Remember the days when newspapers liked their community? Well the Birmingham News has forgotten that.

While the newspaper sure loves Auburn, it doesn’t much care for Birmingham. One writer at the newspaper wants SEC Media Days moved out of the city to another location. Why? Because the wireless Internet sucks.

This guy believes other venues would work great with 900-1,000 people wanting to get on the Internet at the same time. Here is a pro tip for “journalists”: surf fewer cute cat videos and actually do your job.

There are only like five journalists doing any real journalistic work. Seriously, it took the New York Times to report on what happened in Destin during the SEC’s Spring Meeting, and it took Clay Travis to break the NCAA visit to Montgomery story.

And we can’t forget that it took Danny Sheridan on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network to tell us that the NCAA believes it knows Auburn’s bagman.

The national writers are scooping the Alabama newspapers on a routine basis.

Why is that?

Is there an agenda? Or is it laziness? Or is it something else? Is it newspaper management? Why are all Alabama’s newspapers asleep on the job?

Maybe it is a good idea to move SEC Media Days out of the Birmingham-Hoover area. Maybe the Atlanta media might do a better job of investigative reporting.

Wait. Georgia Tech.


Can we just move the SEC Media Days to New York?

The New York Times is doing all the work anyway.

5 thoughts on “The Birmingham News hates Birmingham now?”

  1. I agree with this. Why DID it take the New York Times to break that story? Wasnt there other media there? Like SEC media? Makes me wonder…

  2. I likes me some birminham news ohhh yessa I do. Big ole advertizin ads alls ova the place yessa it is. Theys also ridin on auborns tails ohhhyesssa they are. I donts know why they justa stopped runnin Mary Worf ohh noossa I donts.

  3. By the way the Birmingham News is going down, If you did’nt know any better you would think the Birmingham News was run by a cow college grad!…..jus sayn

  4. Move the stupid thing. The dog and pony show is a bore, and just an outlet for inbred to hang out and pretend they are journalists for a day.

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