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  2. LMAO@ Barntard University. After 118 years of football they finally made it to a Championship Game by taking cheating to new levels.

  3. I looked at the link posted above to the SBB blog.
    I find it rather strange that out of all of the attorneys on the planet that Cam is using Pat Dye’s attorney. Hmm… I wonder who authored that deal and who is paying for it?

  4. The same attorney that has been defending Auburn cheating for 20 years now. But hey, at least he is familiar with how the money trail is hidden at Auburn. Cams dad being a preacher and all just helped bypass the good Rev. Chette.

  5. Hey Losers,
    Just cant get over AU can you. Do have a stroke or heart attack about it, geeesshh.

    Get a life.
    Julio Jones is using Pat Dye’s son’s player recruiting services for the NFL. Does that mean Jones is a crook now too?

  6. so franklin is representing geddie?….franklin is not a criminal defense attorney and didn’t represent scam and jack daniels dye?….but i guess the barn doesnt read anything into that

  7. when that discovery information starts to leak its gonna be interesting….TMZ got it right is what I am hearing

  8. why does a lawyer represent dye, newton, and an indicted lobbyist with ties to auburn and mcgregor when that lawyer doesnt practice criminal law?

  9. someone pls send tmz – everything out there-tigerdroppings – radio in dallas said point shaving as well,,thx…roll tide

  10. the barners need to join the reeltown volunteer fire dept. and get some practice passing buckets to the burning barn

  11. Ok
    I call out the fake BamaHate posting. You terds can’t stand it, having to post using my username. It’s ok, if you can’t beat em join em. Got an old joke, how do you stop a Bama mullet from beating off? Paint his pecker orange and blue and he won’t beat it for 6 years!

    Ha ha ha

  12. Bamas manhood taken – check
    Bamas Heisman taken – check
    Bamas crystal – still pending

    The Ewok coach screaming and cussing out his players and coaches, priceless.

  13. remember what michael douglas said in wallstreet….bears make money….bulls make money…but pigs(tigers) get slaughtered

  14. Jason4Bama Says:
    December 18th, 2010 at 10:10 pm
    the barn…the barn…the barn is on fire

    We dont need no water
    let the motherf*cker burn.

  15. A shamed season in the eyes of the majority – check.

    Unrest even if they overcome Oregon’s speed – check.

    Over 100+ Heisman voters abstaining due to guilt – check.

    Barner’s “hostile” while on top of the game! – check.

    Check? I mean asterisk.


  16. Jealousy noted – check
    Whipping you at JH West and seeing all the open jaws on Mullets – priceless
    Giving Bama a dose of their own unsportsman like song “we just beat the hell out of you” – priceless
    Making Bama fans shut the f up this year – priceless
    Beating Nicket the Ewok coach and your supposed “dynasty” preseason 1 team at your own stadium – priceless
    Heisman biootches

    Blow tide, go talk about TN now, do what every Bama fan does, kick other programs when they are down. The nation by the way, is glad you retarded, unsportsman like rednecks aren’t at the big dance this year. How you like them apples.

  17. Don’t worry Hater. The hammer, or should I say guillotine has yet to fall on “the loveliest village”.

    The main thing that separates Alabama alumni from people that “claim” to have attended classes at Auburn in Chem E is that Alabama people are not delusional. We at Alabama realize that it is very difficult if not impossible for a college team to defeat a pro team.

    I know it’s odd to ask Hater,, but I just got to know. Is it a “God Thing” for you to beat off every time you watch the Iron Bowl replay on your VCR?

  18. And as for Dye Jr, he is a douche bag. I talked tom him last March after the pro day for Mike Johnson and Colin Peek.

    I found it very interesting that he’s a big family man. Yet, he was out at 11 pm getting Johnson and Peek drunk at Innisfree and then Pounders. Plenty of Bama players use Dye because he overpays for the loans that he makes to them and he is connected well with the Saints, Falcons, and Jaguars. The only reason he is connected well, however, is that he doesn’t push hard for any of his guys. None of his guys ever hold out. In other words, he just turns the players over so he can recoup his money and then get his cut of their checks. Or, he sells out his guys.

    One more thing. Aside from a law degree, something that Alvin Keels has shown to be unnecessary, Pat Dye Jr needed a boatload of money to start his own agency representing athletes. Wonder where that money came from? I suppose a lot of money is easy to come by if you can find an unmarked ATM card, or get a great deal on some commercial office space, or if your Daddy is on the board of directors at a bank with less than strict lending policies. Oh wait.

  19. Hey, Hate, the only thing I have seen is about how Auburn and Oregon both have tarnished the NC game. Which team has the biggest thug players and all that. You should be so proud. Bama will be back and winning another NC before Auburn gets another chance. Auburn won’t be back in your lifetime anyway, so enjoy this one to the fullest. Go Ducks! Buck the Farn!

  20. BamaHate needs to take his meds. Bama must really get to him. I guess it makes him mad the Bama faithful still look down on Auburn no matter what they do.

    This Auburn year is a fluke, or in statistical terms…an outlier. And what is true of all outliers, they always return to norm.

  21. Isn’t this an Alabama site? It seems to be an anti-auburn site more than anything. Alabama fans get really jealous really easily.

  22. I am not so sure. There are more Auburn people on here concerned with what Bama might or might not be saying about Auburn than Bama fans. It is why you are here, right?

  23. Aha, see these Auburn people around here have been living to see Bama fail for years. Last year was torture for them, and now they think they deserve some kind of respect from Bama fans because of the year the have. It’s not that we consider Auburn equal, cuz they are not. They hate it because we will always look down our noses at them no matter what they do. But they have been coming here in droves trying to make a point on a Bama site. How dumb is that?

  24. Well both sides are dumb. The game is over, there’s really nothing to argue about until next season at this point.

  25. The point is made on the field. I think the saddest part is that you actually think we give a squirt of piss what you think about us. I can assure you the feeling is mutual. But I dont want to waste my energy on useless babble, for I have wonderful holiday plans to prepare for, as well as getting ready for the BCS National Championship Game.

  26. Auburn grad in the bingo scandal file his notice to plead guilty today….he is gonna plead on the counts that will bring everybody else down…..I guess SACS and NCAA will have a lot of free evidence to work with the Federal boys are done

  27. NCAA owes SMU an apology….if Auburn was worthy of crystal it would be a trophy for the longest and most sophisticated college P4P scam ever

  28. Ahh Junkie, but you are here and I am not on a Auburn site. Do you really think I give 2 sh!ts about what some low-rent Auburn fan thinks about Bama? We have the history, the tradition and the trophies that you don’t have. And it has been settled on the field, overall in Bama’s favor. And it will still be in Bama’s favor the day you die. Enjoy your one shot at a title, in your history. You beat your chest so much you would think you contend for one more often. Better hope you win it first. I think the Ducks outlucks you and Auburn runs back home with their tails between their legs, depleted for next year and out of players to buy.

  29. yet you are here. I repeat, no one cares what pissant little Auburn fans think about Bama. We have it all, and you have nothing, yet. All you have is a once in a lifetime shot. You better make it count, cuz you guys won’t live to see Auburn do it again. Better hope that luck doesn’t run out for one more game.

  30. yeah brando the highest level of stupidity is the level a barner gets to when though dont even know how stupid they are

  31. BamaHate Says:
    December 18th, 2010 at 5:00 pm
    Hey Losers,
    Just cant get over AU can you. Do have a stroke or heart attack about it, geeesshh.

    Get a life.
    Julio Jones is using Pat Dye’s son’s player recruiting services for the NFL. Does that mean Jones is a crook now too?


    I had no idead that Julio was entering the draft. So how did you know?

  32. Because he hired Dye Jr implies he is going pro moron. Dye Jr and Sexton combined recruiting services.

  33. guest Says:
    December 20th, 2010 at 4:37 pm
    Isn’t this an Alabama site? It seems to be an anti-auburn site more than anything. Alabama fans get really jealous really easily.

    Da*n Barneys are dumb. Dude you are as obvious as a clown’s red nose.

  34. barn has never played in a title game or bowl game with title implications….bama 19 times….even with barnneck logic bama would not be jealous of barner

  35. BamaHate Says:
    December 22nd, 2010 at 8:28 pm
    Because he hired Dye Jr implies he is going pro moron. Dye Jr and Sexton combined recruiting services.

    Bamahate. Once again you talk about things you have no clue about.

  36. Thought everybody might be interested to know, I was watching sportscenter year in review today. They talked about Alabama winning it’s 7th national title this year not 13th.

  37. 8th since ap poll 1936 plus 25 26 30 34 = 12 do not claim 41 and add the stolen 66 on racial issues…77 notre dame national catholic team bs…75 and 45 and bingo

  38. ohio state players sold their stuff last yr – they were busted off ncaa fbi local cop investigation of non players beginning in march 2010 = no word of this til a week ago….

    yep – au – dead men walking

  39. No I’m pretty sure it’s just 7th…period. Bama fans want to believe they won ever single championship ever, but honestly it doesn’t even really matter. No “championship” matters before about the 1960’s or 1970’s when it was standardized and honestly now that we’ve entered the BCS era the only thing that matters is BCS championships of which Bama has 1. Florida has 2, LSU has 2. Choke on that. You’re the 3rd best SEC team now.

  40. Couldn’t agree more, Rebel. These mullets think they have some importance based on UA “historian” lies. Most of the time Alabama was voted #1 by the UPI BEFORE the bowl game they lost and these idiots still claim a NC. It is equivalent to Auburn losing to Oregon and still claiming the NC cause Kellogg’s cereal voted them #1.

    Don’t believe me, look it up on Wikipedia.

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