I’m not sympathetic to coaches who behave badly to the press; however, I don’t care for press who are rude and insulting. Rude members of the press make it more difficult for everyone. And here is the perfect example:

At around the one minute mark, Rob Parker asks the Detroit Lions coach, “Do you wish your daughter married a better defensive coordinator.” (via Awful Announcing)

Sometimes personal lives are relevant. Former Alabama coach Mike Dubose made his personal life an issue with an affair. But the question asked by Parker of the Lions’ coach appears petty.

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3 thoughts on “Why coaches hate the media (part LXI)”

  1. How is Dubose’s affair relevant to sports reporting but Parker’s question isn’t? Martz was dismissed after one season. Henderson, the first DC, was dismissed as well with no hesitation. So why, after 2 epic seasons of defensive futility, does Joe Barry still have his job. Why was he not fired after last year, why was he not fired 4 games in, 8 games in, 12 games in? Because he supports Marinelli’s daughter and grandchildren. This conflict of interest and personal life problem DIRECTLY effects the Lions team. That is relevant, and Parker has been asking him about it since Thanksgiving. Marinelli refuses to answer the question, as you can see in the video you’ve linked to.

  2. Dubose’s affair was relevant because it was with his secretary. Having sex with someone inside the athletic department could have an enormous impact on football operations. In fact morale was horrible inside the department because Dubose was spending less time leading and more time enjoying life.

    I don’t deny a conflict of interest is relevant to probe. However, being a jackass about it is just wrong. I’m sure Parker was trying to be funny. It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t professional. It is the type of thing someone like Olbermann would find entertaining–and Olbermann’s snideness made SportsCenter unwatchable….much like he’s made MSNBC now.

    Professional is more important than being funny. What’s professional? Treating the person you are covering with the respect and dignity any person deserves.

  3. Cap, is it just me or what? Saban seem’s more tolerant with the media these days, is it because he has been so much more successful this year? He has not went off in a while that I know of, except for maybe to fire up the fans.

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