When LSU broke NCAA rules, it did the responsible thing. According to the AP, “LSU will take away two football scholarships and limit recruiting visits in hopes the NCAA will accept the self-imposed discipline as its mandated punishment for rules violations discovered by the school in 2009.” LSU should be applauded for taking NCAA rules somewhat seriously—unlike some in the conference. Below you can read more on LSU’s proposed penalties.

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  1. Class.
    Don’t act like something or say something you are not.
    Some schools act like they wrote the book on moral superiority and when they get caught….(Well now… lets just say that is a different story isn’t it,) they lie, obscure obfuscate the truth. They stay in a state of plausible denial, hoping and praying that if they delay the process long enough it will go away.
    Congrats to LSU for showing SOME programs the way it should have been done. And thanks to LSU for showing the class and integrity to take responsibilty for a mistake that “they didnt know about” at the time.

  2. The mess keeps swirling down the road.
    I was reading the link Hammah perovided to SBB in another thread. Interesting stuff. But at the end of the day it means nothing now that we have the whole “we are innocent becasue we didnt know a thing.”
    It reminds me of Slick Willie asking what the definition of “SEX” is…..

  3. Without pac to pac transfers payments will stop….when players dont get paid they start talking….they cut the head off of the snake


  5. There is no mystery here. Auburn has cheated very well and this bastard title that it aspires to – is bogus .
    It is not only the Bama Nation. It is everywhere that this myopic and controlled Media in this State – won’t mention. If there was ever an case of delusional grandeur – you f*cking Aubies have it. Just Imagine if it is taken away. That is your real nightmare Aubies. They will take it away. That is why you f*cking squirm every day. That is why you act and react like you are on the Rag everyday.
    It could Happen and even worst – your Title has an Mental Asterisk next to it – IF you win. F*cking Cheaters.

  6. this is being played out word for word form the tennessee playbook.

    if you know somethings going to hit the fan, self-report.

    throw in a few other minor trinkets you “found” in the course of your “investigation” and throw the infractions committee a few small bones.

    then pound your own back publicly about what a great job you do with compliance.

    the nzaa loves that stuff. they use these instances to slap the violator on the hand and show the others how easy this all is if you just “play by our rules”.

    lsu might, and i emphasize MIGHT, get a couple of scholarship reductions tacked on, but that will be it, end of story.

    but NEVER doubt, there’s more to this lsu’s not saying.

    and the sec and nzaa DON’T WANT THEM TO SAY!

  7. Finebammer:
    At least LSU reported something, Auburn (on the other hand) shut up and lawyered up.

    And Autiger47,
    I have 2 children that went to UA.

    And I would carefully remind you that the last Auburn baseball cap I saw, was attached to the head of an obese, tobacco chewing redneck, who had what appeared to be stains from his breakfast on his tank top. So, lets not get into the whole “sidewalk alumni” bit.

  8. u know why au only has grads that r fans that
    is b/c au is their alma mater and obligated to root for their…and then they have the homers in west ga….that is the fanbase period….anybody with a choice chooses class chooses the champions chooses bama…bama is america’s team and the world’s team doesn’t matter if u went to harvard – south bama – dss techinal school = everybody loves bama chooses bama..got it? roll tide

  9. Yeah Hammah, have you waken up yet with your Americas team wet dream?

    Get over yourselves, just barely above MSU in the west. AU cheated wah wah wah. Speaking of rednecks, none come close to 100000 BO smelling mullets at BD field. And after you leave the stadium, you get that whiff of tire smell.

    Talk about the gates of hell, that’s it.

    Blow tide, I hope Mich St hangs 100 on Tatoo.

    Blow tide

  10. BamaHate Says:
    December 18th, 2010 at 11:12 pm
    Yeah Hammah, have you waken up yet with your Americas team wet dream?


    Apparently you didnt major in English Language when you graduated from the University of Auburn.

  11. No chemical engineering, Genius. What did you major in? Redneck sociology? Maybe “midget coach”‘ wrestling…

  12. Why don’t all the Aubs just invite us “bammers” to a spot of their favorite pasture where we can have a nice, formal duel.

    Nevermind. I forgot. Fagggotts like BamaHate just like to “type”. They don’t actually fight. They don’t want to risk an altercation. If a punk like BamaHate broke his hand, he might not get off for six weeks.

  13. BamaHate majored in sister humping and Bama envy. Chemical engineering? Someone needs to raid his trailer for a meth lab. He sure sticks his chest out doesn’t he? But don’t worry, he is all talk, and he still has bad dreams about what Bama has done to him, and his daddy and grandaddy. His fears will come back again soon, and he will be back to a normal whiny ass Auburn fan again.

  14. You are correct. This is what a program should do when they’ve actually done something wrong. When a program has done nothing wrong they should proceed as Auburn did. How was Auburn acting irresponsibly if the NCAA agreed they were correct in how they handled the situation?

  15. I wouldn’t say ‘correct’, when they are going to have an emergency meeting in January to clarify and ammend the rule, so what happened at AUBURN doesn’t happen again. Auburn was fortunate nothing happened with Cams eligibility, so just be thankful for that. It all came down to this: Did Cam know what his daddy was doing? If he did, he would have been declared ineligible. Looking at Cams character in the past should lend toward he probably knew it, but it couldn’t be proved with any hard evidence, so they let him slide, limited the dads access, and are going to change the rule. If you think that means he is not guilty, then you are blind. At least admit the truth instead of justifying crooked dealings with questionable players.

  16. If it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he had no knowledge of what his father was doing then that means he is not guilty. Did he know? I have no idea. I only know what the evidence is. And as long as you are asking me to be honest, let me ask you this: were the roles reversed and what was happening at Auburn was happening at Alabama, would you not be defending UA as vigorously as some Auburn fans are defending Auburn University? Ad I admit that some fans have gotten extreme in their defense.

  17. Bama would have set him out, like they did with Dareus at the beginning of the season. And if Dareus’ dad was shopping him around, and admitted to it, it would not have bothered me to kick him off the team. All I am saying is the guy (Cam) has exhibited questionable behavior before he even made it to Auburn. Kicked off the UF team for stealing, investigated for academic fraud, his dad shopping him around. And his dad being a preacher and all. Does that sound like a player who wouldn’t be involved with any shady dealings? But look, he got away with it, just by saying he didn’t know. I think the odds are he did know. You can play dumb and say there is a possibility that he didn’t. But odds are he did and lied about it to cover his ass. So, the NCAA is meeting next month to clarify the rule. It won’t happen again. If the same situation plays out like it did at Auburn this year, next time the player will be ineligible. He got away with it so be proud. But you are in the minority on your opinion.

  18. So, since the NCAA established the ‘Saban Rule’ he must have been guilty of cheating, yet UA is erecting a statue of him.

    Who said he was kicked off the UF team for stealing? Another blogger?

    Since Cam’s father is a preacher and all that shopped his son, then Cam is has questionable character? What does that make Mark Ingram?

    Last I heard, the SEC stated the problem was with MSU and Cecil Newton. Did I miss something?

  19. Wasn’t their a video of Scam playing with himself on the web cam, character my azz. Barners are a bunch of dipsh#ts. They need to pull their head out of their own azz

  20. What it makes Mark Ingram is a player who sat out until his eligibility was cleared by the NCAA. Much the same as Julio, Harris and Dareus. AJ Green and many others in the SEC.
    See, the Ncaa did not have to request that they be suspended. Their programs took the initiaive (much like LSU0 in clearing up and complying with the NCAA.
    Auburn on the other hand said “all-in” and lawyered up. Big difference there if you ask me.
    The precedent here is quite scary.
    Mom and Dand and uncle Pat can shop the kid around and make a fortune and all the kid has to do is deny knowledge that anything took place.
    It is a bad precedent. And if everyone did it Auburn would not finish higher than 25th in the nation very often. While the fanbase and d alumni at Auburn think they are rich , they forget the Waltons at Arkansas, or all of th oil billionires in Texas. Or the IT billionaires in seattle.
    You see where I am heading with this?
    If anyone could bypass the amateurism rules simply by denying them. The landscape of college football would change and the schools that had the most money would simply buy the best team. (Think USC/Reggie Bush.)
    So if you are so blinded by loyalty to your school that you cant see the damage of the Cam Newton decision get ready. Harvard and Yale have a very rich and powerful fanbase. And they can afford to pay parents all day long.

  21. Cam Newton’s eligibility does not mean a player’s family or representative can be paid. If you believe that you are lying to yourself or trying to make the decision regarding Cam worse than it is. Had it been proven that Cam’s father received money – even without Cam’s knowledge – the NCAA ruling would have been completely different.

  22. WTC, a father shopping his son around is a little different than the ‘Saban’ rule that keeps head coaches from recruiting in the spring.

    WDE: And if Cam admitted that he knew his dad was shopping him, money or no money, he would have been ineligible. The rule is about amateurism and representation. Cams dad will be considered and agent in the future.

    But all of you Auburn people, just be thankful you didn’t get into trouble. It could have been worse. But don’t try to defend Cam over his dad. Cam is a big boy. He knew what was going on.

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