Alabama is a great media name, but did you know it is more popular that NCIS reruns? Or less popular than Hannah Montana? That’s right, according to the latest Nielsen ratings, Alabama’s game on ESPN came in as one of the most watched events on cable television. I really enjoy NCIS. Here’s the list of the top 15 shows on cable last week (notice Monday Night Football in first place):

5 thoughts on “Tide in top tv ratings”

  1. But wait a minute. Why not watch the barn play???? It’s a shame that Bama gets all of the attention while little brother gets absolutely none. Even when they were winning a little during our NCAA hammering. They’ll never understand that they’re just not relevant, even at their best. It’s killing them that Bama is back and there is not “one thing” they can do about it.

    Bama 28
    Barn 7

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