Nick Saban worked a miracle in Tuscaloosa this year, and now we know how he accomplished it. He’s Santa Claus. The startling revelation came during a Monday press conference as the Alabama Crimson Tide prepares for the Sugar Bowl.

“You look forward to Santa Claus for a long time, and then all of the sudden one day you become Santa Claus,” Saban said obviously caught up in the holiday cheer.

Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas or Kris Kringle is a legendary and some would say mythological character. However, Saban’s admission that he is in fact Satan Claus brings many important elements of his character to light.

Now we know why he doesn’t have time for shit. He’s really busy bring holiday cheer and coaching a football team.

Being Santa Claus has its limitations. Santa doesn’t always get the best gifts. Saban said he doesn’t anticipate getting anything elaborate for Christmas. He said his wife Terry (aka Mrs. Claus) is giving him a pair of gold toed socks. But Mrs. Claus had a serious list for St. Nick.

“When I asked her what she wanted, you could’ve bought a whole truckload of socks for what she wanted,” Saban said.

Saban did provide a sentimental look at the season. He said it is a time to be thankful.

“This is a great holiday season. It certainly is a time to be thankful for all of us and all of the gifts we have,” Saban said. “I think that starts with your family and being thankful you have great relationships and have children and relatives and have people you can share time with.”

Alabama fans are thankful for the 12-1 record, but fans would be even happier if St. Nick delivers a Sugar Bowl win on January 2.

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  1. You wrote Satan Claus in the 3rd paragraph Cap. I don’t know if you meant to or not, but it is pretty funny. 😀

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