Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin previewed the upcoming game against Alabama. You can listen to audio of the teleconference on the above player. Below you can find a few notes on the teleconference.

Franklin said the Alabama team looked like an NFL team.

“Their defense looks like an NFL team and their offensive line looks like an NFL team,” Franklin said. “Their running backs look like an NFL team. They are impressive. Coach Saban has done a great job of recruiting and coaching.”

Franklin said it is a “tremendous challenge for us to go into their stadium.”

It will be Franklin’s first trip to Tuscaloosa for a game and Franklin said no member of the present Vanderbilt team has played in Tuscaloosa against Alabama.

Franklin said Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron has “done a good job of managing the game.”

Franklin talked about Vanderbilt’s recruiting philosophy. He said, “We are not recruiting regional,” Franklin declared. “I think we are one of the teams in this conference that is recruiting from a national approach.”

He said Vanderbilt has the recruiting budget it needs to be successful. Franklin said the addition of Texas A&M does not change how Vanderbilt will approach recruiting.