The mouthpiece of the Texas Longhorns reports via twitter: “Texas A&M regents have the votes to join the SEC and could announce that move as early as next week, sources tell”

This comes on the heels of multiple reports that SEC commissioner Mike Slive was in College Station Saturday for talks with Texas A&M about joining the Southeastern Conference.

The most amazing element of this story is the lack of leaks from the SEC and its member institutions.

6 thoughts on “REPORT: A&M has votes to join SEC”

  1. Yeah dipshit Orangeblood, the SEC, unlike the other conferences is a close nit organization. We work together instead of backbiting. Well most of the time anyway. RTR.

  2. Yeah dipshit Orangeblood, the SEC, unlike the other conferences is a close nit organization. We work together instead of backbiting. Well most of the time anyway. We only infight, we don’t sellout. RTR.

  3. Damn! I like Texas A&M and a lot of other schools, but I sure hope the SEC stays at 12. No need to add other schools, we’ve already proved we’re the baddest conference in the land.

    If we do expand, I hope to God it’s only to 14. Man, I hope they don’t screw our conference up adding more than 2!

    Kinda makes me sick thinking about it.


  4. Hey SEC,

    A Longhorn writing here…

    With our beloved Big 12 in turmoil, of course I’ve been watching the developments with anxiety. Lots of anxiety!

    Of course I’d prefer to keep our conference together. But, I guess I must admit, my first thoughts were always to keep the Longhorns and Oklahoma together…they are our primary rivalry, and we have much affection for them (OU primarily, but OSU too). Not to say I don’t have affection for Texas A&M, as our history is special….

    ….but, after reading many comments and blogs, I totally understand A&M going to the SEC. I have to be honest, A&M seems a natural fit for the SEC, just like Texas and the Pac (Pac Southwest?) also are a natural fit (OU/OSU, not so much, but I simply can’t imagine being without OU).

    I’ll really miss A&M, but I also see some benefits of being in a different conference:

    – If so, it magnifies the “grudge” in our traditional grudge match (yes! we will always play A&M in our OOC schedule!)

    – it adds a really exciting grudge match between the SEC and PAC (whatever it will be called) conferences,

    – it adds Texas (Longhorns/A&M Aggies) intrigue and viewers ($$) coast-to-coast

    – it’ll give me (as a Texan, Longhorn as I may be) reason to watch the SEC even more so (okay, okay, I admit, your SEC teams are awesome! I can’t deny it!)….

    – finally, as a purely personal reason….I REALLY want to have the Big 12 stay together, but given that I live in LAX, I will FINALLY get the chance to see my Longhorns on a regular basis, not just football, but in all sports

    Sooo, best wishes A&M. I really want you to succeed (heck, I’m really worried that this year your football team will be better than the Longhorns, no joke).

    The Longhorns will be fine in the PAC-whatever. I wish the same for A&M in the SEC….and I look forward to our annual game, even more so that we might be in different conferences!

  5. As a Texas Ex (read: I actually have a degree from UT-Austin), let me say that I would support A&M leaving to the SEC only so long as both teams continue to play their Thanksgiving game against each other.

    Also, I think it’s cute how tiny piss-ant states such as Alabama and Missippi, which are total rural trailer-park backwaters, and soo small that they can’t afford REAL sports teams like NFL or MLB, must content themselves the only way they can–by devoting all their pathetic resources to school athletics. No wonder the South lost the Civil War.

  6. A real graduate of the University of Texas and you don’t know that Texas lost that war too?

    I guess you guys do fit in with those schools on the left coast. Those schools that prefer women’s studies to actually useful classes.

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