That darn Tampa Bay Tribune is at it again.

According to some, when we first reported a discrepancy surrounding Dontae Aycock’s dismissal from the Auburn football team, many went to great lengths to discredit the story.

Eleven days later, much to the chagrin of some, the story surfaced in Tampa again:

“Auburn announced his departure as a dismissal for an unspecified violation of team rules, but Aycock said he isn’t aware of him breaking any rules. He said he went to coaches and asked if he could transfer out of the program.”

Aycock said he isn’t aware of breaking team rules, yet was dismissed for breaking team rules?  Somebody is covering something up.  Why would a player be dismissed when he doesn’t know of any rules he has broken?  Just for asking for a transfer?  More information is wanted.

Also interestingly…

“In his short time at Auburn, he said he never felt like he fit in with the Tigers.

‘I just didn’t like the atmosphere,” he said. “I don’t know if it was just me being homesick, but It didn’t seem like I fit well there.'”

What???  In the Fambly paradise, he didn’t like the atmosphere?  Abarn wasn’t the home away from home?  A student athlete’s utopia?

And in a shocking development, we still have not heard a peep from the Birmingham News on anything surrounding this situation beyond the press release the athletic department faxed them.  Absolutely shocking.

Aycock was a coveted recruit last year, rated as a four-star prospect by (No. 16 RB in nation) and a three-star by  I wonder how many coveted recruits the Tigers will show the door next season once they sign up to live in this “atmosphere” and discover they’ve been sold a bag of rotten goods?

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  1. I certainly have no info on the situation. But from an outsiders view it smells like Aycock didn’t like the looks of his future playing posibilites what with the returning RB’s and Dyer ahead of him. Probably discussed it with Cheeze Butt, got offered a chance on D and turned it down. Was told it’s the best opportunity to play early, and politely asked for a transfer. Then Cheeze Butt had to doctor things up a bit so the bad press wouldn’t deter future RB’s from choosing the Awbies. Just a thought. RTR!

  2. On another note. Right now I’m in Boise, Idaho looking out over Boise State’s football field. Man that blue shit is funky. Makes me feel like a bad acid trip, or purple rain. You know, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds type shit. With their matching uniforms I can’t imagine what it must be like seeing them, much less figuring which one has the ball. This place has to be at least a 21 point advantage. Fuckin’ morons. Maybe we should paint BDS grass crimson and wear all crimson uniforms. Ha ha ha! RTR!

  3. i agree with cap – au kicked him off the team for wanting to transfer…au king of skank – fo sho…maybe the numbers are counted different with transfers vs kick ed offs

  4. Egg….You actually made some sense when speaking about Auburn for once….And 19-19 year old kid aint exactly gonna go to the media and say ” Well, I was dismissed from the team because I did ———” …Not happening people.

    Why in the world would AU kick a kid with his talent off of the team for no reason cap ? Answer : They wouldnt…the story wont go away, because people like you want there to be something where there isnt.

    Much like the NYT and the “Sociology scandal” …What ever came of that ? Nothing….

    But lets flip the script….what happens every single time anyone sees smoke at the capstone ? Sanctions. Vacated wins. Scholarship cuts.

    Your hoping that if you shine the spotlight on the eastern part of the state, then it wont be shining on the western part. Good tactic, but a little too late. Bama will always be known as a cheating school. A winning school , no doubt, but a cheating school in reference to football.

  5. And this coming from fans of a school that is #2 all time in sanctions, who in just the past two years has been guilty of fabricating blatant lies about Julio Jones and B. J. Scott and Cadillac Escalades and Dre Kirkpatrick and Dodge Chargers and whos supporter Anderson conspired to get 3 stars thrown off the team, all that shit and more in a concerted effort to hurt Alabama. By the way, how did that fishing trip work out for ya’ll? I seem to remember Julio going 73 yards to beat the corndogs and catching about 4 clutch 3rd down passes in the winning drive against Awbarn. How’d ya’ll like that Heisman that Mark won? Hell, anybody else ya’ll wanna’ take fishin’? Oh and by the way, Jerrell will be rudely intrnducing himself to Cam Newton, your recievers and RB’s in a few months. RTR!

  6. Im not talking about all of the allegations…….Just the ones that stuck….And there are plenty that have stuck in the last 20 years. Lets not even go there with AU…One time under Dye’s tenure. ONE….Since then I believe your team has been pinched 4 times….Yeah Egg…Good comparison.

  7. You aubies are beating a new bottom in the intelligence pool, accusing Bama fans of fabrication when you are clearly the epitomy of paranoia. When you’re irrelevant on the national scale, you won’t get caught I guess, is that how it works, or did Bobby spend a shitload of time and money to make sure Bama got hanged in the streets, kinda like Obama getting elected. If Obama really won the majority vote, I’m a Chinese astronaut. Why don’t you faggets put some time into making shithole university a better place and quit trying to drag big bro down, get some class and dignity and the Bama faithful will let ya alone, until Nov. anyway. Till you figure out your place, keep coming with the bullshit stats and self affirmations about “family”. Bottom line, auburn sucks, that’s why you defend it the way you do.

  8. Big red dummy…….read above….Did I fabricate the NCAA scholarship cuts from the Logan Young / Albert Means debacle ? Noooooo….

    Did I fabricate textbook gate ? Nooooo…

    Did I fabricate the loss of scholarships and wins due to both ? Noooooo…..

    How is that delusional ?

    Quick, bring up Eric Ramsey getting a steak bought for his family by the coaches. Like there is even a comparison.


  10. Aycock is not “aware” of violating any team rules?? So I guess he never “knowingly” violated a team rule. Is that kinda like Barry Bonds saying he never “knowingly” took steroids??

    This kid was a 4 star recruit, he’s been gone for almost two weeks, and the only schools that have contacted him are a junior college and a D-II school. In the article you cited he’s practically begging South Florida to take him. You think these coaches don’t know the real story on him??

  11. Either that or the Chiz doesn’t know how to evaluate talent. Any other 4-stars in that illustrious class that are busts??

  12. You never know. Mike Ford wound up there and was a force at RB. Did pretty well against Auburn too. But ironically, he was dismissed from USF back in February.

  13. ITK, all AU and Bama bias aside…don’t you think it’s a little strange that the kid said he requested a transfer, and two weeks later he still doesn’t have the slightest clue where he’s supposedly transferring to? Isn’t that something you’d kind of have an idea about before you went to your coach and requested a transfer??

  14. Of course ITK knows waz up…..But that does not make for good old fachiion sleezebag blogging against your rival.

    But, you would want to think he could at least come up with something halfway believable.

  15. What I think is, I am a man with the ability to think clearly and prognosticate my next moves beyond my present impulses, feelings or whims.

    Too often we attribute this same ability to adolescent athletes who are really not yet men at all. They don a jersey and helmet of our liking and become the “good guys”.

    That said, I don’t know what went thru the young man’s head. All I can do is read what one journalist in Tampa continues to write, presuming by his persistence he knows something that we don’t.

  16. Dont forget your unbaised quote “Somebody is covering something up”…And then commence to baching the Bham news for not reporting something that does not exist…..Yeah man, clear thinking there…


  17. Something has the Tampa Tribune fairly confident what you hope doesn’t exist, exists.

  18. BPI,
    auburn was put on probation wit the NCAA accreditation board. And almost lost its academic accreditation. To abbreviate that. They almost had the doors shut. If they blow the probation or do it again. auburn will truley have to go back to Agricultural/mechanical status.

  19. hmmm. Newton did not violate any rules.
    aycock “did”. sounds like spin to me. Seems the folks in Florida think that Newton is a thug and that aycock is a good young man. I wonder why?
    By the way does anyone know what the outcome fo the Deron furr debacle was and how Chaz Wamsey’s lawsuit is going… I havent read anything about it in the Birmingham news recently.
    Did the Birmingham news even metion in passing that if Auburn had one more little infraction they would have lost their academic acreditation over the sociology thing…. No. Not really.
    What about the generous $5 million dollar donation to Tommy tuberville’s personal wealth, (even though they didnt owe him the money?)
    What about the article explaining that Harris and Jones were being bribed by AN AUBURN BOOSTER on the fishing trip.
    I guess they missed that one too.

  20. I hope your other accusations have more basis in fact than the fishing trip. I don’t care who it’s about, I hate misinformation, stupidity and down right falsefications. It was not Jones and Harris. It was Jones and Ingram. And there was no bribery involved. It was an effort to get our two biggest stars suspended for NCAA violations and hopefully cause the COI to levy more severe penalties against the University. The only thing that came out of it was a short suspension of Harris for the laptop. Actually it was a blessing in desguise. Had Harris not been suspended Nico would never have started. Now we have Harris, Nico and Hightower returning at positions decimated by graduation and early defection. Thanks Mr. Anderson, you tainted piece of shit! RTR!

  21. Wow, now the guy was actually an “Auburn Booster”??? You idiots are seriously so freakin’ tunnel visioned that you actually believe that Jones-Ingram fishing trip was a vast AU conspiracy instead of what everybody else in the world knows…some old guy with more money than sense wanted to rub elbows with some big time football players, and the kids were stupid and accepted benefits that they knew they shouldn’t have. It’s no more complicated than that. It wasn’t that big of a deal (except for the part about Jerrell Harris lying to the NCAA), which is why the NCAA didn’t really do anything about it. Get a freakin clue.

  22. its amazing that all the aubs keep trying to discredit aycock saying he doesnt know what rule he broke.better question is why doesnt cheesedik put all speculation to bed and release a statement saying what he did?i mean hell the kid is gone why would cheesdik just sit on the facts of what went down? common sense says its because there is some merit to what aycock and the tampa paper are saying. bottom line auburn fans denial aint just a river in egypt!

  23. Yeah, I agree with Julio. Anderson’s entire family being HUGE Auburn fans and some even alumni of the barn had nothing to do with his mysterious connection to some of Bama’s most high profile players.

    That he didn’t elect to “rub elbows” with “big time” players in Auburn is a complete coincidence.

    As was his saying he didn’t know the young men were football players at Alabama.

    The only thing the “whole world” knows Julia is that Abarn is dirty and will do ANYTHING to score equal footing with Alabama. And the only way historically that has ever been possible is to make gains off the field in order to get us in trouble and tie our hands.

    You are a complete boob if you think “the whole world” believes anything you just said in your last post. It was a very douche-like post.

  24. Uh… Julio.
    I think the jist of it is that IF you read anything other than the PRO-AUBURN rags, you might be able to see what the rest of the world is seeing.
    It isnt just eh capstone report. Its the papers in Tampa. And New York and Little Rock, and Starkville, and Athens….etc… need I go on and on?
    How does it feel to you (as an Auburn fan) to have to get the real news about Auburn football from everyone but Auburn and the Birmngham News?

  25. Wait .. dont answer that Julio… You have no real answer.
    Your answer would probably be some more or the “Well Bammer CHEATED” drivel. that your ilk thinks justifys everything they do up to and including murder.
    Your second option of an answer will be some crap like ‘Oh yeah!?! Well do you have links for that!!” and then when I show you links you will disappear in thin air and be back here next weeks talking the same trash again.

    ***which by the way if you try to post links as proof at the News they will pull your post.

  26. How about all of yall stop worrying about Aycock? Yes, he has left Auburn, and he WILL play somewhere else. But he is an 18-year old kid with a dream, and all you people want to do is soil his reputation. Guess what, it’s NONE of your business why he is no longer at Auburn; otherwise, they would release that information. Didn’t realize that was such a difficult concept to grasp. How about you worry about your next championship you need to go win and get out of these guys’ business!

  27. How about all of yall stop worrying about Aycock? Yes, he has left Auburn, and he WILL play somewhere else. But he is an 18-year old kid with a dream, and all you people want to do is soil his reputation. Guess what, it’s NONE of your business why he is no longer at Auburn; otherwise, they would release that information. Didn’t realize that was such a difficult concept to grasp. How about you worry about your next championship and stay out of everybody else’s business!

  28. Volguy, aside from your ability to write back-to-back identical posts, you apparently think you have the ability to not read an article then comment intelligently on it.

    We are not soiling any kids’ reputation. In fact, if you’d read the word groupings called sentences on this site, it’s our contention that he was done wrong.

    Good luck struggling to become bowl eligible up in Knoxville this year.

  29. Wow, you little bammers got angry about that last post, didn’tcha? Yes, I’d like to see a legitimate article that identified Anderson as an AU “booster” (I mean by the NCAA’s definition, not yours tmc…), and I’d like to see a legitimate article that claims the whole thing was some vast AU conspiracy. I promise I won’t “remove your links” tmc (whatever that means.)

  30. You’re right, Julio. A person with strong family ties to Auburn would have no motivation to torque with the system, specifically and mysteriously two of Bama’s greatest players. (Here’s where you cover your eyes and tell me to “prove” that the world is round.)

    The great thing about the truth is you don’t have to defend it. It eventually rises to the top, and everyone who saw that situation unfold knew what was going on. Douche.

    A vast conspiracy? I’m not sure there is such a thing. But the point is, it doesn’t take a “vast” anything. Do the deed, make a phone call, and the damage is done. Which was the intent.

    Too bad it didn’t stop us from winning our 13th National Championship, winning our 22nd SEC Championship, bagging the Heisman, shelving the Crystal Football in the Bryant Museum and placing six players on the AP All-American team.

    Try harder!

  31. I’m confused…are you saying Anderson took Jones and Ingram fishing, bought Harris a laptop, and then turned himself in?? That makes a lot of freakin’ sense.

    I guess you’re also translating Deborah Lane’s (UA asst. to the president) statement that Anderson was not a football fan, and claimed that his family were “fans” of another SEC school as being synonymous with Anderson himself being an AU “booster” under NCAA guidelines and the same as having “strong family ties” to AU. I also missed the part where Lane’s statements said his family were HUGE Auburn fans. But hey, who cares…it’s kinda hard to give this BS traction if you simply cite the actual evidence without hyperbole, right??

  32. Im an Auburn fan and would take Julio and Harris fishing. Why not ? It would be cool to hang with some future NFL players. Heck, I might even give em my old laptaop. Wouldnt mean anything…Up till the point that they drove home in their new Charger !!!!!!!


  33. If J.Harris did lie to the investigators about receiving that laptop that I am very surprised he wasn’t suspended even worse. We all saw what happens when you lie to the NCAA ….(Dez Bryant)

  34. Dumbass! You’re trying to pass off what Lane said as Alabama’s official position on the matter. When as a fact Alabama had not investigted the truth or fallacy. They wantf it done and over with quickly to head off any problems with the NCAA. Lane’s statement was nothing more than repeating the remarks of Anderson during his interview. And if you believe for one second the bastard was telling her the truth, was not a football fan or did not know they were football players at Alabama; then fuckhead I’ve got a mountain on Uranus I’ll sell you! The very first bullshit giveaway would have been that in a seperate incident the motherfucker gave a laptop to Harris, another up and coming Alabama star. Yeah I guess Anderson was just an Alabama football player magnet? Santa Clause in drag out to help only black UA athletes from the projects? Everybody in the country but Barners know what was going on. The Barners do too and you all secretly wish it had worked. Stupid Sons of Bitches. How do you like the results? RTR!

  35. EG, as usual you mistakenly believe the amount of profanity you utilize has some correlation to the amount of credibility of your argument. Furthermore, I agree with you that Anderson was lying…he knew exactly who those guys were, and that’s why he wanted to rub elbows with them. Now, where you surmise that Anderson is an AU booster or has “close family ties” to AU, or that his family are “HUGE” AU fans is from nowhere but your own rectum. Where your paranoia transfers to absolute lunacy is when you convince yourself that Anderson took them fishing, bought Harris a laptop, and that he then turned himself in. As if anyone would intentionally subject himself to a statewide media shi+ storm and barrage of threats from crazy fans just to gig Bama a little. Yes, that’s a very logical assumption.

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