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SEC Media Days: Another non-denial denial from Auburn

Auburn coach Gene Chizik dodged a question about Auburn’s alleged bagman being known to NCAA investigators.

At SEC Media Days Thursday, Auburn coach Gene Chizik was asked about Danny Sheridan’s report on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network. Specifically, Chizik was asked about a third-party bagman reportedly utilized by Auburn in the recruitment of Cam Newton. Chizik did not address the bagman, but launched into his standard defense that the NCAA said Auburn did nothing wrong.

“I’ll make this real clear, the NCAA on more than one occasion has said Auburn has done nothing wrong in the recruitment of Cam Newton,” Chizik said. “Nothing has changed. So, again can’t control everybody’s microphone. Can’t control everybody’s opinion. Don’t try to. But again, I’ll say it as I’ve said it. I feel really good when my head hits the pillow tonight.”

So nothing has changed?

You were told in Destin that the NCAA probe of Auburn continues.

NCAA investigators were recently in Montgomery talking about the recruitment of Cam Newton and the allegations of pay-for-play reported by HBO’s Real Sports.

Nothing has changed?

Paul Finebaum’s Radio Network rocked the football world with Sheridan’s report that the NCAA now believes it knows Auburn’s bagman and that the Newtons were paid around $200,000 with about $20,000 going to the church.

Nothing has changed?

What will it take to get Gene Chizik’s head out of the sand?

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