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Here are two stories focused on Auburn’s preparation for the Iron Bowl. First, a story (see it below) on how Auburn has focused on this game. Here’s a quote showing AU’s Iron Bowl obsession: “We have posters and signs up in the locker room,” cornerback Walter McFadden said. “We have a countdown board that starts the season — two, actually: One from the start of the season counting down to this game, and one for the whole year. It’s worked for Tuberville over the last few years.

The second story selection below, centers on Mario Fannin. Apparently, he doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight.

4 thoughts on “AU focused on familiar foe: itself”

  1. Ya reckon TUbbs is trying to get FIRED?
    I do I wouldnt doubt one bit that he dont really care if he WINS OR LOSES TO BAMMA! Hell if he loses his chance of being part of the house cleaning in December goes up drastically!!!


  2. OMNI,

    I do believe that Tuberville is trying to get fired.

    That is the only way that I can make sense of his behavior this season.

    I think that he wants to negotiate his buyout clause and retire from coaching. He’s had a good run. I can’t say that I blame him.

  3. Coach Tuberville has had a fine tenure AT good ol’ AU. And of late the program has slid downhill. But I will be damned if I will let him walk away with 6 million dollars of my freakin money. No way in hell thats gonna happen.
    Auburn Man has a high moral code. And 6 mil can buy a lot of cocaine and hookers. Why not take that 6 mil and just buy better players next year continuing Pat Dye’s legacy and Auburn’s only true tradition.
    “We dont break the rules, but we do bend them like pretzels.”

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