By Shane from Centerpoint
The former Auburn coach sat there with a huge smile plastered across his face. Pat Dye appeared secure and comfortable for the first time in years. Jay Gogue, the current Auburn University President (who was supposed to be the man in charge of the new head coach hiring), was nowhere to be found. Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words – this one was priceless. Finally, Dye had his man – he said so himself in his letter to Tiger Unlimited Fund members. If Gogue hired Gene Chizik and Dye was not involved, then somebody please explain why Dye was present and Gogue was as far away as he could get?

Want more proof of Dye’s re-emergence? Joe Whitt, a long time Dye crony, was immediately reactivated and assigned his old stomping grounds around Mobile, Alabama. Just look at the list of names being considered as possible assistants: Rodney Garner (Terry Bowden fired him because of the appearance of improprieties), Stacy Searels, Kurt Crain, Wayne Bolt, Tracy Rocker, and Patrick Nix. All are favorites of one man – Pat Dye.

The hiring of Chizik, a loser as a head coach (5-19 at Iowa State), makes absolutely no sense when you consider the mandate laid out by Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs. He stated that the checkbook was open and Auburn was going to hire the best coach available. Using those criteria, the hiring of Chizik was a joke.

It is more than evident that Dye believes that a return to the eighties is the solution to Auburn’s problems. None of the potential candidates “fit” his plan because most of them have no interest in being told whom to hire on their staff.

Why didn’t Pat just take the job himself? He, along with Lowder and Rane (a loose cannon who fashions himself as a coach anyway), evidently believe they can do a better job running the program than any of the “hotshots” who wanted to try their hand at taking the Tigers back to the top.

Why would anybody with a sound mind go down there and get mired in the midst of the incestuous soap opera that Auburn has become? Tuberville finally tired of Dye constantly looking over his shoulder, making suggestions for him to follow and knifing him in the back every time he made a mistake.

How many major college football programs have an ex-coach, who was removed from office because the NCAA caught the school cheating under his watch, remain on that schools payroll and participate in the hiring of that institution’s new football coach?

Let’s face it, Buffalo’s Turner Gill didn’t lose the Auburn job to Gene Chizik – Auburn President Jay Gogue lost the power struggle to Bobby Lowder. The rest of the so-called coaching search is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Certain members of the Auburn “family” are delighted by the direction that the university has taken. They are way out-numbered by fans and others who are simply baffled by the shenanigans involved with Chizik’s hire and who simply have no choice but to shut-up and like it.

Personally, I believe that Auburn is embarking down a dangerous path. The NCAA will take notes, while watching the same old song and dance happen right in the scope of public view. As much as I would like to think that this hire was done by the book, my common sense tells me that this was done the Dye Way.

Tommy Tuberville ex-communicated Lowder, Rane, and Dye after the infamous “Jet Gate” incident of 2004. He forgot that time was on their side. They sat around like hungry vultures – waiting for Tubby to fail. Now that he’s gone and Chizik (Dye’s personal puppet) is in place, the “old school” boys will start doing things the Auburn Way. One more thing, keep it down home cuz.

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55 thoughts on “Chizik hire is a sham”

  1. I understand that Chizik was around for Auburn 04 and Texas 05, but he had world-class talent to work with. I also understand that he was terrible @ ISU, but their best players wouldn’t see the field in the SEC.

    I think that the circumstances of his resume are a little too skewed for anyone to truly know how good or bad he will be as head coach. We will literally have to wait & see.

  2. I dont usually do editorials but I feel the need to clear the air about a few things.

    1. Shane you have an uncanny knack for discarding all of the ballyhoo, and going straight to the heart of a situation. Please keep up the good work.

    2. In my opinion, I think this has been a long time coming too. And it will have to play out for the next 2 seasons until there is an open rebellion by the Auburn Nation. (Which will be caused by 2 years of losing and losing badly.) And finally Auburn can be done with the cancers that have plagued it for years.

    3. It is clear that Pat Dye, Raines, Lowder and Co. have taken over. But be careful what you wish for. They have finally gotten thier heart’s desire. Unfortunately, its not in the gold and pristine condition they had hoped for.

    4. Before it is all said and done Pat Dye will lose whatever reverence and respect that he has milked at Auburn for all these years.

  3. Shane gives us his usual,biased opinion.In other words he SUCKS as usual.Someone needs to give shane some tissue paper to wipe his brown nose.That’s what happens Shane, when you keep your nose up Slimebaums rear.

  4. Shut up Bob!
    Your spouse isnt home all day drinking beer, farting, and watching the f*cking fishing channel because of Pat Dye and Nick Saban!!!!
    Shane is right Pat Dye is a decrepit old geezer who needs help putting on his pants!!!!
    And Gene Chiziik is a d*ck with ears!!!

  5. Mrs coach ensminger,sounds like you are a down to earth,well rounded member of society,posting garbage like that !You lead me to believe that you might be a rocket scientist!

  6. Shane, Shane, Shane… why are you so concerned about Chizik, Dye and company? Your conspiracy theories, innuendo and flat out clap trap are too funny.

    You must be worried that CGC is gonna kick Satan’s azz. Wait and watch…

    BTW, I hear that Satan’s name is at the top of the list for the ND job next year when Charlie the Tuna gets fired. True to form for old Nicky…stay a few and leave. Book it!

  7. YO, WARBIRD! ‘Bama losing Saban is just wishful thinking for ALL you Aubies! Didn’t you hear that Urban Meyer has said that Notre Dame is his “dream job?” Urban Meyer is letting ND know that “when the job is open, give me a call.” Notre Dame wants this guy, and if/when Charlie Weiss falls flat on his face, its practically “money in the bank.” GO AHEAD, all you Aubies who raid this site, keep wishing for Saban to go away! It ain’t happening anytime soon!

  8. Everyone knows that when Meyer moves north. Saban will have an open mining field in Florida.

  9. shane,
    you forgot to mention the fact that, normally when a coach gets caught cheating and lands his school on probation, the most prudent thing to do is for the school to disassociate with that loathsome individual. but what do the aubies do? put him on the payroll for life and name the field after him! what a bunch of losers.

  10. Yall quit picking on Pat Dye. You all know he is just a worthless old drunk that has no business being involved in a major football program. Nah just kidding. I hope the slobbering bastard keeps up his PR tour. It sure is entertaining. I’ll bet all the Aubbies are so proud of this idiot.

  11. Between Dye and Barkley, there is just too much love for Auburn.

  12. Ballplay, what do you think of Pat Dye having a lot more influence at Auburn since Tubbs is gone? I know I am biased about it, but I was curious to see what a true blue Auburn fan thought about it.

  13. shane,
    read the article at
    It says that Jimmy Rane called Houston Nutt after Alabama beat auburn.Tuberville had a clause added that if there was any behind the scenes dealings TT would get paid.That is why AU paid TT .All paerties involved have 1 thing in common Agent Jimmy Sexton .It is interesting reading


  15. I dont know that he has more. Hes always had a lot. Not to mention, hes one of the reasons Tubberville got the shaft.

    As with everything else, MONEY is the #1 factor in who holds the steering wheel when it comes to Auburn football. Dye has , or should I say, had lots of prestige. But as wealthy as he probably is, he is a peasant compared to the bus drivers, Lowder and Rein (sp). He is just a dysfunctional mouthpiece (that hurt to say) , that says what the moneybags want them to. Auburn football = too many chiefs, not enough indians.

    We need a Tyrant/jerk/great coach….Would Saban come for saaay 4.5 mill a year?

  16. P. Isreal ……That would explain a lot. If that is true Rane should be forced to pay that money himself, or step off the Board of Trustees.

    Me Norby. There was plenty of national media outrage when Croom didnt get the job. It was 100% unwarrented. Croom wasnt a good coach. But then agian, he was probably better than Shula.

  17. Ballplay, Tubbs got the “shaft” because he got lazy and complacent. Why shouldn’t he after the ’03 debacle? Look at where things have gone since ’04. He made his bed, now he’s lying in it to the tune of $5.1MM. He’s gone, let him go and get behind CGC. Whining on for days does not become you.

    BTW Shane, what ever happened on your investigative reporting of Chett? Like most of your clap trap, you found a dry hole, didn’t you. You remind me of the kid in the movie “6th Sense”. “I see Aubie conspiracies everywhere…and they don’t know they’re conspiracies!” You’re as dumb now as you were in trade school. Get a life. WDE!

  18. Warturd………I know your a fellow Aubro so Ill not pimpslap you. Just to let you know, Ive had meaner chunks of corn in my stool than you. Just sayin……….Im not whining . Tubberville was done wrong. I dont deny that his fire had kindled some. But wheres the loyalty ? Wheres the respect ? Im a realist . I dont know your age, but if your a young man. you dont realise what can ( and probably will) happen. Im behind Chizik. I have to be. But I said it before Tubbs left. If we are gonna get another coach, we better get the best coach money can buy. We didnt.We will have teams that mirror this years team. A lot of talent on defense. But a so-so offense. Now that Nicks in state, we will not get the best recruits. We will have to win on coaching. Do you think that Chizik can outcoach/recruit Saban. Even close ? If so, wake up. I hope Im wrong. But I think Im right.

  19. As an Auburn fan and season ticket holder it seems like Dye had his fat,grubby, drunk fingers all over this hire.But let me tell you this, Lowder had nothing to do with this hire.Do you really think this is who Lowder had in mind? Nope. I wanted TG as did most fans, but I truly don’t think this a racial hire.How come Clemson,Tennesse, MSU,or Syracuse for that matter aren’t racist.What its going to take to have more black coaches is to have one be successful in a BCS conference. Until then things will stay the same. Auburn had a.chance to let that happen but JJ screwed it up. I don’t think it comes down to race, it comes down to STUPIDITY.

  20. Thanks Danny…….Right on. Kreskin…I have had a double portion of humble pie served. If you know me at all, then you know Im loud and proud when were on top, and not so much when were not. Isnt that the way its supposed to be ?

  21. Shane, your column shows very good insight on the Auburn situation.
    For those who continue to think Turner Gill should have been hired, have you given any thought to why he wasn’t – except for the race issue? For a good answer to this question, click on this link and read the whole article…
    Was Auburn Racist Over Turner Gill? NO! Now SYRACUSE, on the Other Hand…

  22. Shaneyou are an idiotic imbicile second only to Paul Finebaum and thats the bottem. You would eat a t**d a foot long to get to kiss his a**.Your fawning and kissing up on call in is sickening even to Bammernecks. They laugh behind your back. I used to enjoy your color commentary on Auburn until you fell in with lying trouble maker finescum and started lying also. YOU’RE PATHETIC!!!!!!

  23. YO! As time goes on, it becomes more apparent that this hire was not so much a racist situation. Its basically a statement about WHO IS IN CONTROL. Trustees such as Lowder & Rane consider theirselves KINGS and Auburn University their KINGDOM. When “Jetgate” blew up in their faces, Tommy Tuberville became a “rogue” who had “stolen” a valuable portion of the kingdom: THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM. The “Kings” lost an inportant battle but they WON THE WAR. They just sat back and waited for their moment. Now that “King Lowder,” “King Rane,” and “Court Jester Pat Dye” have regained control, they have “knighted” Gene Chizik. However, their “knight” is disposable. All that matters is that the portion of the kingdom that was lost has been restored to those who consider theirselves privileged.

  24. Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian:

    It is! And yes, I do know this, as I lurked for months before I decided to start posting.

  25. Im sick of the racial SHIT!!! There are 3 HC’s that are black so that leaves 116 RACIST schools , Not all from the south.
    And you bammers are happy because now WE/THEY have forgotten that you guys pulled this Stuff with SHULA over Croom! and it was REALLY RACIST! Turner Gill was NO MORE QUALIFIED for the AUburn job than Chizik! PERIOD!
    1st year 2 and 10
    2nd year 5 and 7
    then LUCKS UP into a MAC ( I said MAC! )
    Championship BIG FLIPPIN DEAL!!
    So keep talking about race! (PAUL,SHANE,and CHARLES) paul and Shane must be STUPID quoting and following and IDIOT like Charles Barkley!



  26. I read an interesting editorial today about the similarites between Chizik and Vince Dooley. Contrary to what everyone seems to be saying, it is POSSIBLE for an inexperienced, defensive minded coach to have extraordinary success in the SEC. Just a thought.

  27. Thanks for the trip down memory lane there Kreskin.
    Isnt it amazing how many of those Aubbos arent with us anymore?
    I guess some of them didnt have the manhood to stand up and admit they might be wrong when the truth slapped them in the face like a dutch treat date.
    Embarrassment has a way of humbling people down to the bone and this year has been nothing but one huge embarassment to the “Auburn Family” next year isnt looking much better either.

    Shane was and is usually right and he wa certainly right when he said that Franklin’s spread would be gone by mid-season. It must ne a hellish feeling to admit that a rival schools blogger nows more about YOUR football team than you do…..

  28. Shane, why not check out Coach Stallings Record at Texas AM.. He was there for 7 years, HAD ONE WINNING Season. Yes it was a long time ago, but he went 7-4 his third year, then 3-7 his 4th, 3-7 his fifth and then 2-9 his sixth… Somehow he kept his job and improved to his second best record of 5-6…. Now this was 20 years before he came to Alabama, lost at Arizona as a head coach… He was a long time assitant, but his head coaching record was terrible… Tell, me Shane, how did he do at Bama,

  29. Easy TMC1…..let’s wait a while before we start calling Shane the Oracle of college football….Shane’s been picking bama to go undefeated for the past several seasons. Not quite the all-knowing prognosticator you believe. More like the blind hog.

    BAMABOB….good point about Stallings (the only Bama Coach I liked and respected)

  30. BamaBob,
    Great post about Stallings. Winning is about luck, player reaction to their coach, and having a great defense. Offense is a necessity only if you have a crappy defense as we see in the Big 12.

    I say give Chizik a chance and see. It isnt like Alabama is immune to their Board of Trustees. Paul Bryant Jr and the dogtrack pulls almost all the strings in the hiring and firing there. Why wasnt fingers pointed at Alabama when they hired $aban and not a black coach?

    How about Clemson, Syracuse, MSU, Tennessee. I dont see any publicity about them? Why is AU the posterchild of racism now… Charles Barkley is a loud mouth who has no business downing AU after all he had great success and a beautiful NBA career due to his play at AU. All the pro NFL players are behind Chizik (Carlos Rogers, Campbell, etc).

    AU will be back to the same offense as was in Dye’s era, a pro set offense. We will be back next year, just wait.

    Shane, do what you do best, keep up the smoke and mirrors, but remember Saban is 12-1 and Alabama will not be NC this year.


  31. tmc1…………Do you realize what youve done. Youve admitted what us barners have known for years. Shane is the TIDES official spokesman. Thats scary.

  32. YO! Always nice to hear from the BARNIES who didn’t even GO BOWLING! Even though we lost, I’m looking forward to February, spring practice and the 2009 season. ROLL TIDE!!!

  33. Sit back Bama and see what a quality, National Champion caliber team is really all about. Florida and the Urban Assault of Tebow will dominate the Sooners, 38-17, similar to how the UFU (University of Florida – Utah or Florida Jr. Varsity) kicked the Tide in the Sugar Bowl. Way to represent the SEC Bama! And don’t give me the suspended lineman crap, UF kicked Bama w/o Harvin while Bama was as healthy as ever. It may have taken 12 games but Bama and Saban have now shown their true colors, back and blue!

  34. Sit back Bama and see what a quality, National Champion caliber team is really all about. Florida and the Urban Assault of Tebow will dominate the Sooners, 38-17, similar to how the UFU (University of Florida – Utah or Florida Jr. Varsity) kicked the Tide in the Sugar Bowl. Way to represent the SEC Bama! And don’t give me the suspended lineman crap, UF kicked Bama w/o Harvin while Bama was as healthy as ever. It may have taken 12 games but Bama and Saban have now shown their true colors, BLACK and blue!

  35. Has Shane gone mute? Where is his next issue of his fantasy/comic rant?

    I guess he is trying to find a graceful (lol) way of backtracking on the Auburn hires just like Finebaum, ESPN and the News pundits have done…

    Scared yet?

  36. Yea, where is Shane, and all the other bammers for that matter? What a difference a month makes! As bama finally played championship worthy teams and got spanked, Coach Chiz was putting together the premiere coaching staff in college football, made up of the very best assistants and most importantly, RECRUITERS. If Coach Chiz recruits players like he recruits coaches, the perceived “talent gap” in the state of Alabama should be closed by spring.
    Bammers… the Sugar Bowl you finally got to see what your offensive line will look like next year. Now try to visualize an inexperienced QB behind it. I have a feeling McElroy will be spending much of next season on his back. Are ya’ll finally getting tired of hearing Saban’s psychobabble bull shit?? Apparently Steele was. Leaving bama for clemson?????? That’s too funny.

  37. The BAMMERS are BACK.
    Where is Shane and his gossip spew. I guess he is waiting for Paul to tell him some new propaganda to attack the “Bobby Lowder” university…

    Guess what, we can recruit as well now out of LA, OK, TX, TN, and now with Roof IL and OH. Makes is scary huh.

    We still got in roads to St Thomas Aquinas, FL, Broward High, FL, and Carver, GA the powerhouse high schools in those states. I hope that McElroy knows how to throw the ball away next year cause without your line he is gonna be eating turf either way.

    I cant wait for next years Iron Bowl and listen to Finephoney have to eat his words about Chizik. Barclay is already eating his words in jail.

    Shane, post an article about why the mountain west Utes horse collared the Tide. I thought you guys could bust people in the mouth? Looks like $aban got outcoached and was yelling at his players like a little girl. Now that is a coach I want to play for. By the way, the NFL has received many more AU players than AL has over the past 5 years. Why the hell would you want to play for Alabama and not go to the NFL?


  38. YO! Here’s a barnie, there’s a barnie, everywhere’s a barnie when ‘Bama loses a game. GET A LIFE, PEOPLE! The main reason I check this site out is for the comedic aspect and it usually delivers, I must say. Let me throw this at you Aubies; I liken a large percentage of you MORONS to politicians. One moment you’re for something, the next you’re against it. When the announcement of Gene Chizik’s hiring was made it was like armageddon had arrived. The AU Family was upset. Now that your coach has hired some good assistants y’all act like the guy’s a genius. Keep it up, guys! Us Bammers are getting a big kick out of it!

  39. And bammers never turn on a coach, right?

    Fran’s the Man! No, we mean Fran blows!

    Price’s the Man! No, he can’t coach!

    Shula’s the 2nd coming! No, he was all we could get!

    Rodriquez Rocks! No, we never wanted him anyway!

    We didn’t want Saban anyway – he is a cheat and couldn’t coach his way out of a paper sack at Miami! Oh, he’s coming? – yeah – he is the best!

    Bammer –adjective
    1. likely to change, esp. due to caprice, irresolution, or instability; casually changeable: fickle weather.
    2. not constant or loyal in affections: a fickle lover.

  40. BAMMER……I think you need to check Shane’s columns for the past year…the majority have centered around Auburn. If anyone has been fixated on Auburn, it would be bammers.
    In fairness, when Chis was hired, there were a few fans at the airport that booed the decision. And most others, including myself, were scratching our heads over the unconventional hire. But time has proven that the decision may not have been bad.
    You guys are the joke! The last 20 years, and last 20 coaching hires have proven that!

  41. YO! “Reality King,” let me refresh your memory. The ‘Bama Nation turned on Fran because of the way he LEFT. This guy preached to the players about “holding the rope” in order to keep any of them from transferring and when he got a chance to jump ship he was off like a shot to Texas A&M. Mike Price WASN’T HERE LONG ENOUGH for anybody to turn on him! As for Mike Shula, sure WE COMPLAINED but never turned on the guy. Rich Rodriguez was only a CANDIDATE who could have had the job if he wanted it. The only time we “hated on” Nick Saban was when he was at LSU. I would dare say that most of us didn’t think we had a chance to get him! Personally, I was hoping that we had a chance at hiring him but didn’t think it would happen. The next “shout-out” goes to “Bamasux;” yeah, the head coach’s office door has been like a turnstile. Certain people have made serious mistakes in Tuscaloosa. The hiring of Gene Stallings was an attempt to bring the family back together AND IT WORKED for awhile. When Mike Dubose was named head coach everything started to unravel. There have been some tough times, and here’s some advice: there are 3 people at Auburn that need to leave Chizik alone. If you want him to have a chance at success, those three (y’all know who I’m talking about) NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM THE EQUATION. Its not gonna happen anytime soon but if you want him to have a chance, those guys need to get out of the way. They are nuisances.

  42. You are right about the three nuisances. But they have had their place. In 2003, when a team we would later learn was made up of 4 first round draft picks, pitifully underperformed, their meddling caused Tommy to get off his ass. This past year, the Lowder gang wanted Tommy to shake up the coaching staff by hiring new blood. He would not, so he got fired. Despite all of Tubs virtues, his loyalty to his coaching friends ran the program into the ground.

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