Is LSU the best team in the country? What is Steve Spurrier thinking? What is wrong with USC?

Total College Sports commentator Sean Salisbury says LSU is the best team in the country, but Les Miles is not the best coach. Salisbury also complains about South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia. Watch the video above for more and look below for a few choice points taken from the video.

He believes LSU has the best players, places to play, defensive gameplan and assistant coaches.

However, there is one area where LSU lags others—coaching.

Salisbury blasts LSU Coach Les Miles.

“If Les Miles was at a program with middle-of-the-road talent, he would be a .500 football coach,” Salisbury said. “This football team wins in spite of Les Miles not because of him. …Great players will carry a coach. This is a coach that is going to make decisions that will cost his team a national championship.”

Wow. Tough words for a coach with a national championship on his resume.

Salisbury worries that Miles could do something foolish like replace Jarrett Lee with a returning Jordan Jefferson.

Salisbury leveled criticism at South Carolina’s Stephen Garcia. Salisbury said, “He makes me throw up in my mouth.”

Salisbury wants a new and young quarterback to get snaps for South Carolina.

Salisbury takes a shot at USC and Coach Lane Kiffin. He wonders what is wrong with the Trojans—the team lacks discipline and cannot stop anyone on defense. Salisbury wants a return to Pete Carroll football.

What do you think? Is Les Miles as bad as Salisbury thinks? Should Steve Spurrier forget about this season and start building for the future? Should USC get rid of Lane Kiffin?