Venomous, vitriolic, vulgar

This passes for civil discourse in Michigan? Name calling and vulgarity are the only weapons in the arsenal of bankrupt ideas. Here are a few choice samples from MGoBlog and Michigan visitors to this site (I’ve left the lame insults such as bubba, doofus and moron out):

• Your Stupid, Stupid Minds
•an Alabama blog run by people who have carved stomas into their necks because mouthbreathing is beyond them
•There’s no amount of careful monosyllabic explanation that will get the point across to them so I’ll dispense with the humorous talking-to-cavemen schtick
•Rodriguez said something their tiny lizard brains interpreted as Sabanesque.

Now some random comments that further illustrate the excellence in pettiness of Michigan fans (from visitors to this blog):
•Holy shit, you inbred, pig-fucking hick.
•Go back to fornicating with your sister/cousin/mother/coon dog, and leave the thinking to us smart-uns up north.
•If you had an education past 3rd grade in any other state (or the ‘bama equivalent of a phd in english), you could figure this out.
•This article has all the unwarranted bombast of a shitty Jay-Mariotti-on-his-high-horse article, with petty vindictiveness and ignorance to reality tossed in.
•Whoever writes this blog is maroon. As in: not smart.

How can anyone take anything seriously when accompanied by such childish name calling? Is this an accurate impression of the University of Michigan?

Probably not. Cook and his followers are everything wrong with the Internet. But we already knew that. Cook cannot offer one shred of evidence that Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban screwed anyone; however, that doesn’t stop him from lying on his blog with lines like this: “then rammed down its roster by chucking every disappointing reserve with a stubbed toe on medical scholarship, getting lucky with some armed robbery, and probably just plain cutting one kid.”

Opinion isn’t a fact. I challenge Cook to provide one bit of evidence to support his contention. Show one player cut that complained to the press about not having a real injury or the coach treating them unfairly. Otherwise, and I’ll say this in words a vulgar person like Cook can understand, Shut the fuck up. The Internet doesn’t need your rude, disgusting and condescending prose.

However, we cannot let Cook distract us from the key point. His whole argument against over-signing centered on the harm it could theoretically cause to student-athletes. When this point is taken to its logical conclusion, he should be upset when ANY student-athlete theoretically suffers harm. His coach threatened to cut players who weren’t helping the program. That sounds arbitrary and capricious. Todd over at Roll Bama Roll summarized it best: “Now, correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t cutting players loose that aren’t contributing to the team in the manner the coaches expect while still under the NCAA’s scholarship cap an even bigger dick move than the purported ‘evil’ of Saban’s house cleaning?”