Former Alabama Crimson Tide lineman Andre Smith is back with that incompetent agent who messed up his NFL Combine and Pro Day. According to Pro Football Talk, “Cincinnati Bengals rookie offensive tackle Andre Smith has rehired Alvin Keels as his agent, a league source told us tonight.”

Firing Keels was the smartest thing Smith did after declaring for the draft. Hiring him back has to be the single greatest mistake Smith has made. It shows just how poor Smith’s judgment is. Everyone is pulling for him, but this isn’t a good sign.

24 thoughts on “Andre Smith makes ANOTHER mistake”

  1. Worse than stupid ass. This kid took one too many hits in the head. He’s more punch drunk than Muhammed Ali! Now we can see why he sabotaged Bama in the Sugar Bowl. It wasn’t an honest error – it was pure brain dead stupidity. I’m tired of hearing about this fiasco. Talk about beating the proverbial dead horse. This shit is never ending!

  2. Yep Im sure of it! HE SUCKS and he FIGGITY FU*KD you guys.

    Now I have a seriuos question that I hope gets me an answer.

    DO you think its becuase Saban can only
    influence boys? And for some reason Men dont want to listen to him?

  3. Well to begin with Smith is not a man except in size. Isn’t it obvious that he’s outrageously immature? As for Saban, it is difficult for anyone to influence a man unless the man wants to be influenced. Some men accept influence because their job demands it, some out of respect, some out of a lack of knowlegde and some because they have a weak or conformist personality. I haven’t figured out what the hell is Smith’s excuse for behaving as one of the team leaders until his final days and then going completely off the deep end. Somebody might ought to look into drugs or a brain tumor. I guess the answer to your question is that Saban can influence anyone who respects him – young or old. IMO.

  4. Omni, I would bet that if you played for Saban, you would listen, being a boy and all.

  5. Omni ever hear of this saying?

    You can lead a horse to water,
    but you can’t make him drink.

    Classic example.

  6. Thanks E.G. but check this out Andre isnt by MY standards a MAN but by his own he may think he is. That was the Basis for my question, Smith thinks hes grown and hes not listening to one time Atuthority figures…. And yes IF I played for Saban BUT I am a man and I listen to ME and my wife 😉 in other words to PLAGURIZE E.G. I dont look up to autoritative figures at all. They wipe their Stinky Asses like I do 🙂

  7. Sigh — more “free suckers” were obviously handed out to the “crew” in Huffman from Keels & Friends. It doesn’t matter now — he’s with Cincy — I hope he has a good career. RTR still …

  8. Oh God! Now I’m being plagerized! Next somebody’ll be mounting my Roll Tide Roll box in bronze! I gotta get off the frickin’ internet! RTR!

  9. I can see why you guys are a little ticked at Andre for missing the Utah game . Not that it would have mattered. They would have kicked your tails with or without him. Bottom line, yall dont know what the heck is going on with this whole deal. Andre gave you guys 4 FREEEEKINN STRAIGHT YEARS of great offensive line play, was a model athlete On a team that was full of thugs, and never got into trouble. He missed ONE DAM GAME !!!!! Crap, you dooshes act like you are sports agents/financial advisors on a subject and situation that you dont know anything about. If Bama had won against Utah, Smith would still be loved by you goobs.

  10. Get real Ballplay! A sports agent good or bad doesn’t recommend walking off the NFL combine, then acting non-conformist and pretty much screwing up your retry. Now he’s going back to the same agent that he fired for apparently causing the whole mess? Have you ever, ever heard of any athlete, much less a top 5 draft choice behaving like this before? No you have not!!! And don’t give me that sob story bullshit. He had, has Nick Saban to turn to turn for guidance. There is no excuse. Don’t give me that bullshit about Utah either. We had no simblance of a running game and NO pass protection at all. With Andre in the game Chapman would not have been playing out of position and therefore would not have been hurt and lost in the 1st quarter. We would have pulverize them with the running game and JPW would have had time for the recievers to get open. You underestimate the importance of missing two 1st round draft picks on an offensive line with no depth. Wakeup man!!! RTR!

  11. Firstly, Utah wouldve beat a 100% Bama team that night period. Like your idol Bahr said “if and buts, candy and nuts”.

  12. Of course Utah would’ve beaten a 100% Alabama! And the moon is made out of cream cheese, there really was an Atlantis, Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, Peter Pan exists, there was an Oz, Dorothy and Toto, there is a Shangrila, the earth is flat, there are mermaids, Osama Bin Laden loves America, Auburn will beat Alabama this year. Yeah, I believe you know what you’re talking about, really I do. LMFAO! RTR!

  13. Egg, you dont even realize how bad Utah spanked that ass do you ? They beat the living dog shart out of yall. It wasnt as close as the scoreboard indicated. The more you try to explain why you should have won, the sadder you look. Just accept it and move on. Do you hear me talking about how Auburn “should” have won the Iron Bowl ?

  14. Now you really are talking like you’re on a bad acid trip! Ooh look at allll the purrrty lights! You know Ballplay I really don’t give a shit about the Utah game, and neither did the team, which is why they played the way they did. Utah was insignlficant. The Florida loss hurt a 1000 times worse. If we had played Texas and lost I would have considered slitting my wrists! I know what the Utah game was all about. I know who was really the best team. The result of the game in all honesty was little more than a forfit. That’s why I don’t care. And I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks about it. I know the truth and therefore the results are insignificant. Capiche?

  15. Thanks for proving my point……….agian.

  16. Damn E.G. I hate to twist your words BUUT a forfit? Damn Dude you realize that is quiting right? So who do you think was the best team? QUITERS suck!
    ANd winners NEVER QUIT!!!!

  17. Omni, point well taken and I’m not denying it. There were apparently still too many Louisiana-Monroe players on that team. A little disappointment and they quit! But that doesn’t mean they weren’t a better team 364 days a year.

  18. Yes Sir I agree coming into that game they were the BEST TEAM….. I just hate that it ended the way it did and left that UNKNOWN type of void or * if u will????

  19. I just cant understand you Egg……Who gives a turd about the other 364 days ? Its the day they PLAY that matters. On THAT day Utah was light years ahead of Alabama. Moral victories are a joke. Suck it up and just admit it. Utah was better….Any real man would just admit it. Why cant you ?

  20. Because I bleed Crimson! Because an Alabama team an inch away from the NC game just doesn’t lose to the Utahs of this world. Because an Alabama team with only one loss had never lost a major bowl game except when playing for the National Championship, and those teams had names like Notre Dame, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Miami. Therefore any fool can see that it was an illusion, an aberition. Obviously there was a solar storm that distorted the tv signal. Just couldn’t have happened in the real world. It was the Bizzaro world from the Superman comics, that’s what it was! Good now I feel better. RTR!

  21. That was then, this is now…It aint 1974 anymore. The game has changed because millions of dollars are out there for the taking.

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