This passes for civil discourse in Michigan? Name calling and vulgarity are the only weapons in the arsenal of bankrupt ideas. Here are a few choice samples from MGoBlog and Michigan visitors to this site (I’ve left the lame insults such as bubba, doofus and moron out):

• Your Stupid, Stupid Minds
•an Alabama blog run by people who have carved stomas into their necks because mouthbreathing is beyond them
•There’s no amount of careful monosyllabic explanation that will get the point across to them so I’ll dispense with the humorous talking-to-cavemen schtick
•Rodriguez said something their tiny lizard brains interpreted as Sabanesque.

Now some random comments that further illustrate the excellence in pettiness of Michigan fans (from visitors to this blog):
•Holy shit, you inbred, pig-fucking hick.
•Go back to fornicating with your sister/cousin/mother/coon dog, and leave the thinking to us smart-uns up north.
•If you had an education past 3rd grade in any other state (or the ‘bama equivalent of a phd in english), you could figure this out.
•This article has all the unwarranted bombast of a shitty Jay-Mariotti-on-his-high-horse article, with petty vindictiveness and ignorance to reality tossed in.
•Whoever writes this blog is maroon. As in: not smart.

How can anyone take anything seriously when accompanied by such childish name calling? Is this an accurate impression of the University of Michigan?

Probably not. Cook and his followers are everything wrong with the Internet. But we already knew that. Cook cannot offer one shred of evidence that Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban screwed anyone; however, that doesn’t stop him from lying on his blog with lines like this: “then rammed down its roster by chucking every disappointing reserve with a stubbed toe on medical scholarship, getting lucky with some armed robbery, and probably just plain cutting one kid.”

Opinion isn’t a fact. I challenge Cook to provide one bit of evidence to support his contention. Show one player cut that complained to the press about not having a real injury or the coach treating them unfairly. Otherwise, and I’ll say this in words a vulgar person like Cook can understand, Shut the fuck up. The Internet doesn’t need your rude, disgusting and condescending prose.

However, we cannot let Cook distract us from the key point. His whole argument against over-signing centered on the harm it could theoretically cause to student-athletes. When this point is taken to its logical conclusion, he should be upset when ANY student-athlete theoretically suffers harm. His coach threatened to cut players who weren’t helping the program. That sounds arbitrary and capricious. Todd over at Roll Bama Roll summarized it best: “Now, correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t cutting players loose that aren’t contributing to the team in the manner the coaches expect while still under the NCAA’s scholarship cap an even bigger dick move than the purported ‘evil’ of Saban’s house cleaning?”

19 thoughts on “Venomous, vitriolic, vulgar”

  1. I actually am embarrassed by those immature comments made by my teams fans.

  2. You should be ashamed. I understand that Michigan has fallen on the hardest times in their history, and for a proud program like yours that can make people fiesty and defensive. We know. We’ve been there over the past 15 years. But we aren’t Mich. St. or Ohio St. You have no rivalry with us to give you cause to attack us on the internet or to come on our site and behave like rabid dogs when we defend ourselves against those rabid and retarded attacks. Nick Saban is a proud professional and he loves kids. That is why he left pro ball and came back to college for less money. His oversigning is carefully planned. He does not want to have to treat a kid unfairly to meet quota. If you want to crucify someone for oversigning abuse I suggest you look at Houston Nutt who signed a revolting 37 recruits at Ole Miss and then lost 2 scholly’s to APR requirements. He will need the talents of the Great Houdini to fix that mess. Look CNS knows from public records everything about his recruits before he signs them. He knows which ones will have to grey shirt because of high school injuries. He knows which ones will not academically qualify and will first have to attend Jr. College or Prep School. He knows which ones are borderline talent and want to play for Bama bad enough that they will walk on if he needs that scholly. He knows which current kids aren’t happy with their playing time and are looking at transfering, which ones have used up their ‘ataboys’ and refuse to conform, which ones are moral problems for the team and which ones have legal problems that aren’t acceptable. He bent over backwards for Prince Hall. Alabama also has an entitlement program set up by Bear Bryant for qualifying athletes that can free up schollys. For CNS oversigning is an art and a business. Not a cold hearted fu-k the student athlete system that UM would like everybody to believe. All you people are doing is harping on the possibilities – not the facts. Hell if that’s how you look at it then you could say that driving a car is bad because every person that gets in their car could potentially drive down the sidewalks mowing down pedestrians. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to. Well, in Detroit maybe! Don’t be lambasting us when you don’t have the facts and don’t know what you’re talking about. RTR.

  3. Cap…Lets not act like bile hasnt been spewed hear on more than one ocasion. I get the whole stoking the fire deal. Godd for traffic and all. But you know, pot kettle and all that ?

  4. The bile may have gone both ways, but it certainly crept here from the Wolverine State first.

  5. Wait a minute Ballplay, seriously, are you saying that anything I’ve ever done is as disgusting and childish as that?

    Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever been so insulted before now.

    Well, I was pretty insulted when that Michgan guy compared me to Jay Mariotti. That might have been the harshest insult of all! 🙂

  6. Yeah Ballplay, vile has been spewed here, and quite often. But this is our Blog. I troll the blogs of our rivals and the perinnial top 20 schools regularly and I haven’t seen where any Bama fans spew the unprovoked, vile bullshit that the Michigan people posted on those 2 MGoBlog topics this week. The key word being ‘UNPROVOKED’! Cap was just trying to tweek their noses for all those unjustified ‘fu-k Bama and Saban’ remarks in the past. Hell, the way they reacted you’d think he raped their daughters, shot their dogs and stole their Bud Lites! I think those nutcases up there have eaten one too many PCB polluted chickens, cows or hogs! RTR!

  7. I was trying to have a little fun by creating an absurd argument (come on, I said scholars about ten times in those posts!) that illustrated all the problems with Cook’s first argument. Namely, he ASSUMED there would be people screwed without having any evidence that people were actually screwed. Notice how he and other of his followers demanded names of people Rodriguez would cut? Funny how they wanted evidence, but refused to provide any to support their claim. 🙂

  8. There’s team loyalty, and then there’s complete lack of couthe. You have to have a healthy respect for the sport as a whole before you can be a true fan. For someone to spew vulgar remarks and claim to be a fan, I think,is an oxymoron. It’s fun to razz your competition, but to declare full-on hate for another person or program is indicative of a person full of hate. The writer of the Michigan blog needs to take can of Pringles off his shoulder and provide a little more substance to his readers.

  9. Sigh. College Football. It will bring the hate out in you. Such passion for the game… RTR.

  10. Yea I agree with E.G…..Hold on im dizzy
    THIS IS “OUR” Blog and FUK THEM YANKEE BITCHES! I think I have found ANOTHER blog to visit as I can!!!!

  11. Look, when your program is down, on the rocks and out, it’s easy to go on the attack. It often feels like the only thing you personally can control while the likes of the Division I-AA kick you. Again, we’ve been there. But it makes no sense to go on the attack here. If we played tomorrow, we’d pull an Iron Bowl ’08 on the Wolverines, and they know it. They just know the only way we’d play would be in a bowl game, and Lord knows they won’t play beyond November for a while.

    Go get’em Coach Rod!

  12. intheknow72 hit the nail on the head. The fact of the matter is that if Michigan had gone 12-0 the past two seasons, and Coach Rod hadn’t been involved in the bitter and very public divorce from West Virginia none of this would have come about. It’s pretty low and even childish to try and take attention away from your short comings by pointing out what you believe to be the short comings of others. If I’m not mistaken there is an old adage that states that you can tell a great deal more about the character of a person when times are tough than you can when are times are good.

  13. who is Michigan?
    I am sure that some of thier “fanbase” do think they have dizzying intellects but the simple fact is…..It is a moot point. Michigan is in a downward shitstorm and bashing anyone else is not going to assuage it one bit.
    Mgoblog is a clown fart of a blog.
    Always trying to poke at someone in the true hillbilly jugghead fashion.
    Think of it this way guys.
    The definition of a “hillbilly” is a Michigan hill farmer.

  14. I wouldnt speak so fast ITK. THey could turn it around as quick as you guys did. They are Michigan.

  15. Ballplay, who the hell cares if they turn it around or not? We are BAMA! Michigan doesn’t mean shit to us! They have a few more all time wins than us because they started playing football before we did. That’s it! We have more undefeated seasons than them, more bowl games, more bowl wins, more conference championships even though the Big 10 has existed longer than the SEC, more top 10 rankings and far more national championships even if you only count the consensus ones. So who the hell is Michigan that we shouldn’t piss on them after the way they came over here and acted? Anyway I’m wondering why the hell there were that many different Michigan yahoos trolling Bama blogs in the first place? You ought to visit some Ohio St. blogs and read that shit! Believe me, Michigan has more than enough to deal with at home. They don’t need to be over here harrassing us over stuff that’s none of their business. Hell I used to kind of like Michigan, a hell of a lot more than Ohio St. anyway. Now they’re down there in the dregs with Notre Dame, USC, Ohio St., Miami, Nebraska, Florida, Tennessee, LSU, Georgia and Auburn – not neccessarily in that order. RTR!

  16. Michigan has more tradition than you guys……..Hold it . just kiddin. Wouldnt want eggs pacemaker to explode.

  17. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Hey, Eggy Whiteass! I ………….. She said I ………………

    ……….. Can’t even see what a f…… loser your coach is that he likes to …. those kids over. Guess …… kids is your tradition though. Bear Bryant was a …………

    So suck on it bitches, just like you’ll be sucking our ….. this season after we beat your sad sorry asses. I ain’t gay like you fags, but I’ll make an exception for you queers. …. your dishonest loser of a coach too. He spent some time with the pig …… in Michigan. Guess he’s a pig …… as well. SEC will always rule the Little Ten, but you’ll always be our bitches in SEC play!


    Bunch of inbred illiterate f….. y’all are. Have fun ……..! Maybe she’ll return the favor!


  18. Hmmm? Better Than You must be an inbred Florida ****, scared to reveal himself, cause we’ve already turned it around on everybody else. The little gator *********’ll be suckin’ out the other side of their heads in December! Go on back home and play with ………….. we have to whip that ass 7 months early! We’ll call you when we need you.

  19. Yeah Ballplay. You are right. Michigan is Michigan. And Bama is Bama. And where the hell is Auburn again?

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