like this one and feeling the need to respond to them?

    October 11, The Flash putting BamaBrado in her/his (maybe even a he/she) place.

    If the rest of the country does know along with me and my kind who the best team in the country is right now, that’s why the majority of polls have LSU ranked ahead of Alabama right now. (And its eating you alive-LMAO)

    “The Flash is such a dickhead”
    October 10, Bamabrando proving when she has nothing intelligent to say, are no factual argument to support her comments she resorts to calling people names like a little school yard kidd! Grow up BamaBrando or at least grow a set!

  27. Whatever, flash. It doesn’t bother me where LSU sits in the polls. I am glad you are holding that ranking before Bama plays you. You keep thinking LSU is the best team, and they very well could be. I am not alone in thinking Bama is just as good, if not better. But it will be settled on the field, as I have been telling you. You are the one that keeps posting opinion pieces like they are some kind of fact that is set in stone, half-way through the season. It will really, really make you upset when Bama beats LSU after all of your hard research you have been doing. You being so sensitive and twitchy and all, I wouldn’t rule out you would even be suicidal if that happens. Would I be upset about that? No, I wouldn’t. SO keep crying, researching, and being a dick. No of it will matter after November 5th. But I am so glad I could piss you off today, troll!

    1. Again Brando I have to correct you and point out and prove to you and everyone else WHAT A FUCKING LIAR YOU ARE!

      You say in this latest post of yours that “it will be settled on the field, as I have been telling you”.

      You haven’t been saying that you have been running your mouth and predicting how Bama is going to win and by at least two touchdowns! And here’s the proof that you’re the real dickhead and a liar with now morals or credibility:

      BamaBrando October 5, 2011 at 4:23 pm # ….This game won’t even be close like everyone is saying. Bama wins by at least two TDs, probably more.

      BamaBrando October 5, 2011 at 8:53 pm # ….Bama is 3 scores better than LSU this year

      BamaBrando October 6, 2011 at 5:57 am # ….Bama looks better than LSU this season. I know you don’t want to see it, but you will.

      BamaBrando October 7, 2011 at 1:42 pm # …Bama won’t be the only team to beat LSU this season

      BamaBrando October 10, 2011 at 3:35 pm #…you can have the number 1 ranking right now. We don’t want it until Bama beats LSU.

      Now you can go brag how big your dickhead is, everbody knows what a liar you are!

      Have a great day! 🙂

      1. Calm down, bitch. I have said it will play out on the field, over and over. Yes, I think Bama is 3 scores better. That is my opinion. You want to fight about that? Man, what a whining bitch you are. Did you cry and whine so much last week on Florida message boards? One thing is for sure, you are an uptight whining dickhead.I stand by everything I said, not your twisting and manipulating of words. I have been point blank with you, but you get confused too easily. But continue with your Bama obsession to make you feel better. I know Bama is good enough to beat LSU. You do too, but your fear makes you whine like a bitch over here. Dude, you are a nut case.

        1. You are right Brando, Bama is good enough to beat LSU. I’ve never denied that. But LSU is also good enough to beat Bama. Will you admit to that?

          1. LSU is good enough to beat Bama. But they will have to play their best game of the season so far to do it.

  28. Les Miles,Wahhhh,number 5 defense,wahhhhh,Putting someone in their place,wahhhhh,you guys are fat asses,wahhhh.
    You make my day Flash. WAHHHH wahhhhh!

  29. Thibodeaux: Boudreaux, What’s the score?

    Boudreaux: Seven to Ten.
    Thibodeaux: Who’s winning?
    Boudreaux: The Ten!

  30. uibodeaux, Thibodeaux and Boudreaux were sitting in a boat on a very cloudy day fishing. They had been fishing a good while when the sky suddenly opened up just above them and a ray of light shined down directly on the front of the boat. It spooked them and they started to get nervous. All of a sudden, they heard a voice from up above. “This is the Lord.” They all looked at one another and begin saying, “I didn’t do nothing, I didn’t do nothing, I didn’t do nothing.” The Lord said, “Don’t get nervous. I’m not here to pass judgment on you, I only want to grant each of you one healing wish.” They all calmed down and Quibodeaux stood up in the boat. “As you already know Lord, I’ve been having this crick in the back of my neck for the past ten years and if you were to grant me a healing wish, that would be it.” The Lord waved his hand and Quibodeaux started moving his neck freely. “Mais, that feels good. Thank you Lord, thank you,” and he sat down. Thibodeaux stood up next. “You know Lord, that bum leg I’ve been having for the past fifteen years, you know how bad I limp, if you were to grant me one wish, that would be it.” The Lord waved his hand and Thibodeaux immediately felt the limp leave his leg. “Oh thank you Lord, oh thank you, thank you.” Before Thibodeaux could sit down, there was a big splash behind the boat. Both Quibodeaux and Thibodeaux looked behind themselves and see Boudreaux swimming away from the boat as fast as he could. Thibodeaux shouted, “Boudreaux, where you going? The Lord is not here to pass judgment on you, he’s here to grant you a healing wish. You know that bad back of yours, he can heal it for you right here and now.” Boudreaux hollered back, not missing a swim stride, “No, no, I don’t want the Lord to heal me, I’ll lose my disability check!”

    1. Fat_Die,
      Now I love a good Boudreaux and Thibodeaux joke, but that’s got to be one of the worst I have ever heard.

      1. Besides the one right before it, that was even dumber. There are some really funny Boudreaux and Thibodeaux jokes, why don’t you learn one.

  31. The FLash, I copied the jokes from a Lousiana school website,so your people phucked something up again! I’m in Houma at PHI right now waiting on a helicopter for crew change. I’m gonna mingle with the locals and try to get a decent joke. Stay tuned.

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