The Birmingham News citing two SEC sources reported Texas A&M could be headed for the SEC and is expected to shun the Pac-10 or Pac-16.

According to Kevin Scarbinsky, “Barring political intervention in the Lone Star State, two well-connected SEC insiders told The Birmingham News today, Texas A&M is going to leave the Big 12 and join the SEC.”

This follows on reports that Texas A&M regents have the votes to join the SEC, and reports of Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive visiting College Station for talks with Texas A&M.

11 thoughts on “REPORT: Texas A&M to join SEC”

  1. and this does what exactly for the sec? whos gonna make it and even conference? oh well lodi dodi at least we still got the future number one draft pick,heisman winner and all american blocker JULIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JONES! aint that right jimmy ?lol

  2. Welcome to the SEC A&M and thanks for putting us in the Texas recruiting market and the Houston, Austin, San Antonio tv viewing areas. Your compadres over in Austin didn’t have the balls to come and compete here. I just wish Oklahoma had your balls. Don’t understand why they have to follow Texas around with their nose up the Whorns ass. Bama has a good relationship with OU and they actually have had a better overall team than Texas since the days of Bud Wilkenson. Oh well, it’s their loss. RTR!

  3. Think for a second. Gives SEC it’s TOP TWO television markets – Houston and Dallas, along with San Antonio, Ft. Worth, Austin, El Paso etc… and it gives Texas A&M a diferentiation with regards to U. of Texas (a dif league and better league to play in) A&M’s gonna start eroding the UT recruit stronghold it has had the past 6 years or so, and SEC positions itself for more telvision $

    Who do they add? Oklahoma may follow A&M, then you go get Virginia Tech (Washington tv market) and North Carolina (that whole state)

  4. The SEC Network already has DFW, Houston, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City within their syndication network. The early game in on free TV there. While ad revenues would increase, not much else would.

    As far at VT, the Hokies are closer to Tennessee than D.C. (hence why the Bristol Motor Speedway wanted to host a VT/Tenn game). Maryland is the school which would bring in the D.C./Baltimore market, but the SEC network is already there on free TV too.

  5. MONEY! thats all i mean come on guys abc cbs espn already have contracts with bama. its bot like we are not already being piped into homes across the nation anyway so this bs about the tv market is smoke and mirrors. a&m has been a doormat of a team for what 6or8 years now i mean come on do we really need that kinda team just to push a damn television market? the answer is a resounding NO.

  6. It’s obvious that someone from the ACC is going to get picked up – how would this affect the ACC divisions? Lots of questions with no answers during the turmoil.

  7. Another thing – this is definetly A&M’s two middle fingers to the burnt orange in Austin.

  8. Oh it definitely is that in HD Plasma 3D living color. They are revelling (excuse the pun Revellie) in making a point that while UTw is taking its steers to the Left Coast to cavort with the queers amid nothing but promises and uncertainty, A&M is coming to the stable, rich, mighty and 100% guaranteed SEC. Paybacks a bitch aint it? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  9. texas and okoloma dont want any parts of the sec THEY WANT TO BE IN A PLACE WERE THEY CAN WIN 10 TO 12 GAMES WITH PLAYING AT ALL

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