Auburn coach Gene Chizik dodged a question about Auburn’s alleged bagman being known to NCAA investigators.

At SEC Media Days Thursday, Auburn coach Gene Chizik was asked about Danny Sheridan’s report on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network. Specifically, Chizik was asked about a third-party bagman reportedly utilized by Auburn in the recruitment of Cam Newton. Chizik did not address the bagman, but launched into his standard defense that the NCAA said Auburn did nothing wrong.

“I’ll make this real clear, the NCAA on more than one occasion has said Auburn has done nothing wrong in the recruitment of Cam Newton,” Chizik said. “Nothing has changed. So, again can’t control everybody’s microphone. Can’t control everybody’s opinion. Don’t try to. But again, I’ll say it as I’ve said it. I feel really good when my head hits the pillow tonight.”

So nothing has changed?

You were told in Destin that the NCAA probe of Auburn continues.

NCAA investigators were recently in Montgomery talking about the recruitment of Cam Newton and the allegations of pay-for-play reported by HBO’s Real Sports.

Nothing has changed?

Paul Finebaum’s Radio Network rocked the football world with Sheridan’s report that the NCAA now believes it knows Auburn’s bagman and that the Newtons were paid around $200,000 with about $20,000 going to the church.

Nothing has changed?

What will it take to get Gene Chizik’s head out of the sand?

26 thoughts on “SEC Media Days: Another non-denial denial from Auburn”

  1. Probably what its going to take for you to get over your fetish of Chiziks statements.

    1. I love the SEC. Never a dull moment really.

      First, there was Tuberville. (I really miss him because he had a way of making news and being fun.)

      Then there was Lane Kiffin. (I really miss his dumbass because you could always find something to say about him.)

      At first I didn’t like Chizik because he was rather dull. At least now things are entertaining. 🙂

      1. I miss the death threats from Bama fans to Fat Phil. Ahh…those were the days.

        1. I should have started the website way back when Alabama was searching for a coach post-Stallings. I didn’t want Dubose and would have had some fun with the whole Dubose coaching staff.

          1. LOL Cap, that would have been a site. Imagine the fun you could have had with Rich Rod instead of Saban haha. When did you start this up by the way?

          2. started in 2006 with Mike Shula. Wanted to correct the perception among some Alabama fans that Shula was doing a good job.

            I came to that realization sitting at home watching the Alabama-Tennessee game that was at Neyland that year. I had watched Shula’s teams get beat in the fourth quarter with the inability to run the football or pass protect. Shula and the team could not move the chains in the fourth quarter and that made it clear to me that the team was weak because it had a weak leader. For me, everything is about leadership.

            I got called many names by Alabama fans during that time. People thought I was a Tennessee fan or Auburn fan trying to harm UA.

            That changed with the Mississippi State loss a few weeks later. I think then everyone pretty much recognized that Shula wasn’t a leader. People were still divided, but more jumped ship.

            As for Rich Rod. I’m not sure how much fun he would have been. I think he would have been a bit of a Franchione like dud. No personality.

  2. He feels good at night because he knows awbarn has to pay him regardless due to the clause in his contract!

    1. That would make me feel good! I could sleep like a baby with some good prescription sleeping meds.

  3. Quit being so damn nice. CheezeDick doesn’t have his head in the sand. He has his head up his azz. Now that that’s straightened out we can all go back to the countdown to kickoff. RTR!

  4. He sure isn’t going to tell anyone ‘Yes, my program is under serious investigation. Yes, the NCAA said Cam was clear, but if there was any new incriminating evidence, the Auburn University would be held accountable for playing him. And the penalties would be more severe if evidence was found linking Auburn.’

    Even though the NCAA made it clear that it was Auburn’s choice to play him or not. Just like Bama could have played Dareus instead of setting him. I mean, Auburn decided to set Cam out Monday after the Iron Bowl. The NCAA was like ‘why set him out now? We are still investigating. Might as well keep on playing him, and hope we don’t find anything.’

    And Auburn was ‘All In’ and the fans could care less if Auburn cheated or not.

  5. Chiznik is the perfect puppet, he’s been coached really well.
    This comment sounds exactly like something Dye would say.

  6. I’m just glad we have Phillip Marshall and Charles Goldberg tellin it like it is.

    When (and I’m confident in saying “When”) Auburn gets hit with sanctions, I wonder what these two “journalists” will say then?

    Headline: “Auburn cutting back on football scholarships by Charles Goldberg and Phillip Marshall – Auburn will be cutting their football scholarships by 36 over the next two years. This move is to free up more scholarship money for other athletic programs. Since the football team has more than enough players, Gene Chizik said he felt like he needed to give more to the university and its other athletic programs. He reinterated that this decision had nothing to do with NCAA sanctions that were handed to reduce scholarships by the same number. The two incidents are not related, according to the Auburn athletic dept who also stated that there is no evidence of wrongdoing at Auburn and that the NCAA are just “haters”.

    In other news, Auburn is hoping to win their 5th game against Georgia. A win against Georgia will help their chances to be bowl eligible.”

  7. Ole massa Cheznic is arunnin a durty program ohh yessa he is. Isa be knowin alls this cause he dun invited me ova to his house oh yessa he dids. Tried to gets me to do him afava ohhhh hells yessa he dids. Wooowhieee he done went and gots amissas Cheznic to makes me some collards an some conebread yesss she did. Lodie its wassa gooooood uh huh. Tole him I wasnt foe sale oh nossa I aints.

    1. Scares the hell outta me that some one connected to betting on college football has highly placed sources inside the NCAA.
      But that alone tells me Danny Sheridan’s must be good ones, especially since he’s had them for a long time.

      Heard Sheridan may be backing off a little bit.

      We’ll see.

      BTW, first time I’ve heard Sheridan is a Bama fan because he can’t afford to be a fan of any school in his line of work.
      But, then again, any sane person would be.

      1. Not sure why this didn’t post. Usually, only posts with two or more links get tagged as spam or require approval.

        Anyway, I wouldn’t call Sheridan a fan. He is an alum, but the guy is like a robot when it comes to predictions and opinions. I’d say the guy is almost Vulcan-like for the Star Trek fans.

        This lets Auburn people have hope, but the truth is pretty clear that Auburn is in serious NCAA trouble.

        Having to see the proctoligist is preferable to having the NCAA’s scope up your butt.

    2. Well I guess y’all ain’t gonna post it.
      What was it?
      The hot link?
      Just tryin’ to figure out the rules around here.

  8. Wingnut was a perfect fit for the cow college, he always showed his classless best behind a mic., Chiz-nip on the other hand is just a puppet on a string and is just saying what the “Dye” N- tree lovers, want to hear!…..Kinda makes you feel sorry for the guy!…he just don’t fit in like Wingnut!….he will soon be thrown under the bus by the same one’s that Cursed him whe he was hired….that is just the nature of the cow college….. jus-sayn

  9. Live from the capital city ladies and gentlemen. Now Cap, …..blah blah blah babble winder lickers blah blah Bryant Denny Tubervile Chizik stadium blah blather babble blah blah murderin bastard blah blah blah babble babble murderin bastard blah blahhhhhhh babble winder lickers blah blah blah. Murderin bastard. Have a nice day.

  10. What I can’t get over is a guy who writes books about faith and leadership, then panders to the crowd by screaming “War Damn Eagle” and allowing people who have not been connected to AU in 20 yrs (Dye) put him on a gag order

  11. Yasssir massa Dye sho nuff be crackin dat whip he gots. Lets me tell ya somthin,now ol massa Dye is da man he hired me to do some werk fo him ohhhh yesssaa he did.Hardist day of werk I ever dids Lodie. He mades it alrights tho when he splained that what wes werea doin was a goods thing ohhh yassssir he did. Tole me all dat cotton was fo q tips ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssa he dids.

  12. Auburn will continue to deny. They have nothing to lose. They feel like they won the NC* last year, so that should last them another 60 years. They could care less about NCAA sanctions or if the title is vacated. To them the title will never be vacated. Just like the Bryant years never existed and 1982 was when college football started.

    It will be nice for Alabama fans when things get back to normal. Once Auburn becomes our whipping dogs again, they will go back to being the nice gracious fanbase they once were.

    Auburn fans historically have been gracious losers and sore winners. When someone asks how to bring civility back to the Iron Bowl the answer is that Alabama has to beat Auburn. That is the only way to keep the MFr’s in line.

  13. i hear it was a Bama plot where the goal was to get AU on death penalty so that Bama can win again and the booster is really a UA supporter……truth!

  14. He NEVER said the NCAA KNEW who the bagman was. I listened to both of his broadcasts with PFB and NEVER ONCE did he say they KNEW who he was! Sheridan through info around in a vague manner that was info WE ALL READY KNEW! OH, and good luck finding the “BAGMAN” thats going to be harder then getting Bin Laden. Careless words said or wrote really gets the world jumping doesn’t it?

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